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October 9, 2015

oprah winfrey network

Rosie O'Donnell's First Promo for 'The Rosie Show' on OWN

by Jean Bentley, posted Aug 25th 2011 3:30PM
Rosie O'DonnellBefore the haiku blog posts, before the asymmetrical haircut, before the controversy of 'The View' (but after/during the successful acting/comedy career), Rosie O'Donnell was a beloved syndicated morning talk show host.

O'Donnell is revisiting those days with a brand-new talk show on Oprah Winfrey's OWN. In the first promo for 'The Rosie Show,' watch O'Donnell discuss her new job with her not-at-all-excited (but adorable) young daughter. It'll make you wistful for those Tom Cruise- and Koosh ball-filled mornings of the '90s. We mean that in a good way.

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OWN Revamps Lineup, Jeri Ryan Guests on 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' and More

by Jean Bentley, posted Mar 8th 2011 1:00PM
OWNOprah Winfrey is shaking things up at OWN.

The network, which launched in January, hasn't been performing as well as the talk show host had hoped, and the New York Post reports that network brass have been shaking things up behind the scenes.

"We're doing a lot of changes to the schedule," a spokesman for OWN told the Post yesterday. First up: moving OWN's highest-performing show, 'Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes,' to Sunday nights.

The "reboot" will focus on celebrity reality shows, with 'Behind the Scenes' anchoring the new schedule. There will also be another advertising push.

In other TV news ...

'Body of Proof' star Jeri Ryan is moonlighting for an episode on the final season of 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent.' The actress tweeted about the gig yesterday, saying "Phew! Just got back to my room after a good but long shoot day on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I start slightly-less-dark & early tomorrow!" [Twitter]

Author Michael Chabon and wife Ayelet Waldman have sold a pilot about magicians and con men who fight Hitler. 'Hobgoblin' is in the early stages of development at HBO. Chabon and Waldman will co-write the script. [Variety]

Chuck Lorre has hired his own lawyer to fight this Charlie Sheen mess. Also in today's Sheen news: a possible live show from the embattled star. [THR Esq., Radar]

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Zach Anner Gets His OWN Show

by Jean Bentley, posted Feb 28th 2011 11:00AM
Zach AnnerAs far as successful Internet campaigns go, Zach Anner is the Betty White of OWN.

Friday night, Oprah Winfrey announced that Anner, who became an early favorite on 'Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star' after his video submission went viral online, would get his very own show on her network. Winfrey also gave a show to fellow finalist Kristina Kuzmic-Crocco.

"Both of you have given your heart and the truth is that both of you really deserve to have your own show," Winfrey told the two winners. "I'm going to make that happen."

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Are You a Member of the Anti-Oprah Brigade?

by Stephanie Earp, posted Jan 24th 2011 5:00PM
Whenever someone gets truly huge and has the approval of almost everyone, a backlash is inevitable. It's like we humans have some primordial instinct for cutting people down to size. Think of it as the checks and balances system of pop culture; without it, Tom Cruise would have been crowned King of America, and no one would be making fun of Natalie Portman's laugh.

As a result, we've been in the midst of an Oprah Winfrey backlash since 2009, but the low-level simmer of resentment against The Mighty Opes reached a full-rolling boil as her cable network OWN launched. Personally, I've never had strong feelings about La Winfrey, which means I'm perfectly poised to become a member of the backlash. How easy it would be for my half-formed approbation of Oprah to turn to ill-informed disgust! (Of course, her announcement that she's found a half-sister will definitely bring on the defenders).

I haven't decided yet if I want to become a member of the Anti-Oprah brigade. There are certain advantages that accrue to naysayers -- at the crest of a backlash, they seem smarter, even like they care more about art, culture and people. But coming later in the wave, they just look like followers, mean-spirited and dumb. As a result, I can't decide if I want to join the Anti-Oprah brigade. But in case you do, I've compiled a cheat sheet so you can get started right away, and possibly cash in on that early-adopter bonus.

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Oprah Winfrey Makes a Surprise Appearance on 'Your OWN Show' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jan 10th 2011 12:56AM
'Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star'For twenty-five years we saw the power Oprah Winfrey held over her studio audiences. The excitement levels reached Beatles level at times, with people screaming and collapsing. So while she may be off on her OWN network now, It's nice to see she can still bring an audience to exuberant tears.

Her targets this time were the contestants on 'Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star' (Fri., 9PM on OWN). You would have thought the contestants would have to figure there's a decent chance she would show up, but if they had any inkling, they certainly hadn't prepared themselves.

Any sense of decorum and competitive spirit vanished as soon as Winfrey appeared. "I wanted to come because I want to say I know a few things about talk shows," she said.

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Oprah Fans Angry at Having to Pay Higher Cable Bills to Watch OWN

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jan 4th 2011 6:55AM
Three days in, and so far it looks as though Oprah Winfrey's decision to launch her OWN network was a sound one. Ratings are solid and the critical reception has been less harsh than was anticipated.

However, it seems as though all is not well with one group. It's been reported that some die-hard Oprah fans are angry that they could not receive the new OWN network without paying to upgrade their cable TV packages -- money that several said they could not afford.

Via the OWN message boards one fan in New Orleans congratulated Oprah on the new venture, but was concerned that "many people in our area will not be able to watch" the pay-to-view OWN channel. "We love you and will miss you," the fan wrote.

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Congress Bans Loud Commercials, 'Dora the Explorer' Actress Withdraws Lawsuit and More

by Jean Bentley, posted Dec 3rd 2010 11:30AM
Commercial volumeDid you hear that? Maybe not -- It's the sound of millions of Americans falling asleep peacefully with the TV on, then not waking up with a start when an obnoxiously loud commercial assaults their ears.

That's because Congress finally passed the bill that will make it illegal for companies to jack up the volume in their commercials, the AP reports. Senate already passed the bill in September, so it only needs President Obama's signature before it becomes law.

In other TV news ...

Caitlin Sanchez, the 14-year-old who voiced the main character on 'Dora the Explorer,' withdrew her lawsuit against Nickelodeon. She previously alleged that she was forced to sign an "unconscionable" contract without an experienced lawyer. [THR, Esq.]

Anna Chlumsky has signed on to play the chief of staff of Julia Louis-Dreyfus's vice president in 'Veep.' Also landing pilot leads were Dorian Brown ('Wilfred') and 'The O.C.''s Kelly Rowan ('Perception'). [Deadline]

The Oprah Winfrey Network got its first promo spots. The commercials star Black Eyed Peas member will.i.am and Oprah herself. [NY Times]

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Oprah Releases OWN Premiere Schedule

by Jean Bentley, posted Nov 1st 2010 11:40AM
Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey's new network is one step closer to reality with the release of its official premiere schedule.

Get ready for a whole lot of uplifting television: Starting at noon on Jan. 1, 2011, the Oprah Winfrey Network will broadcast an Oprah-curated slate of original programming. The launch weekend will feature an hourlong introduction from O herself, followed by sneak peeks at some of the channel's new shows.

OWN highlights include 'Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes,' 'Searching For...,' 'Ask Oprah's All-Stars,' syndicated episodes of 'Dr. Phil,' repeats of TLC's 'Trading Spaces' with new intros from host Paige Davis, and the U.S. premiere of 'Anna & Kristina's Grocery Bag,' where the hosts "review recipes and put cookbooks to the test to see if the average cook can recreate the meals at home," according to Deadline.

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Oprah Bans the B-Word, Conan O'Brien to Broadcast 'Show Zero' and More

by Jean Bentley, posted Oct 28th 2010 6:00PM
Oprah WinfreyNo "bitches" will be allowed on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

In a speech at Maria Shriver's Women's Conference in California, Winfrey promised to ban the word "bitch" from her new cable channel. Instead, OWN will be "fun and entertaining without tearing people down and calling them bitches. Imagine that. Imagine."

OWN debuts Jan. 1 and will include shows featuring Gayle King, fashion guru Carson Kressley and chef Cat Cora, among others. Winfrey told the conference audience that she was "destined" to launch the channel.

"Growing up, I could never find my name on any of those license plates or lunchboxes," she said. "Now, I know what it was for -- to start my own network. A whole network, a whole channel that we're designing to carry the Oprah Winfrey message. I know that as I start out on this next chapter, there's going to be some mistakes. I know there's going to be some stumbles. I know I'm a work in process and progress. I know nothing new is perfect, but I'm not scared. I'm not afraid."

In other TV news ...

Conan O'Brien will air a 'Show Zero' online before his show's TBS debut. Can't wait this excruciating final week before Conan O'Brien returns to television with his new TBS late-night talk show, 'Conan'? Team Coco feels your pain. That's why TeamCoco.com, along with Facebook and YouTube, will live stream 'Show Zero' on Monday night at 11PM ET/8PM PT.

O'Brien promises the warm-up will include celebrity guests, The Basic Cable Band and sidekick extraordinaire Andy Richter and will be broadcast live from the Conaco Production offices in Burbank.

Speaking of OWN, Carson Kressly will get a solo show on the network. In addition to hosting 'Your Own Show,' the former 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' guru will headline makeover series 'Carson-Nation.' [Deadline]

ABC's 'Modern Family' aired its most-watched episode ever last night. Preliminary ratings show 13.1 million viewers tuning in and a 5.1 adult demo rating. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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Oprah Offers Sarah Ferguson her OWN Show?

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jul 26th 2010 7:35AM
Debt-ridden Sarah Ferguson may have found a way out of her current financial predicament, and her savior is reported to be none other than the Queen of U.S. TV, Oprah Winfrey.

According to 'The Daily Mail', Oprah called Fergie to offer her a prime time chat show on the new cable network OWN, which is debuting in January. Oprah and Ferguson have known each other for some time and Ferguson appeared on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' back in May to explain herself after her recent "cash-for-access" scandal.

A source close to Ferguson said: "Oprah has always been impressed by Sarah's ability to pick herself up and reinvent herself. ... She feels Sarah will be someone viewers of her new channel will be able to relate to on many levels -- she's a divorcée, a working mother, someone who has made some very public mistakes and a woman who, like Oprah, constantly battles with her weight."

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Oprah's Ratings Hit All-Time Low

by Audrey Fine, posted Jul 16th 2010 11:40AM
Could it be that Americans care more about Judge Judy's rulings on he said/she said landlord disputes than Oprah Winfrey's favorite things? Judging by recent ratings, the answer is a resounding "yes."

According to B&C, the queen of daytime's 24-year reign atop the ratings ladder came to an abrupt end the week ending June 28 when her share fell below the 3.0 mark for the first time ever. And, the scenario grew still dimmer the week ending July 4, when the show fell into the 2 rating-range with an all-time low of 2.9.

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OWN to Tackle Eating Disorders

by Brad Trechak, posted Apr 29th 2010 8:05PM
Oprah Winfrey Daytime queen Oprah Winfrey has added some additional programming to her up-and-coming cable network.

According to the Live Feed, OWN (aka the Oprah Winfrey Network) will launch 'Inside Rehab,' an eight-episode series documenting patients inside an eating disorder treatment facility. No word yet on a premiere date.

'Inside Rehab' is just one of many shows set to join OWN, which officially launches on Jan. 1. Among the highlights: 'Behind the Scenes: The Oprah Show Final Season,' 'Breaking Down the Bars,' 'Enough Already,' 'In the Bedroom With Dr. Laura Berman' and 'Inside With Lisa Ling.'

As Inside TV previously reported, BFF Gayle King will also bring her radio show, 'Gayle King Live!', to the small screen, while Grammy-winning superstar (and recent 'American Idol' mentor) Shania Twain will star in the reality series 'Why Not? With Shania Twain.'

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OWN Announces 'Oprah' Reality Series

by Allyssa Lee, posted Feb 2nd 2010 4:14PM
Leave it to Oprah Winfrey to find a way to be at two places at once.

As many of you know, the talk show maven's new cable network, the aptly-named Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), will launch next January.

Only, a contract agreement with her present, syndicated talk show prevents America's Favorite TV Personality from appearing on another talk show until 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' ends its epic run in September 2011, says the New York Times.

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Oprah to end syndicated show in September 2011

by Joel Keller, posted Nov 19th 2009 6:55PM
Oprah WinfreyThere had been lots of speculation that Oprah Winfrey was going to be giving up on her juggernaut of a syndicated talk show soon, but many of those rumors had been dismissed as negotiating ploys or some other silly rumor. Now, however, it seems like Oprah's departure from daytime is official: Tim Bennett, president of Harpo, confirmed that Oprah will announce on her show tomorrow that she will be ending the program on September 9, 2011.

Not coincidentally, that date is the day after the 25th anniversary of her first nationally-syndicated episode, and she'll mark the anniversary on her last show. Bennett told WCCO that this decision was under discussion for months, but the decision ultimately came down to the big O herself.

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The voice of Oprah rules over all 'Life' on Earth

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Nov 9th 2009 3:01PM
Oprah Winfrey (not the lizard) is narrating BBC's Life.Oprah Winfrey is all over the news these days as she fires up her new network and considers moving her talk show from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Now, we get to listen to her narrate the epic BBC nature series, Life. Subtitled by the BBC with, "The Definitive Exploration of the Adaptability and Diversity of Life on Earth," the eleven-part series examines evolution and the behaviors that animals devised to live, thrive and survive. Discovery Channel is bringing it your way in March after Oprah vocalizes a bit.

I know the BBC has done this sort of thing before. In fact, no one does it better. But this time around, they're using state-of-the-art high-definition filming techniques.

But why is Oprah necessary? I have nothing particularly against the woman. Despite her massive media pull, I manage to more or less steer clear of her estrogen fest. But, the BBC production comes pre-narrated with world-famous naturalist, Sir David Attenborough. Is over-dubbing necessary?

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