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August 28, 2015


Top ten toughest bald guys on TV

by Paul Goebel, posted Mar 30th 2008 10:45AM

Chris TurkI remember when I was a kid and I saw a bald man I always thought, "He must be old." As I've become an adult, I have been lucky enough to keep my thick head of hair but it's clear that baldness is no longer something to be embarrassed about. In fact, there are a number of bald men on television who are quite adept at getting things done. Here are my top ten toughest bald guys on television.

10. Chris Turk (Scrubs)
While Turk wouldn't be considered a tough guy by most standards, I think he deserved to be on this list for a couple of reasons. First, Turk chooses to be bald. Sure, his hair is thin but at some point he decided to shave his head and I applaud his choice. More importantly, Turk is a surgeon, a father and the husband of a very hot lady. If that isn't an example of how to get it done, I don't know what is.

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The Saint is coming back to TV

by Allison Waldman, posted Mar 10th 2008 1:01PM
Roger MooreHello! The Saint is rising again. The venerable character, who was created by writer Leslie Chareris in novels in the 1920's, will be back on television in a contemporary setting, and actor James Purefoy (Rome) has been in talks to play Simon Templar, the suave, British "good guy" thief. Aside from Purefoy, the Hollywood Reporter writes that the production team includes first class talent: Homicide's Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana (Oz), writer Jorge Zamacona, Bill Macdonald, and the original TV Saint himself, Roger Moore, and his son Geoffrey Moore.

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Some more spinoffs I'd like to see

by Paul Goebel, posted Jan 28th 2008 9:30AM

Seth Green as OzWhen one of our favorite TV shows goes off the air, it can be devastating. However, many times, the cancellation is the birth of a spinoff. Sometimes it can be a great thing (Frasier) and sometimes not so much (AfterM*A*S*H). Here are some this month's spinoff ideas that I would love to see.

McCormack & Van Lowe: At Your Service
When Keith Mars becomes sheriff of Neptune and his daughter Veronica joins the FBI, Vinnie Van Lowe emerges as the county's number one private detective. His new caseload is so overwhelming and his moral compass is so out of whack that he's forced to employ attorney Cliff McCormack on a permanent basis. Together with the help of their excitable intern (Alia Shawkat), they bring their distinctive style of crime-solving to the citizens of Neptune.

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Tin Man sets new ratings records for Sci Fi

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 4th 2007 1:04PM

Tin ManAccording to preliminary data, and as reported by Variety, Tin Man appears to have beaten virtually every record the Sci Fi channel has ever seen. It's 6.4 million viewers surpassed the 6.1 million who saw Steven Spielberg's Taken, back in 2002. Demo ratings were equally as strong, where Tin Man unseated 2000's Dune in adults 18-49, and Taken again in adults 25-54.

With reviews coming in either mid-range to downright negative, it'll be interesting to see how these numbers continue through the mini-series' three-night run.

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Supernatural: Heart

by Brett Love, posted Mar 23rd 2007 7:00AM
Jared Padalecki, Emmanuell Vaugier, Jensen Ackles
I was looking forward to this episode for two reasons, only one of which panned out. First, like Dean said, "Werewolves are badass." From American Werewolf in London right up to the recent Dresden Files episode "Hair of the Dog," I like stories involving werewolves. "Heart" can now take a well deserved spot in that long line of lycanthropic entertainment.

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New TV on DVD releases today

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 5th 2006 8:33AM
  • LostThe Abbott and Costello Show - 100th Anniversary Collection
  • ALF - Season 4
  • The Bob Newhart Show - Season 4
  • Broken Trail
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Curse of the Hellmouth
  • Charlie and Lola - Volumes 1 and 2
  • Combat! Best of Espionage and Best of the Color Episodes
  • Commander-In-Chief - Season 1, Volume 2
  • Doctor Who - The Web Planet and Inferno
  • Family - Seasons 1 and 2
  • The Flintstones - Season 6
  • Fraggle Rock - Season 2
  • Hustle - Season 1
  • Lost - Season 2
  • Oz - Season 6
  • Red Dwarf - The Complete Collection
  • Silk Stalkings - Season 5
  • Supernatural - Season 1

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Angel: In the Dark

by Richard Keller, posted Jun 20th 2006 10:30AM

Spike makes an early appearance on 'Angel'(S01E03) Oz (Seth Green) about Angel: He's very pale. Paler than most people.

If there was any doubt that Angel was still part of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe it was smothered quickly with this episode as not one, but two members of the Buffy cast appeared. Actually, when the show first aired back in October of 1999, it was the second part of a story that began on Buffy, which appeared on the same network as Angel back in the olden days.

In the Buffy episode vampire Spike (James Masters) searches for the Gem of Ammara:  a ring that makes vampires impervious to death and allows them to go out into the sunlight without bursting into flame. Buffy manages to find the ring and asks Oz (Seth Green) to deliver it to Angel (David Borenanz) in Los Angeles. Spike also travels to L.A. to meet up with his old blood-sucking friend and torture him to death. Ah, friendship.


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Final season of Oz coming to DVD

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 5th 2006 4:02PM
Oz DVDThe sixth and final season of HBO's prison melodrama Oz will be out on DVD on September 5, and all I can say is, "it's about damn time." The series aired during my college and post college years when my access to HBO was intermittent at best. Nevertheless, I was able to catch most of the episodes. One very important episode I never saw, however, was the final one. In other words, I've been waiting all this time to find out how the series ended. Attempts to get my hands on that episode proved fruitless, so I finally gave up, assuming they'd eventually have to release it on DVD. I figure I've waited this long to find out what happens, what's another three months? While the show wasn't flawless, I think it was one of the best original series to air on HBO. Or maybe I just like naked guys stabbing each other with screwdrivers. My first step is learning to love that part of myself.

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Actor McCourt running for NY governor

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 20th 2006 10:07AM
malachy mccourtActor Malachy McCourt, who I remember as the infinitely kind Father Daniel Meehan on the HBO series Oz, and who some of you may also recognize as Father Clarence on All My Children, is planning to seek the Green Party nomination for governor of New York. McCourt, who is the brother of author Frank McCourt, is making the revocation of the death penalty and the end of nuclear energy programs the main focus of his campaign. He plans to announce his candidacy officially this Sunday. McCourt was born in Brooklyn and raised in Ireland, a time chronicled in the book Angela's Ashes, which won his brother Frank a Pulitzer. If you haven't read the book and want to read something that's equally compelling and depressing, you should definitely check it out.

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New TV on DVD Today

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jun 21st 2005 9:00AM
Every Tuesday morning here on TV Squad we will highlight the week's TV-on-DVD releases. Some noteworthy releases today, June 21, 2005:bewitched b&w
  • Bewitched - Season One (Colorized and Original Black & White)
  • Oz - Season Five
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation - Season Two
  • Farscape - Starburst Edition: Volume 4
  • The New Outer Limits - Aliens Among Us Collection, Death & Beyond Collection, DVD Collection, Fantastic Androids & Robots Collection, Mutation & Transformation Collection
  • The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - For The Red Sox
  • Tabitha - Complete Series

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