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August 29, 2015


Drew Brees Has One Commercial That's Better Than Peyton Manning's

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 4th 2010 5:22PM
drew_brees_traffic_jam_ESPNWith the Super Bowl just a couple of days away, there's been tons of attention paid to both the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts players. And it's all justifiable. After all, they've made it to the ultimate NFL game. But when it comes to commercials, the king is most likely Peyton Manning. Whether it's "Cut that meat" or Sony TVs or licking the inside of Oreo cookies with his brother Eli, Peyton has the upper hand on the entire NFL in ads.

But wait, there is another quarterback in the Super Bowl, Drew Brees, and he has at least one commercial that ranks right up there with the funniest stuff either Manning has done. It was a 'This is SportsCenter' promotion for ESPN.

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Think you're a Dancing with the Stars expert? Take our quiz and find out

by Joel Keller, posted Apr 27th 2009 11:03AM
Parade.com has been kind enough to ask us to do another quiz; this time it's about the ABC smash Dancing with the Stars. Because I'm about as far from a DWTS expert as you can get, I decided to ask my assistant editor, Jane, to take the reins on this one. She did a pretty nice job, even though she only had the current season to work with.

Because the quiz has to do with events that happened outside the show, I actually did pretty well, all things considered; I got seven out of fifteen right. How did I do so well? Think of this key word: injuries! Wow, the show has had so many freak injuries, it looks more like Monday Night Football than a dancing contest (although Lawrence Taylor probably thinks it's all par for the course, given his Monday Night history).

Anyway, go take the quiz at Parade.com, then come back here and let us know how you did.

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Things I Hate About TV: Dumb-ass parade patter

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 5th 2008 4:18PM
Giants parade
I love a parade as much as the next guy. I especially love a parade that celebrates a championship for a team that I've been following since 1980. So, I was ready and eager to watch my beloved New York Giants float down New York's "Canyon of Heroes" for the first time ever, a just reward for beating the "perfect" Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

But, of course I couldn't completely enjoy it. Why? because, no matter what channel I tuned in to (and, here in the New York area, the parade was on every channel), I heard something that made my head rattle and my ear hair stand on end.

It was people. Talking.

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In case you missed those cool Star Wars floats - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 4th 2007 2:05PM

george lucasIf you're like me and missed the Rose Parade because you were busy with more important things, like wondering why you woke up in the dumpster behind Denny's, someone was nice enough to record the best part of the parade: the Star Wars floats, marching stormtroopers, and the man himself, George Lucas. I suggest you watch it with the sound turned off, because in the entire history of televised parades, the commentators have never said anything worthwhile.

My favorite is the Ewok village, though the waterfalls on the Naboo float are pretty cool, too. Speaking of Ewoks, did anyone else notice that in Return of the Jedi, the Ewoks are never once referred to as "Ewoks?" They're just weird little forest creatures. Also, what the heck is Yoda supposed to be? I personally believe he's a shaved Ewok, kicked off Endor for being a non-conformist.

Video after the jump.

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George Lucas named Jedi Master of Rose Parade

by Adam Finley, posted Dec 30th 2006 7:26PM

george lucasThe term is actually "Grand Marshall" but whatever, let's not split Wookiee hairs. George Lucas, the man behind Star Wars, one of the most profitable and popular movie franchises of all time, will be joined by select members of the 501st Legion, a total of 200 Star Wars costume enthusiasts who will be wearing costumes (enthusiastically). There will also be two floats dedicated to Star Wars, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2007: one done up like the forest moon of Endor from Return of the Jedi, and another designed to represent the planet Naboo from the prequels. I would have also created a Dagobah float, but alas, nobody asked my opinion. Also, giant helium balloons of some of the characters would be pretty sweet.

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No Charlie Brown or Kermit in Thanksgiving Parade

by Adam Finley, posted Nov 6th 2006 2:01PM

charlie brownWhat a load of crap. This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a tribute to helium, lip syncing, egregious product placement, and in a small way, Thanksgiving. However, don't expect to see either Kermit the Frog or Charlie the Brown floating high above with all the other balloons. Instead, they'll be replaced by Flying Ace Snoopy, Pickachu and the Energizer Bunny. Okay, I'll accept one Peanuts character replacing another, but c'mon, getting rid of an icon like Kermit the Frog for some lame incoherent cartoon character or a product mascot? If I hadn't accepted long ago that this annual parade is essentially a slow moving advertisement, I'd be much more bothered than I am right now.

Oh yeah, and if you're concerned about another balloon-related accident like the one that occurred last year, extra precautions have been taken, including wind instruments along the route to help avoid such occurrences. Now the only thing they'll have to worry about is a bolt of lightening striking the Snoopy balloon and causing it to come to life a la Frankenstein's monster, resulting in utter mayhem as he flies his doghouse over Broadway, launching sidewinder missiles at the SpongeBob balloon. When you think about it, that's really what Thanksgiving is all about ... in my head.

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William Hung is still milking it

by Anna Johns, posted May 19th 2006 12:34PM
william hung; american idolAmerican Idol reject William Hung is still making the rounds. This week, he was crowned 'Artichoke King' in Castroville, California-- the artichoke capital of the world. This weekend he will ride in the town's parade and perform butcher the Beach Boys' Surfin' USA and Billy Ray Cyrus' Achy Breaky Heart (and you thought that song was awful when mullet-guy sang it!).

That artichoke event has really gone downhill. The first 'Artichoke Queen' was Marilyn Monroe.

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