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September 3, 2015


'The Amazing Race' - 'Cathy Drone?' Recap

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Mar 22nd 2010 12:31AM
Brent and Caite stack glasses on The Amazing Race
(S16E06) I realize, for the most part, sometimes the folks on the West Coast are envious of us in the East. After all, we get to watch our favorite shows three hours earlier than they do! Sure, we can give breaking news on spoilers like "Phil was at the welcome mat with a mime." But there's a huge drawback to viewing our favorite shows here in the New York City area.

It's called sports. It doesn't matter what sport either. Sooner or later, golf, basketball, football, baseball or another fan-driven game with its overpaid pseudo-celebrities delay our favorite reality shows with their own pseudo-celebs. Tonight, 'The Amazing Race' was delayed nearly an hour due to March Madness. That's aptly named as I get mad every March at basketball.

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Review: The Amazing Race - This is Not My Finest Hour

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Nov 2nd 2009 12:41AM
Ericka is having a tough time this leg on The Amazing Race
(S15E07) Poor Ericka. In tonight's episode of The Amazing Race, she didn't look quite like Miss America. Stress will do that to you. It seems each week a team or two make what might be a fatal error in the game. Oh, not something that could kill them -- just one which could lead to being Philiminated. This leg wasn't only tough on Brian and Ericka. One of the Globetrotters had to don a dress. Thankfully, it seemed to be specially tailored to fit him.

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The Amazing Race: It's Like Being Dropped on Planet Mars

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Oct 5th 2009 12:20AM
Zev and Justin in Vietnam - The Amazing Race 15
(S15E03) Gee, it doesn't seem like we're already three episodes into The Amazing Race. But last week's two-hour season premiere with its two Philiminations, counted as two episodes. I'm still getting to know the teams. I think, so far, this season has more teams that I'd really like to see stick around for a while. There is only one team who really annoys me. With my luck, they'll be around for a good long while. I want them to implode. Nah, I'm not talking about Zev and Justin.

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The Amazing Race: They Thought Godzilla Was Walking Down the Street (season premiere)

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Sep 28th 2009 12:38AM
Phil Keoghan gets the teams started on The Amazing Race
(S15E01) In this single two-hour season premiere, we were reminded why The Amazing Race keeps snapping up those Emmy Awards for the best reality show on television. We're talking quality teams -- no Jerry Springer fans here! We're talking the adrenalin rush that viewers get just sitting on couches watching the show. We're talking a glimpse into other lands, cultures, and people we might never get the chance to experience in our own lives. We're talking simply amazing.

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The Amazing Race: It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Mar 9th 2009 2:07AM
Tammy and Victor on The Amazing Race

(S14E04) In the promos for this week's The Amazing Race, they promised us Siberia and a Blind U-Turn. Well, I know a bit about Siberia -- it's very cold. The plain old U-Turn on this show has its own coldness, too. But a "Blind" one? What could that be? Do they don blindfolds and pick a team at random like in pin the tail on the donkey? Nope. It's something even colder than Siberia itself.

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The Amazing Race: I'm Not Wearing That Girl's Leotard!

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Mar 2nd 2009 1:33AM
The Amazing Race in Romania
(S14E03) "I should stick to basketball" - Kisha

Gypsies, gymnasts, and vampires, oh my. This is only the third episode of this season's Amazing Race, and I'm already thinking it could shape up to be one of my favorite seasons ever. For once, at this early stage, I'm enjoying most of the teams -- actually all of them with the exception of a few quirks. Usually I have more than one team which irks me to no end and they seem to last on the race forever. The locations, tasks, and local folks are so much fun to watch, as they've been very creative so far this season. It makes me forget another show (cough, Survivor, cough) which retreads its puzzles, mazes, and endurance competitions so often.

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The Amazing Race: Did You Push My Sports Bra Off the Ledge?

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Oct 12th 2008 10:26PM
Fighting on tonight's The Amazing Race

(S13E03) "I know she pushed my sports bra off the ledge!" - Christy about Starr

While the sports bra debacle wasn't the only drama on tonight's episode of The Amazing Race, it played a role one and off throughout the show. And, I'm sure we haven't heard the last of it. while the animosity within the teams seemed to dwindle some this week, the animosity between a few of the teams is amping up. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I find racers who constantly bicker with their partners really annoying. But when teams are contentious with other teams, it gives them more of a spirit of competition. Read on for my review!

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The Amazing Race: Do You Like American Candy?

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Oct 6th 2008 8:01AM
Another airport fiasco on The Amazing Race
(S13E02) "He's a ball of emotion." - Sarah about Terence

Sure, Terence could very well be a "ball of emotion." But this week's episode of The Amazing Race might be better titled a "Ball of Confusion." I'm not talking only about the inevitable airport fiasco we're privy to each week. I'm talking about so many errors made by so many teams. Tonight's drama within the teams stepped up a bit more than what we saw last week.

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