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October 4, 2015


Stephen Colbert to throw ice cream

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 21st 2007 4:24PM

colbert ice creamIf you haven't yet tried Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream ice cream from Ben and Jerry's, you should. It is the most "just okay" ice cream you'll ever taste. Your tastebuds will be bombarded with a cavalcade of average, middle-of-the-road flavor.

Okay, so AmeriCone Dream never did much for me. I'm more of a Phish Food man, what can you do? However, on July 7, Colbert will be doing something Phish has never done: he'll throw the first pitch at a RiverDogs baseball game in Charleston, South Carolina (his hometown). He won't be throwing a ball, however, he'll be throwing a pint of AmeriCone Dream. I'd like to see the entire game played with a pint of ice cream, but that probably won't happen. Jerry Greenfield, the "Jerry" in "Ben and Jerry's" will catch the pint. Let's hope he does, because I'm pretty sure getting conked in the head by a pint of frozen ice cream is kind of painful, especially if one of those waffle cone shards get wedged in your eye.

In addition to tossing his ice cream, Colbert will also sit in on the radio broadcast during the game.

[via CC Insider]

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TV Guide Channel is looking for America's Next Producer

by Julia Ward, posted Feb 18th 2007 4:07PM
TV Guide ChannelDesperately in need of programming apparently, TV Guide Channel has partnered with the production team behind Project Runway and Top Chef to create America's Next Producer. The reality competition will pit 10 contestants against each other as they attempt to create, uhhh..., television programming. The prize is a first-look production deal with the TV Guide Channel. This is either the most self-reflective, post-post-modern move on the part of a network or the laziest. I haven't decided which.

The contestants will be living together under one roof - of course - and they'll be doing things that putting together three-minute sizzle reels on shows they're pitching to the network. Nothing is off limits. Game shows, comedies, dramas, reality. Here's one - how about a show about the programmers at a network who are so desperate for original programming that they put together a show to trick people into giving them content for free while being the content themselves.

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Little Mosque on the Prairie comes to Canadian TV

by Julia Ward, posted Dec 8th 2006 2:39PM
Little Mosque on the PrairieHow's this for the premise to a sitcom - a young Muslim man abandons his burgeoning law career to become the new imam (Muslim prayer leader) of a small Canadian town called Mercy? When we meet said imam, he's in line at the airport talking on his cell. "If Dad thinks that's suicide, so be it. This is Allah's plan for me." Cue security.

And so begins Little Mosque on the Prairie, CBC's newest sitcom. Premiering in January and being pitched to US networks this month, the series has been forced to confront two big questions since its inception: 1. Can the post-9/11 world take humor about Muslims living in North America? 2. Will Muslims riot over the depiction of said funny Muslims?

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TV cartoons: why we can't go back

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 22nd 2006 8:03PM

tex averyArtist and animation historian Amid Amidi has a great piece on the Cartoon Brew blog about how focus grouping and executive decisions have ruined the current state of television animation. The main thrust of his piece has to do with the idea of creators pitching their shows, and that sometimes too much energy is put toward making a show seem appealing to a network executive rather than focusing on the actual quality of the show itself and making something audiences will truly enjoy. He points out that lionized directors from the Golden Age of animation such as Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones and Tex Avery were unhindered by such bureaucratic bullshit and allowed to create cartoons on their own terms that are still enjoyable even today. Those old cartoons are not only great works of art, but they transcend generations. My own nieces and nephew enjoy Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny as much as I did as a kid, just as my father enjoyed them long before I was born.

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Vote for the best television show ideas on MSN

by Anna Johns, posted Aug 24th 2006 11:31AM
nytvfEarlier this summer, we told you about how the New York Television Festival was taking pitches from the public for a new television show. Well, festival folks have narrowed the pitches down to the best 50 and now you can watch them and vote for your favorite over at MSN Video. But hurry! They're only available for viewing through tomorrow (Friday) and you have to have Internet Explorer to do so.

The top two vote-getters each day will be finalists who will get to pitch their ideas to development executives. Only one person will get $8,000 to make a pilot out of his/her idea. The contest is in conjunction with IFC, which presumably can choose to pick up the show.

[Via Lost Remote]

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IFC wants television show pitches

by Anna Johns, posted Jul 18th 2006 9:18AM
ifc; contestThe Independent Film Channel (IFC) is holding a nationwide pitch contest for the best idea for a television show. You just have to sit in front of a camcorder for one minute and pitch your idea. It has to be one, continuous take that is no longer than one minute. The videos are due by August 4, but IFC is only accepting 10,000 entries so it could end before that date. IFC will choose ten finalists who get to fly to NYC to pitch their idea live to a panel of industry folk and celebrities (oh my God) and then the winner receives a whopping $8,000 development deal that hopefully only covers the pilot but the rules don't really say.

Click here to learn more and enter the contest.

*The contest is also sponsored by the NY Television Festival. (Sorry for the oversight, Ben)

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Maakies coming to Cartoon Network?

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 11th 2006 1:02PM

maakiesCartoonist Tony Millionaire is pitching an animated series based on his "Maakies" comic strip to Cartoon Network. Who the heck is Tony Millionaire? If you don't know, stop reading this, go to Maakies.com, and enjoy one of the best underground comics ever, a combination of drunken, sea-faring animals, surreal plotlines, and the stylistic approach of the great comic strip legend E.C. Segar. Then, while you're enjoying those strips, have someone else read the rest of this post and tell you about it later. I have not found any official news on this, even on Millionaire's site, but cartoonist Keith Knight mentioned on his blog that he saw a brief clip of the series at The Staple 2006 in Austin. Animated shorts based on "Maakies" were also shown on SNL a few years ago.

Update: Very special thanks to reader owen, who found this interview in which Millionaire talks about the new series. Also thanks to Robert for the direct link.


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It's pilot season in LA

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 12th 2006 11:38AM
'Tis the season to kiss television networks' butts. January is a big month in Los Angeles, when writers and producers are pitching their show ideas to all the networks. This week, networks placed their orders for a whole bunch of new dramas, including some created by well-knowns such as J.J. Abrams and Ridley and Tony Scott. Here is a list of some shows we know about so far:

  • Six Degrees, J.J. Abrams (Lost, Alias), ABC: stories of six strangers in New York intertwine.
  • Jericho, Jon Turteltaub, CBS: social, psychological, physical chaos ensue when a small town is cut off from the rest of the world after a nuclear disaster.
  • Orpheus, Ridley & Tony Scott, CBS: a man's girlfriend is involved in a cult.
  • Faceless, Joe Carnahan, FOX: prosecutor goes undercover to an underworld organization (a prosecutor?).
  • Heroes, Tim Kring, NBC: everyday people discover they have super hero powers.
  • Seeing Red, Graham Yost, NBC: a cop talks to dead people to solve cases.
  • Untitled Alicia Keys project, Alicia Keys, UPN: inspired by the life of Alicia Keys, the show is about a 24-year-old musician who grew up in Hell's Kitchen.
  • Underfunded, David Breckman & Rob Abrash, USA: a brilliant agent for the Canadian Secret Service solves cases despite the agency's severe lack of funding.
So... which of these shows do you think we'll actually see on the air next fall?

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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