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October 13, 2015

patrick stewart

Family Guy: No Meals On Wheels

by Brett Love, posted Mar 26th 2007 9:00AM
Family Guy(S05E14) The up and down season of Family Guy continues, and I thought this one was a bit of a valley, rather than a peak. It had its moments, to be sure, but as a whole, it was somewhat lacking. Peter summed up my feelings for this episode pretty well with his quote after seeing the opening to Maude, "That was an ordeal."

That bit is a good example of what was wrong with this installment. Aside from the fact that it was a reference to a show that you have to be 40 years old, or a tv nutter, to get, it just wasn't funny. And no matter how long the song went on, it was never going to be funny. I found myself in much the same situation while watching tonight. I was just sitting and watching, waiting for it to get funny.

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DVD Review: Extras: The Complete First Season

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 7th 2007 11:31AM
Extras first season DVDAs I may have mentioned here once or twice, I was a huge fan of the British version of The Office. No matter what the US version accomplishes or how good it gets, I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the vision Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant had of the average dead-boring workplace and the relationships that are developed there.

So when I was sent a preview copy of the first season of the pair's follow-up effort, Extras (out Tuesday), I was intrigued but wary: after such a successful debut, the sophomore effort more often than not disappoints. Also, all the reviews of the show I had read during its BBC and HBO runs (I have neither channel) were of the mixed-to-positive variety. So... is it worth buying, renting, or neither? I'll let you know after the jump.

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American Dad comes back on April 23

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 24th 2006 6:28PM
American DadBuried within this press release about an episode of a show no one cares about, The War At Home, FOX casually mentions that a show at least some people care about, American Dad, is coming back on April 23.  I'm actually looking forward to it; the show's been steadily improving since it first premiered last year, and it's a funny prelude to my Sunday at 10 viewing choice, Grey's Anatomy. Good to see it back.

Oh, and just on a side note: I hope they bring back Patrick Stewart more often as Stan's boss. Just hearing his voice cracks me up for some reason.

[via The Futon Critc]

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Joshua Jackson returning to series TV

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 1st 2006 12:47PM
Joshua_JacksonJoshua Jackson just landed the lead role in a CBS legal drama that, so far, does not have a title. Jackson, also known as Pacey Witter (heart!) from Dawson's Creek, is fresh off the stage in England where he acted with Patrick Stewart in a David Mamet play. He also shot a couple of indie movies last year.

In the new series, Jackson will play a first-year lawyer, badgered by a firm partner, whose career takes an important turn when he is assigned the case of a death row inmate. The series is produced by Carol Mendelsohn, one of the producers of the CSI franchise.

Maybe 2006 is the year of the Dawson's Creek kids? Katie Holmes will allegedly give birth to Tom Cruise's baby later this year and Michelle Williams may or may not win an Oscar for her role in Brokeback Mountain. Now, where on earth is James van der Beek?

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