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October 14, 2015

paley center

Larry David Working on More 'Enthusiasm' - PaleyFest Report

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Mar 15th 2010 12:06PM
Larry David thrillled a crowd at PaleyFest by annoucing an eighth season.
A moody Larry David gave fans of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' plenty of cause not to embrace the spirit of his hit HBO show's title Sunday night -- announcing that he's planning on an upcoming eighth season.

David told a happy PaleyFest 2010 crowd that an eighth season "isn't definite yet. But we're working on some stuff. HBO definitely wants more of the show."

It was a case of "What a difference one night makes..." at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, as a generally older, more subdued yet equally affectionate gathering of supporters replaced the giddy, screaming masses that greeted 'Glee' the night before. That's not surprising if you consider fans of a show called 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' are not likely to act like 1960s coeds watching The Beatles on 'The Ed Sullivan Show.'

In fact, it'd be difficult to describe David as happy about his appearance at PaleyFest. Maybe he was playing to his TV show character or doing a deadpan bit, but nothing about his demeanor told me David was pleased to be up there with his costars and supposed friends.

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'Glee' Lovefest Scores Record Attendance - PaleyFest Report

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Mar 14th 2010 7:00PM
The 'Glee' cast and creators brought a huge crowd to PaleyFest Saturday.
Saturday night's 'Glee' panel at the PaleyFest 2010 festival scored an all-time attendance record as a fire marshal's nightmare throng of screaming fans flooded into the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.

Other panels during this 2010 session served up enthusiastic crowds -- especially 'Lost' and Seth MacFarlane's appearance -- but the 'Glee' crowd had the feel of a rock concert gathering, producing more applause and squeals per creator and cast member than any event this year's PaleyFest provided.

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Cast, Creators Let 'Dexter' Find His Own Way - PaleyFest Report

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Mar 5th 2010 10:30AM
The PaleyFest 2010
The most pressing concern for fans of Showtime's 'Dexter' at the show's Thursday night PaleyFest 2010 panel was touched on only briefly -- as if spending too much time on the topic was bad form -- or, worse, a jinx.

When series star Michael C. Hall took to the stage to a standing ovation -- it was impossible to miss his stocking cap. With the other stars and creators dressed to the nines across the Saban Theatre dais, that modest piece of headwear served as the uniform for an individual undergoing cancer treatment.

When it was pointed out to him that his reception might be the first "standing O" in PaleyFest history, Hall smiled, shrugged and pointed to his cap -- as if saying, "Well, it's the cancer treatment."

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'Lost' Creators Want to Get the Finale Right - PaleyFest Report

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Feb 28th 2010 10:11AM
The 'Lost' cast and creators kept their secrets at this year's PaleyFest.Day two of PaleyFest2010, this year's edition of the annual look behind the scenes of television most popular shows, welcomed the creators and cast of 'Lost' to discuss the challenges of forging the show's final season.

Executive producers Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Eddy Kitsis, Adam Horowitz and Liz Sarnoff fielded questions and tried to answer questions about how the show's last episodes will come together -- without leaking any "spoilers." In fact, they took credit for being the show that gave birth to that term.

To digress for a moment, you might ask why a single TV show needs so many "executive producers." The truth is they're writers. Since producers get a fatter check than mere lowly scribes, Hollywood agents make sure their literary clients get that executive producer title attached in the deal memos.

Joining those writers executive producers were series stars Nestor Carbonell, Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn. The group told the 1,900 fans and industry insiders at the Saban Theatre (the house the Power Rangers built) they just wrapped production on the penultimate episode, and writing is underway on the show's final outing.

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The Simpsons are getting honored again

by Danny Gallagher, posted Oct 5th 2009 7:02PM
The Simpsons and if you don't know who they are by now, trying living in something other than a caveThe Simpsons have been around for so long that one must wonder if there is an award they haven't been given yet. I mean other than that stupid, meaningless paperweight the industry calls the Emmy.

The Paley Center for Media
will pay a special tribute to The Simpsons at this year's annual fundraising gala. The Center's president Pat Mitchell said they chose to honor the show because of its "tremendous impact on the television sitcom over the last 20 years and continues to influence and redefine the medium."

So I guess now when the nominating committee for the Paley Center has their annual honor candidate hoedown and someone suggests The Simpsons, the South Park delegate can yell "Simpsons did it!"

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More evidence that Pushing Daisies is dying

by Joel Keller, posted Nov 13th 2008 5:04PM
Pushing Daisies cast
I would have used a headline like "Pushing Daisies is living up to its name," but Joe Adalian of TV Week sort of beat me to it...

According to Adalian, it looks like everyone's favorite cutsey-poo / maudlin-as-hell detective show, Pushing Daisies, will be stopping production after it wraps its thirteenth episode this week. But that doesn't mean it's dead. ABC may extend the options on the major players in order to re-launch the show next fall, but that's a costly longshot on their part.

So, combine this scuttlebutt with Bryan Fuller's statement that he'll go back to Heroes if PD is cancelled, his statement to a Paley Center audience that he'd continue the storylines in a comic book if the show is gone, and the fact that a double-dose of Scrubs is likely to take the show's timeslot in late January, and things aren't looking good for the crew at the Pie Hole.

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