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September 1, 2015

p. diddy

Robert De Niro Dresses in Drag, Flirts With Diddy on 'SNL' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Dec 6th 2010 12:15AM
Robert De Niro Dresses in Drag, Flirts With Diddy on 'SNL'Well, Diddy got his wish, but was it worth it for Robert De Niro? Sean "Diddy" Combs was the musical guest on this week's 'Saturday Night Live' (Sat., 11:30PM ET on NBC). He appeared along with third-time host Bobby (we call him "Bobby") De Niro. And the rapper started a Twitter campaign to be included in a sketch with the actor.

So, that happened -- but it may not have been the highlight of De Niro's career. The musician and the actor appeared together in a sketch featuring Andy Samberg as "Blizzard Man" -- the world's most clueless (and untalented) rapper. De Niro dressed up in drag to play Blizzard Man's mom, and soon enough, Diddy was hitting on him ... well, her.

While De Niro was decked out in a form-fitting sweater, sunglasses, and a questionable hairstyle, Diddy attempted to seduce him (her). Mr. Combs laid down such lines such as "Girl, you the one that's hot fire," and "If you wasn't my man's mom, I'd tear that a## up" -- and okay, let's just shut this whole thing down right now.

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Joy Behar Blasts P. Diddy Over Gift To Son (VIDEO)

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 2nd 2010 1:31PM
Joy BeharIs it OK for rich celebrities to spend a ton of money on gifts for their kids? That was one of the "Hot Topics" discussed on 'The View' (weekday mornings on ABC) today, co-hosted by Bryant Gumbel, filling in for Whoopi.

The topic was P. Diddy and the $360,000 Mercedes that he bought for his 16 year-old son. Behar thinks it's too much to spend, but Elisabeth and Mario Cantone think that anyone can spend whatever they want regardless of the economy. What do you think?

Behar can be hard to take on a Monday morning. You have to warm your ears up a bit by listening to Yoko Ono sing or maybe some vuvuzelas.

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Jonah Hill's Embarrassing Moment with P. Diddy & Co. (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Jun 4th 2010 5:42AM
Jonah Hill's Bad Joke on 'Daily Show'Jonah Hill usually has great comedic timing. Usually. But, as he explained to Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show' (weeknights, 11PM ET on COM), cracking a horrible joke in an elevator became one of the most embarrassing moments of his life.

Hill and his friends found themselves in the same elevator as Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Jermaine Dupri and their friends. "Twenty people crammed into a tiny elevator," said Hill. "I'm gonna make a joke to break the ice."

What did Hill say that caused "a deafening silence"? Check out the video clip. "I've been in some uncomfortable moments -- as you can probably tell -- in my life. This by far and away trumps them all," said Hill.

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P. Diddy preps for Making the Band 4

by Julia Ward, posted Jan 4th 2007 2:32PM
P. DiddyAuditions begin this January 17th in Los Angeles for P. Diddy's latest installment of Making the Band. This time out, he's looking to put together a boy band that crosses New Edition with N'Sync. In Diddy's imagination these boys would be as disciplined as a bunch of Howard men pledging Alpha Phi Alpha, but since, unlike Oprah, he's not taking his base of operations to South Africa or Howard, he's bound to get a bunch of marginally-talented, fame-seeking alpha males whose knowledge of R&B extends back only as far as Boyz II Men if he's lucky.

I've actually watched every season, if not every episode, of Making the Band largely because P. Diddy's megalomaniacal behavior has to be seen to be believed. He's like a deeply invasive Donald Trump - doling out business philosophy while telling kids how to sleep, act, breathe, walk, look, etc. You can spare yourself the time investment and just watch Dave Chappelle's take on Diddy from the first season of the Chappelle Show. It's surprisingly accurate.

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American Idol: Booty-(not-so)-licious

by Lacy Hall, posted Apr 6th 2006 1:29AM

ai logoThis is the part of the season where Ryan gets creative with his elimination torture. Seacrest is the master of the long and tedious elimination. I wonder if, when he was in high school, he put his girl(?)friends through the same emotional rollercoaster ride before telling them that they would not be his prom date. Naw, no way. Seacrest was probably too nice a guy, too much of a dork to ask any girl to prom.

I will not put you through that same amount of torture -- Mandisa is out. I'm surprised, but not saddened by it. She was a great performer, but just didn't have enough personality to take her all the way. And what she lacked in personality, she made up for in big booty. Big boobs can get you to the top, but not a big butt. A big butt can only get you to about the middle. (Unless you're riding the coattails of P. Diddy...cough, cough....J.Lo) Plus, with Elliott and Paris joining her in the bottom three, no way was I rooting for Mandisa to stay.

You know who should have been in the bottom three? Kenny Rogers. He just doesn't have it anymore. I could make a lame he needs to "know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em" joke here, but I'm not. Instead, I'm going to abruptly change the subject, and even more abruptly end this post. When is it going to be Dolly Parton night on American Idol? How great would it be to have Dolly Parton on? Her and Kellie could have a calamari giggle-off.

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