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October 13, 2015

perry mason

New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 7th 2009 6:24PM
Lost DVD season 5
Here are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

There are several different versions of the season 5 set for Lost being released this week, from a regular set (actually called an "Expanded Edition") and a Blu-ray version of that set, plus a "Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit" set in both regular format and in Blu-ray. Those sets have the extras you see in the pic above (deleted scenes, bloopers, interviews, etc), plus...a videotape! That's one of the cooler extras you'll find in a DVD set, eh?

  • Friday - Complete Series
  • The Fugitive - Season 3, Vol. 2
  • Get Smart - Season 5
  • Highlander - Season 1 (Blu-ray)
  • The Jerry Lewis Show - The Jerry Lewis Show
  • The Judy Garland Show - Collection
  • Lost - Season 5
  • McLeod's Daughters - Pilot Movie
  • Perry Mason - Season 4, Vol. 2
  • Rescue Me - Season 5, Vol. 2
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Season 6, Vol. 1

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Best '50s TV Shows (20-11)

by Kim Potts, posted Oct 27th 2009 6:00AM

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Classic TV stamps unveiled

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 12th 2009 5:03PM
stampsStamp collecting is something I just never got into (don't worry, I have plenty of other obsessions), but this might be the first time I actually go to my local post office and get a sheet.

Yesterday, 20 new classic TV stamps were unveiled: I Love Lucy, The Twilight Zone, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Tonight Show, The Honeymooners, Texaco Star Theater, Perry Mason, The Lone Ranger, Burns and Allen, Ozzie and Harriet, Hopalong Cassidy, Lassie, Dragnet, You Bet Your Life, The Dinah Shore Show, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Phil Silvers Show, Howdy Doody, The Red Skelton Show, and Kukla, Fran, and Ollie,

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Judge Sotomayor doesn't know her TV law history

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jul 16th 2009 12:04PM
Perry MasonIf you're one of the few remaining dissenters who doesn't think Sonia Sotormayor is qualified to serve on the nation's highest ranking court, don't blame President Obama. Don't blame any of her law professors or mentors. Don't even blame the left wing media.

Blame Perry Mason.

The Supreme Court nominee said before the Senate and the Judiciary Committee that the old Perry Mason show inspired her to seek a life in upholding the law.

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 8th 2009 6:07PM
ReaperHere are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

I sometimes enjoy watching Judge Judy, but it's one of those shows that I can't possibly imagine owning the DVDs. Once is enough for me. But if you're really into the show, there's a 2-Pack set being released this week.

But I have to get the Get Smart DVDs at some point. That's the only show being released that I have any interest in.

  • The Cleaner - Season 1
  • Corner Gas - Season 6
  • Danny Phantom - Season 3
  • Father Knows Best - Season 3
  • Get Smart - Season 3

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50 Best TV Dramas Ever

by Kim Potts, posted Mar 11th 2009 6:00AM
CSIIt's not easy winnowing more than 50 years of small-screen gems into a list of 50.

But AOL TV's picks of the top TV dramas include the most brilliant doctors and lawyers, the angst-iest teens, sci-fi series that transcend their genre molds, family dramas that both warm and break your heart, terrorist- and mobster-fighting heroes ... and a show that combined the best of family and gangster drama into one unforgettable series.

Click through to see all 50 of the best TV dramas of all time.

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 1st 2008 6:00PM
Jake and the Fatman DVDHere are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

For some reason, I didn't know that Jake and the Fatman was out on DVD (or I knew at one point and just forgot). Is this something I want on DVD? I'm tempted, because it's a show that you'll probably never see in syndication again. It's probably way down on my list though. Password might be fun. I gotta start buying these game show releases at some point.

  • Cannon - Season 1, Vol. 2
  • Curious George - Leads the Band and Other Musical Mayhem
  • Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist - Best Of
  • Frost/Nixon - The Original Watergate Interviews
  • Jake and the Fatman - Season 1, Vol. 2
  • Law and Order - Season 6
  • Metalocalypse - Season 2
  • Mythbusters - Big Blasts
  • Password - Best Of
  • Perry Mason - Season 3, Vol. 2
  • Saturday Night Live - Season 4

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 18th 2008 6:00PM
Justice League DVDHere are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

There's actually nothing on this list I want to buy. I'm not into Hannah Montana, I've never seen an episode of Bleach, I wasn't a big Married with Children fan, and I haven't bought any previous seasons of Perry Mason, so I might actually save some money this week.

I like Chelsea Handler though. Not sure if it's worth buying Girls Behaving Badly just for her.

  • Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Season 7
  • Bleach - Season 2
  • Camp Rock - Extended Rock Star Edition
  • Dexter - Season 2
  • Galaxy Rangers - Vol. 2
  • George of the Jungle - Season 1
  • Girls Behaving Badly - Chelsea Handler Exposed
  • Gossip Girl - Season 1
  • Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds 3-D Concert
  • House - Season 4
  • Justice League - Season 1 (Blu-Ray)
  • Kenny vs. Spenny - Season 4 (Canada)
  • Married with Children - Season 9
  • Perry Mason - Season 3, Vol. 1
  • Recount
  • Spider-Man - Dr. Octopus
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 1
  • Transformers - Season 1
  • Wayside - Season 1
  • William Tell - Best Of

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TV Obits: Burton, Jacobs, Leach, Pizer

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 15th 2008 4:24PM

Iris BurtonA roundup of TV people from in front of the camera and behind the scenes who have passed away.

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 7th 2008 8:41PM

Perry Mason DVDHere are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

  • The Cosby Show - Seasons 7 and 8
  • Deadliest Catch - Season 3
  • Def Poetry Jam - Season 3
  • Fortysomething - Complete Series
  • Hell's Kitchen - Season 1
  • The Last Detective - Series 4
  • Living with Ed - Season 1
  • Matlock - Season 1
  • Meerkat Manor - Season 2
  • Mythbusters - Collection 3
  • Nanny 911 - Season 1
  • Perry Mason - 50th Anniversary Set
  • Rock of Love with Bret Michaels - Season 1
  • Sense & Sensibility - Miniseries
  • Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles - Season 6

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 12th 2007 6:00PM

Miami Vice DVDsHere are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow:

  • The Addams Family - Complete Series
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Season 4
  • Captain N and the New Super Mario World - Complete Series
  • DaVinci's Inquest - Season 2
  • DuckTales - Vol. 3
  • Gilmore Girls - Complete Series and Season 7
  • Kenny vs. Spenny - Season 3
  • Masters of Horror - Dream Cruise and Season 1,Vol. 3
  • Melrose Place - Season 3
  • Miami Vice - Complete Series
  • Northern Exposure - Complete Series
  • Perrry Mason - Season 2, Vol. 2
  • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? - Treasure Chest Gift Set
  • South Park - Christmas Time
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Atlantis SquarePantis
  • Tale Spin - Vol. 2
  • The Young Ones - Extra Stoopid
  • Zorro: Generation Z - Return to the Future

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New TV on DVD this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 18th 2007 6:38PM

Pinky and the BrainNew TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

  • Animaniacs - Vol. 3
  • Daniel Boone - Season 4
  • Lovejoy - Season 1
  • Perry Mason - Season 2, Vol. 1
  • Picket Fences - Season 1
  • Pinky and the Brain - Vol. 3
  • The Powerpuff Girls - Season 1
  • Reno 911: The Movie
  • Silver Spoons - Season 1
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 3, Vol. 1

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Jeremy Slate dead at 80

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 25th 2006 6:31PM

Jeremy SlateVeteran character actor Jeremy Slate - you might not know the name but you definitely know the face - died of complications from throat surgery last week in Los Angeles.

Slate was known for his movie roles in Girls! Girls! Girls!, Lawnmower Man, and Hell's Angels '69, but he was even more known for the massive amount of work he did on the small screen, starting in the late '50s. Slate was a regular on the 1960 series The Aquanauts, and had guest roles on many shows, including Route 66, Perry Mason, Dr. Kildare, Naked City, Have Gun, Will Travel, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Mr. Lucky, The Untouchables, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Bewitched, Combat, Tarzan, Bonanza, Ironside, Mission: Impossible, Mannix, Wonder Woman, The Wonderful World of Disney, and many others. Most recently he guest-starred on an episode of My Name Is Earl.

I remember him most from his two soap roles: he played Chuck Wilson, Asa's assistant, on One Life To Live for many years, and had a short-lived role as songwriter Locke Walls on Guiding Light in the mid-80s (he was involved with Alexandra Spaulding and her son Nick, if I'm not mistaken).

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New TV on DVD releases today

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 11th 2006 9:06AM

Voyage to the Bottom of the SeaOur weekly roundup of new TV DVDs. Some noteworthy releases for today, July 11:

  • Bridezillas - Season One and Season Two
  • A Different World - Season Two
  • The Ellen Show - Complete Series
  • I Dream of Jeannie - Second Season
  • ER - Fifth Season
  • Masters of Horror - Homecoming
  • Perry Mason - Season One, Volume One
  • Reno 911! - Season Three
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season One, Volume Two
  • Weeds - Season One

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Arthur Franz dead at 86

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 20th 2006 8:30AM
Arthur FranzI guess this one would go in the "I thought he died years ago" category.

Franz was a character actor for several decades, appearing in such movies as Sands of Iwo Jima, Hellcats of the Navy, The Caine Mutiny (as the narrator), Invaders From Mars, and Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible Man. But he was also a familiar face on the small screen too, appearing in everything from Perry Mason, Mission: Impossible, McCloud and Rawhide to Mod Squad, The Waltons, Mannix, and The FBI.

Franz died Saturday in California of emphysema and pneumonia.

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