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October 10, 2015

paige davis

'Glee' Sidelines Ashley Fink, 'ER' Star Joins 'Awake' & More TV Casting News

by Chris Harnick, posted Sep 9th 2011 10:45AM
Ashley FinkAnother day, another 'Glee' cast shake-up story. We're more than a little bummed to report Ashley Fink's character is heading to the sidelines.

According to TVLine, Fink's Lauren Zizes character is quitting New Directions and ending her relationship with Puck (Mark Salling).

Why? Well, she's not part of the main cast and her storyline could be picked up down the line.

The main cast has already ballooned to close to 20 people, plus the guest stars from 'The Glee Project,' Idina Menzel and new players LeMarcus Tinker and Vanessa Lengies.

However, viewers might see Fink's Lauren here and there, just like they do Max Adler's Karofsky.

In other casting news ...

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A history of reality television (part six): Makeovers from body to home

by Richard Keller, posted Jul 9th 2008 6:00PM

tlc spacesThe makeover/lifestyle program has a unique niche in the Reality Revolution. Where other reality programs abide by the phrase "Only the Strong Survive," makeover shows are normally an individual or group effort. It comes from the shows themselves, of course, as they are intent in making life just a little bit better for the participants.

It may be redesigning a room in a neighbor's home, making over one's wardrobe, losing weight, controlling one's family or even turning someone from an ugly duckling into a swan. Granted, the hosts of these shows may show a bit of arrogance toward those trying to make a better life for themselves or others, but that just makes those wanting the makeover or lifestyle change even more interesting to the viewer. Plus, it doesn't hurt the star status of the hosts themselves.

The other interesting thing about this genre of reality program is, save for a handful of shows on the five major networks, the bulk of these programs are broadcast over the cable airwaves. Perhaps that's done to counteract some of the more sleazy reality programming that the cable networks produce. Or, maybe it's the fact that many of the channels that cater to the self-improvement set are on cable themselves. Either way, it is a genre that is quite popular and continues to grow year after year.


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Paige Davis returning to Trading Spaces

by Richard Keller, posted Jan 23rd 2008 8:40AM

The bubbly Paige Davis returns to Trading Spaces this SaturdayMan, I must have really missed this news, or it was something that was way under the radar when it was first reported. Either way, it turns out that Paige Davis, the eternally cheerful former host of TLC's Trading Spaces is returning to the show that made her a household name.

Her comeback begins this Saturday with the show's eighth season premiere. She was fired from the show three years ago without any explanation (although, I'm sure some of you 'insiders' know the real reason why she was let go). The show went on without a host after that and slowly disappeared into the universe of home improvement programs, which were actually spawned from the success of Trading Spaces in the first place. And, if that's not irony...

The show will be going back to its roots -- two houses, two days, $1000. Some of the original cast, like Hildi Santo-Tomas, will also be returning (I don't know if she really ever left). There will be a new production company, though, and the home owners will be slightly different. Instead of having two sets of friendly neighbors look for divorced couples, disgruntled employees and their ex-bosses, and rival cheerleaders to decorate each others homes.

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Trading Spaces desperately needs a host

by Anna Johns, posted Aug 5th 2006 9:27AM
trading spaces logoWhy did TLC get rid of Paige Davis? Trading Spaces, which is past its prime anyway, really stinks without a host. When I flipped on the television yesterday afternoon, it was on. So I watched. The poor designers and carpenters are tasked with not only working on one room but also 'hosting' their room, which means questioning the contestants about their tastes. Paige was good for that because she was removed from the designers, so the people on the show would open up and tell her their real feelings about room designs. And the end is terrible without someone to show off the room! It's just plain awkward as the homeowners wander around the room with hidden cameras watching them. It's uncomfortable in a not-funny way.

Does anybody even watch Trading Spaces anymore?

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Game Show Marathon: Card Sharks

by Richard Keller, posted Jun 16th 2006 9:37AM

Card Sharks(S01E05) Before we begin I have a correction to make. At the end of last week's post about the Press Your Luck episode of Game Show Marathon I mentioned that the version of Card Sharks they were playing this week was the Bob Eubanks hosted version that ran on CBS from 1986 until 1989 (Ironically, replacing Press Your Luck in the timeslot). However, I was wrong. After watching the introduction to tonight's show it was clearly the Jim Perry version which ran on NBC from 1978 until 1981. So, apologies all around.

Come to think of it, the original version of the show was much better than the Eubanks version. Eubanks, who hosted The Newlywed Game for several decades, made the show more personality based. And, that wasn't his fault, since he spent years trying to get newlyweds to open up about their most intimate secrets to millions of television viewers. But, adding that element to the show made the game move a bit slower. The original that was hosted by Jim Perry (who went on to host the popular $ale of the Century shortly after Card Sharks ended) was a much faster paced game. In the end, the producers over at Marathon made the right choice by going with the original.

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Game Show Marathon: Beat the Clock

by Richard Keller, posted Jun 8th 2006 10:45AM

Beat the Clock(S01E03) Much better! After the awkwardness of The Price is Right and the emotionally robotic Let's Make a Deal, CBS's Game Show Marathon finally came up with a game that was fairly enjoyable:  Beat the Clock. There were two reasons for that. First, it's always good to watch celebrities knowingly make fools of themselves in front of an audience. Second, they didn't have to guess the friggin price of Aspercreme to win a prize!

Add to that the fact that Beat the Clock is one of those quietly classic game shows that has endured since it first premiered on television in the 1950's. In this game there's no getting close to the actual dollar amount, no pressure to choose what was in the box or what was behind door number three. It's basically a game of teamwork. And, if the team works really well then riches abound. The concept has been used other shows such as Double Dare and, Lord help us, Fear Factor.

There also one more reason why I could tolerate this episode a bit more than the last two:  Paige Davis is just so spunky!

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Game Show Marathon: Let's Make a Deal

by Richard Keller, posted Jun 2nd 2006 12:21AM

Let's Make a Deal(S01E02) I'm now beginning to get a feeling that Game Show Marathon is not winning me over. It's not the games themselves; they are classics that span the generations and it's interesting to see how they are played in this type of environment. It's not Rikki Lake, either; she's really, really trying to get into the spirit of it all and I commend her for giving it a go.

No, the problem is the celebrities. Other than former Trading Spaces host Paige Davis (who is probably chipper during funerals), the other celebrities playing for their favorite charities just seem to be going through the motions to get to the semi-finals. Kathy Najimy and Leslie Nielsen are the worst; Kathy because she doesn't seem to give a s*@! about any of it, and Leslie because, frankly, I don't think he knows where he is.

Take tonight's episode, where they played the Monty Hall classic Let's Make a Deal. Other than Paige's reactions of making a pretty bad deal, the other players, including Lance Bass and Tim Meadows, all seemed dead from the neck up. Most of the contestants were playing it extremely safe, especially during the Big Deal.

And you know why? Because, other than winning money for their charities, they aren't playing for anyone else!

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