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September 1, 2015


'The Vampire Diaries': Check Out New Season 3 Promo Photos

by Jean Bentley, posted Sep 7th 2011 5:30PM
The Vampire DiariesWith the Season 3 premiere of 'The Vampire Diaries' just one week away, The CW is feeding our obsessions getting us even more excited for a return to Mystic Falls with even more new promo photos and episode stills.

In our first look at episode 2, titled 'The Hybrid,' we get a good look at Matt, Jeremy and their new shorter haircuts. Is it just me, or do they both look older? And hotter? If that's even possible? The shots of them together look like the beginning stages of a budding bromance.

Also for your viewing pleasure: Some smokin' hot gallery shots of Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan. Klaus! Peruse the sexy shots after the jump.

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'Glee' Girls Gone Wild in GQ Photoshoot

by Ryan McKee, posted Oct 19th 2010 8:00PM
'Glee' stars Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron are featured in a significant photo spread in November's issue of GQ magazine. At some point during the shoot by photography Terry Richardson, the girls lost most of their clothing.

"I don't know how they got me to do half the stuff I did," says Lea Michele.

Hmm, we're guessing they just asked her. Michele doesn't seem to have a problem flashing skin since she also went topless this month in a photo spread for Marie Claire UK. She also appears more confident in the exhibitionist shots than her counterpart Agron. Is Michele already focused on burning off her good-girl, high school student image?

As for Monteith, he just looks happy to be there - as would any man. Click here for the full gallery.

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The Making Of Ron Swanson On 'Parks and Recreation' (VIDEO)

by Ryan McKee, posted Sep 23rd 2010 6:30PM
Savvy viewers recognize there is something missing from NBC's big comedy premiere night. 'Parks and Recreation' will not be joining its former cohorts 'The Office,' '30 Rock' and 'Community' on Thursday nights this fall. Instead, we'll see the new show 'Outsourced, while Leslie Knope and pals are currently scheduled to return as a midseason replacement.

But we need our weekly 'Parks and Rec' fix, and thankfully, Vulture is providing one for us. They'll have weekly updates of our favorite Pawnee citizens via an original photo montage shot by the 'Parks and Rec' cast and writers. The inaugural post is titled 'Becoming Ron Swanson.'

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Conan and Andy spend a day at the beach

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 22nd 2009 1:42PM
The best stuff that Conan does, whether it was on the old Late Night or the new Tonight Show, is the out of the studio segments. This clip from last night isn't one of the video segments they usually do, there's a lot of special effects and fake stuff in the pictures, but it's still pretty funny. Conan really is the whitest man in the world (and kudos to Andy for agreeing to take off some or most of his clothes in sketches like this).

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What the heck is this?

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 8th 2009 5:47PM
Burn Notice booth

A new feature here at TV Squad, where we show you a picture of something and you have to guess what the heck it is.

OK, so obviously this is a little booth where voice work is done. But this one is for one very specific show where the voice is rather important. Can you guess which show? It's a current show, and the only clue I'll give is...when you do voiceover work, you realize that it's not as glamorous as it sounds. Answer tonight.

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mcePicasa brings Picasa web albums to Windows Media Center

by Brad Linder, posted Feb 17th 2008 1:05PM
Windows Media Center makes it easy to browse any photo collection stored on your PC using a remote control and a 10-foot interface. But what if your pictures are stored online, not on your PC? Media Center plugin mcePicasa lets you login to your Picasa Web albums and view your online photo albums from the comfort of your couch.

Installation couldn't be easier. Just download the setup file, run it, and when you next load Windows Meida Center you should find a Picasa icon in your More Programs menu. Click the icon and you can enter your Picasa username to access your web albums.

In my test, mcePicasa only managed to locate one of my Picasa albums, even though I have several different folders. The current release is just an Alpha, so hopefully the kinks will be worked out eventually. The program is also open source, so if you know your way around Windows Media Center plugin development, you can lend a hand and help make mcePicasa better.

[via Ian Dixon]

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View Photobucket and Picasa albums on your TiVo

by Brad Linder, posted Dec 3rd 2007 10:29AM
TiVo and PhotoBucketTiVo has announced support for viewing images stored at online photo services Photobucket and Picasa Web Albums. Up until recently, broadband-connected TiVo users could look at pictures stored on Yahoo! Photos, but a while after Yahoo! purchased the much more popular photo sharing site Flickr, the company shut down Yahoo! Photos.

If you ask me, it would have made a lot more sense to continue the relationship with Yahoo! and provide access to Flickr photos on TiVo. There are a huge number of images available on Flickr, and the site already has a ton of users. I'm not saying Photobucket and Google's Picasa Web Albums are tiny players in the market, but it would have been nice if TiVo had offered access to all three.

According to the press release, your TiVo box will determine the resolution of the images you'll be able to see on your TV screen. If you've got a Series3 or TiVo HD, in other words, you'll see high def images, while Series2 owners will see lower resolution images.

[via TiVo Lovers]

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Matt Besser needs women

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 25th 2007 5:21PM

matt besserActor and comedian Matt Besser of Upright Citizens Brigade is producing a new broadband series for TBS.com, and he's looking for some pictures of sexy ladies to use in one of the episodes. Somebody writing on behalf of Besser, or perhaps Besser himself writing in the third person, has the details on his MySpace page. He's looking for "MySpace self portraits," those photos shot in just the right light and at just the right angle to make one appear far sexier than they do in real life. The pictures used will be part of a montage at the end of the episode.

Until Besser's new online series is launched, you should check out some of his prank work over on Prank.com, a site created by artist Joey Skaggs. The site was launched April 1, naturally.

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American Masters profiles photographer Annie Leibovitz

by Adam Finley, posted Dec 28th 2006 11:01AM

john lennon yoko onoOn January 3 at 7pm, the PBS series American Masters will profile famous photographer Annie Leibovitz, who has provided us with some of the most striking and memorable images of the past few decades. Leibovitz is responsible for the Rolling Stone cover featuring Yoko Ono and a naked John Lennon, and has shot equally intriguing photos of other celebs, including Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg and the artist Christo.

Despite her knack for getting her subjects to expose themselves for her photos (both literally and figuratively), Leibovitz's life has remained more or less out of the spotlight. This documentary, shot by her younger sister, will examine Leibovitz's professional and family life as she compiles images for her new book.

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Independent Lens: Revolucion: Five Visions - an early look

by Adam Finley, posted Dec 18th 2006 4:01PM

CastroRevolucion: Five Visions is the latest documentary to be showcased on PBS' Independent Lens and is the second in a month-long tribute to artists and writers. The film takes a look at the Cuban revolution through the eyes of five different photographers, one of which, Raúl Corrales, was hired by Castro as his official photographer to record the unfolding revolution.

The other photographers profiled in the documentary all have varying opinions about Cuba's revolution and what it means, and their photographs represent not only their own personal philosophies, but also offer a new angle on an old debate that still divides the citizens of Cuba. The documentary is worthwhile as a history lesson, but it's really about artists trying to express what is happening around them when words alone won't do.

Revolucion: Five Visions airs tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 10 pm on PBS.

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Mike Wallace donates papers to alma mater

by Adam Finley, posted Feb 24th 2006 4:01PM
mike wallaceVenerable newsman Mike Wallace has donated papers from his forty-year career at CBS News to his alma mater, the University of Michigan. Of course, when I say "papers" I'm talking about fifty file cabinet drawers filled with notes, interviews, photos, and etc. When I was in college and dabbling in journalism I would have been utterly thrilled by something like this. It's not many J-schools that are able to offer such an intimate look into the mind of a famous journalist. Of course, I'm also reminded of the time I went to hear Carl Bernstein give a speech and the college kids next to me just played games on their mobile phones the whole time. I'm hoping the students at the U of M have a better appreciation of what they're being given.

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Veronica Mars strips down for Maxim

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 17th 2006 9:56AM
kristen bell maximOh my. Kristen Bell now joins the ranks of Jessica Simpson, Haylie Duff and Jennifer Love Hewitt as one of the Girls of Maxim. In the photos and on the cover, Kristen is stripped down to her underwear and a black bra. One photo actually looks like she's preparing to do a breast self-exam. The quotes from her online don't say much, except she confesses that "old pervs" used to honk at her back in the day when she went to a Catholic school that required her to wear a plaid skirt as a uniform. Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, told Maxim all about her boobs. But you will never know that because you stopped reading this back at the link to Kristen's online photos, didn't you?

[Via Pop Candy]

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Paris Hilton: victim of theft?

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 4th 2006 11:31AM
paris hilton stolenAnytime Paris Hilton is in the news, I assume she has done something to get the attention because she is bored. But this one may not be her fault.

Apparently Ms. Hilton was storing sexually explicit photos of herself and sexually descriptive diaries, along with clothes and furniture, in a storage locker in Los Angeles. The storage situation was temporary when she was moving into a new house in 2004, but apparently forgot about all her stuff and no one paid the bill. So all the items inside were auctioned off. Now some scumbag broker, known as the "Sultan of Sleaze" for brokering deals in celebrity porn, has all of her stuff and is trying to sell it for $20 million. He even said he'd return the items to Paris, for a price. What a sleazeball.

Paris' publicist says that her belongings were "illegally seized" from a storage facility and is threatening anyone who purchases her crap with a lawsuit.

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