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October 9, 2015

paulo costanzo

'Royal Pains' Star Paulo Costanzo on the Brotherly Love Dynamic and The Fonz

by Annette Bourdeau, posted Aug 29th 2011 2:00PM
There are two things audiences just can't get enough of: medical dramas and shows about the rich and fabulous. That probably explains why 'Royal Pains' is such a hit.

The show stars Mark Feuerstein and Paulo Costanzo as two brothers named Hank and Evan who run a concierge medical practice in the Hamptons. Hank is the MD, while Evan runs the financial side of the business. In Season 2, Henry Winkler joins the cast as their flaky father.

We caught up with the energetic Costanzo for a Season 2 primer. He fills us in on everything from the brotherly love dynamic to the luxe mansions to what it was like working with The Fonz.

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Paulo Costanzo's Version of 'Royal Pains' Sounds Kind of Like 'Game of Thrones'

by PopEater Staff, posted May 28th 2011 10:00AM
Paulo CostanzoEach summer, the rich (and their trophy wives) flock to the Hamptons in Long Island, N.Y., to escape the city heat in favor of private boats and garden parties. This playground away from the city sets the scene for 'Royal Pains,' a quirky comedy offering from the USA network, which begins its third season on June 29.

Mark Feuerstein stars as Hank Lawson, a level-headed young doctor who is wrongfully accused of a patient's death and forced to work as a medical hired gun for the wealthy residents of the Hamptons. Paulo Costanzo, in contrast, plays his womanizing, freewheeling younger brother, Evan, whose exploits result in little more than headaches for Hank.

AOL TV sister site PopEater caught up with Costanzo, a native Canuck-turned-New Yorker who many will remember from his hilarious turn as a thinking man's stoner in the 2000 comedy 'Road Trip.' And he proved that he can be a royal pain in real life -- albeit good naturedly -- when he spoke about the "wonderland" that is 'Royal Pains,' his past life as an alien and not talking about 'Road Trip.'

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USA orders renewals for Burn Notice and hot new series Royal Pains

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 29th 2009 12:03PM
Burn NoticeUSA has to be rather pleased. Last week, the top rated show on cable was Burn Notice. And their newest series Royal Pains is hanging in there impressively in fourth place, creating a powerful Thursday night lineup. As a reward, word has it that USA has renewed both Burn Notice and Royal Pains.

I first fell into Royal Pains because I have this bizarre fascination with the Hamptons. I hadn't even heard of it until a few years ago, and now it's just fascinating to me. Here's a place full of people I will never get to mingle with, living and partying somewhere that I will never go. It's Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous with a plot.

Burn Notice I've not watched because I didn't jump in when it first started (regular readers may remember that I have a thing about that), though I should probably just get over it and check it out. It has Bruce Campbell in it, and he's always a blast and I've heard nothing but good things about it. Regardless, it's more good news for cable broadcasting while the networks keep crying away the summer.

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'Royal Pains' Premiere

by Andrew Scott, posted Jun 5th 2009 10:30AM
Royal Pains

Summer TV continues to heat up the small screen with USA's new dramedy series 'Royal Pains.' The show stars Mark Feurestein ('Good Morning, Miami') as a down on his luck Manhattan doctor who heads for the Hamptons with his brother, played by Paulo Costanzo. After a few freak accidents, Hank suddenly finds himself with a new life, career and -- most of all -- a new home.

So far critics have been mostly kind to 'Royal Pains,' which airs Thursdays at 10 after 'Burn Notice.' The NY Post called the premiere "perfect, mindless, summer fun," while the Chicago Sun Times said 'Royal Pains' is "just what the doctor ordered for a shameless seasonal fling."

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Royal Pains: Pilot (series premiere)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 5th 2009 1:23AM
Royal Pains
Never ever, ever go into work on your day off. It could just cost you your job. Especially if in doing so, the man who's name on the building dies and it in any way can be blamed on you. Just a friendly tip from the blogosphere. In these tough economic times, because I just had to start an article about a show set in the Hamptons with that, there's nothing better for people struggling to make ends meet than a show about people whose biggest struggle is ... well nothing, really.

I went into this show kind of expecting to be too annoyed by the fact that it's in the Hamptons to enjoy it, but dammit, I really started liking it. A big part of that is thanks to the dynamic between Mark Fuerstein and Paulo Costanza. Fuerstein, as Hank Lawson, is our lead who did the whole guy dying losing his job thing. And Constanza as his brother Evan, is the kind of guy who can breeze into a German Consulate's party with a bad accent and a fake ID.

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Another actor leaves Joey

by Anna Johns, posted Apr 6th 2006 11:54AM
paulo costanzo; joeyI think it's pretty obvious at this point that Joey is not coming back for another season. First, co-star Andrea Anders left the cast to join the CBS comedy pilot, The Class. Now Paulo Costanzo, who played Joey's nephew, has signed on to a different CBS comedy pilot about an engaged couple, a married couple and a single guy. I know, you were probably thinking Costanzo will be the single guy, but he's actually one-half of the engaged couple.

Now, what do you think Drea de Matteo will do next?

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NBC pulls Joey off the schedule -- Again

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 11th 2006 11:29AM
joey hiatusAfter one appearance in its new Tuesday night time slot, NBC has pulled Joey off the schedule indefinitely. It will be replaced by the one show that may be even less entertaining than Joey: Most Outrageous Moments. Variety is reporting that NBC might burn off the remaining new episodes of Joey sometime this summer. Of course, the peacock network has yet to actually admit that it has cancelled Joey, but it's only a matter of time. Especially since one of the co-stars has already signed on to a new pilot on a different network.

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