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September 3, 2015

paulie walnuts

A supreme slam at Tony and Carmela

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 18th 2008 3:05PM
Soprano CrewIf you're in the camp that believes that Tony was whacked by the Members-Only jacketed man in the final blackout of The Sopranos, then you'll probably be pleased to know that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr. has taken a shot at the HBO drama, too.

During a recent speech at New Jersey's Rutgers University, Justice Alito opined that the Emmy-winning series besmirched not only Italians, but citizens of the Garden State, too. "You have a trifecta - gangsters, Italian-Americans, New Jersey - wedded in the popular American imagination," he said to a crowd of about 100. He was speaking about the stereotypes Italian-Americans have had to live with in the United States. Clearly, The Sopranos would be just the kind of depiction to draw his ire. After all, Uncle Junior and Paulie Walnuts are not characters to be emulated and admired, and creator David Chase never said they were.

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The Sopranos: Made In America (series finale)

by Tom Biro, posted Jun 10th 2007 8:04PM
Tony Soprano Paulie Walnuts Finale
(S06E21) It's finally here, folks. The week that we've all been waiting for. Well, perhaps not that anxiously awaiting, as we know that something we've all been into for so many years is going away. That said, it's still something that has the potential of being very, very cool culturally and will definitely dominate the watercooler talk for the next few days or so.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we're going to have a chatroom live for all of you to join in on as the show goes on and share your theories, reactions, and opinions in real-time. Shortly after the finale, you'll be able to read our review of the show here. The review is after the jump. And, our chatroom is still open for any of you to share your thoughts and comments on how The Sopranos went down.

Click here to enter the chatroom.

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The Sopranos: Remember When

by Tom Biro, posted Apr 22nd 2007 11:29PM
Sopranos Remember When
Last week's promos showed Paulie in what looked like a rough situation or two, most of which featured Tony's glare right on him. That all started after Paulie made a snide remark, or more specifically was talking about himself, when the guys were toasting to Johnny Sack's life after he had passed away from cancer. As it turned out, he was absolutely in the sights of Tony when it came to life and death. And in an episode when someone is having loose lips and putting the boss in a tough situation as the body of the person that he killed to "make his bones" more than two decades earlier was apparently being dug up by the feds, the focus on Paulie being a chatterbox about his entire life story was more than appropriate.

One of the cooler things we got to see this week was Vincent Pastore's mug, as he was hanging out in the kitchen in Paulie's dream, a dream that made him want to step up to the plate, and realize that he was on his boss' bad side. Whether or not Tony just couldn't do it when it came to whacking his friend and onetime mentor or that he realized he was making a rash decision wasn't quite clear. What did happen was that we got the do-si-do from Chase & Company, who had us flat-out staring at the Jersey Crew while the New York team was about to head in another direction.

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The Sopranos: The Ride

by Tom Biro, posted May 8th 2006 8:04AM
Sopranos - The Ride
(S06E09) A lot of fans of the show, including myself, have hemmed and hawed over episodes this season (and heck, last season) when no one was offed, or when a few different storylines were advanced but a lot of the show focused on the inner thoughts of people. This week, there were quite a few "events," lots of drama, and it was an all around good show.

Christopher conveniently ends up being a father just a day or two before Carmela bumps into Ade's mother at the Feast - thank goodness Ms. La Cerva didn't find out that Christopher had gotten married, as well. Additionally, this Christopher-centric episode showed him and Tony having a good old time just moments after getting lost in Western Pennsylvania, in a shoot 'em up reminiscient of something you might have caught on an old-time gangster movie. And who doesn't like that?

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The Sopranos: Join the Club

by Tom Biro, posted Mar 20th 2006 12:15AM
Paulie Walnuts
After the shocker that closed off last week's episode, it's not too out of line that we're treated to a famous Sopranos dream sequence this week. I got a big kick out of the show description on my TV's program guide, saying that Tony experiences "mistaken identity while on a business trip." Surely, this "means" something overall, but it wasn't even that simple. I'm truly beginning to feel like every little thing that happens, every nuance, means something to the overall plot. The previews for next week show what will presumably be the beginning of some troubles for the Family, and we're getting teased with more about that every week.

Looking into the title, "Join the Club," might lead down the direction of people who end up working as rats for the feds. And with Christopher having the Feebs in his face about terrorists being funded in this country by drug dealers, etc., we got a little taste of foreshadowing when he bumps into the two Middle Eastern men in the Bing. He already knows what got his girl offed, so it'd be a really big deal if he started talking to the agents. As for the real family, I thought seeing Carm the way she looked was almost as intense as seeing the open wound on Tony's stomach. She's in a rough place right now, and somehow holding it all together with her slacker son making a confusing attempt at making things good with his dad.

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Soprano's Tony Sirico real life tough guy-- General public shocked

by Ryan j Budke, posted Mar 18th 2006 2:31PM
paulie walnuts; tony sirico; the sopranosAccording to The Smoking Gun, Tony Sirico, the actor who portrays Paulie Walnuts on The Sopranos, didn't have to stretch his acting muscles too much to portray his on-camera role. In the '60s and '70s, Sirico was apparently a mafia-connected thug who spent time in Sing Sing and other prisons of that caliber after he was convicted on felony weapons possession charges. I love it. There's nothing I like more than a little authenticity in my mafiosos. Sirico is also quoted as saying he would "carve his initials" in the forehead of a disco club owner that he had a beef with. Although hilarious and pretty cool, I'm a little frightened, and this is probably the one time I wouldn't want a celebrity reading my post about them. I mean, Paulie beat up an old lady!! Does that picture look like it's looking at me...?

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Mapping what happened last season on The Sopranos

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 28th 2006 5:07PM
sopranos google mapHBO realizes that it's been a really, really long time since we've seen any new episodes of The Sopranos, so it has enlisted the assistance of Google Maps to help you remember. On The Sopranos website, the Google Map shows different locations in New Jersey where key plot points happened last season. Move your mouse over a red dot and a box will appear with a video clip, summary, and a link to an entire episode guide. A lot of the video clips are just conversations between Tony and other major characters like Tony B. (Steve Buschemi), Christopher (Michael Imperioli), and Sack (Vince Curatola) and really aren't all that exciting. They're used as a reminder of who got whacked and where the tensions lie between crime bosses. And, of course, it includes the scene where Adriana gets whacked.

Speaking of getting whacked, here's a way to kill time. It's The Sopranos' version of Whack-a-Mole.

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