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August 29, 2015


Poll: How Many 'Real Housewives' Shows Are Too Many?

by Rich Keller, posted Feb 5th 2011 9:30AM
'The Real Housewives of New York' will be one of seven installments of the franchise to air this year? Is that too many?As 2011 moves ever forward we are about to reach a momentous occasion: the restart of 'The Real Housewives' cycle on Bravo. It begins with the new gang from Miami on Feb. 22 and will eventually lead to housewives from New York, New Jersey, Orange County, Washington D.C. and Beverly Hills.

'Miami' will up the total number of shows in the franchise to seven. While some people, including the executives at Bravo, may feel that this isn't even enough, others, including myself, feel that the series is heading towards burn-out.

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Poll: What's Your Favorite Late-Night Talk Show?

by Chris Harnick, posted Nov 12th 2010 12:20PM
Late-night hosts
Now that we've had a full week of 'Conan,' it's time to assess the late-night battlefield.

Life & Style and AOL TV want to know: What's your favorite late-night talk show? Are you a 'Chelsea Lately' kind of person? Maybe you prefer the 'Daily Show.' Late-night presents something for everyone.

Vote in the poll below and let us know what's your favorite program. Results will appear in an upcoming issue of Life & Style.

Life & Style and AOL TV want to know what's your favorite late-night talk show?
'Chelsea Lately'208 (8.6%)
'Conan'891 (37.0%)
'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'641 (26.6%)
'Jimmy Kimmel Live'151 (6.3%)
'Late Show with David Letterman'279 (11.6%)
'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'237 (9.8%)

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Will Prince Poppycock Beat Jackie Evancho to Win 'America's Got Talent'?

by AOL TV Staff, posted Sep 14th 2010 1:40PM
Prince Poppycock and Jackie EvanchoThe battle to win 'America's Got Talent' is heating up, with this week's finale showcasing the Top 4 acts -- Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Jackie Evancho and Fighting Gravity.

And while early predictions tabbed 10-year-old opera singing sensation Jackie Evancho as the frontrunner, the flamboyant Prince Poppycock isn't far behind. Can the performed, who's been dubbed "the male Lady Gaga," steal the crown from the favorite?

We teamed up with Predicto to find out who you think will win the finale, and the results are in:

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Poll: Who Should Die on 'Desperate Housewives'?

by Kelly Woo, posted Sep 7th 2010 5:30PM
Desperate HousewivesLooks like the Grim Reaper will be dropping by Wisteria Lane again next season. In an interview with TV Guide, 'Desperate Housewives' showrunner Marc Cherry revealed he's killing off another character.

"My big cliffhanger right before we take our Christmas break will have to do with Paul Young. He has a plan for destroying the neighborhood," he told William Keck. "There will a shocking cliffhanger that effects everyone's lives, and then right before February sweeps, we're going to kill off one of our characters."

Last season, Cherry made waves (and brought on a lawsuit) by offing Edie Britt, played by Nicollette Sheridan. So who might be next on the suburban chopping block?

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Poll: Who Will Be Voted Off First on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

by AOL TV Staff, posted Aug 31st 2010 3:00PM
The 'Dancing With the Stars' season 11 cast was revealed Monday night, and Access Hollywoodthe line-up will include celebrities from across television, music, movies -- even politics!

But out of the 12 contestants, who will earn the dubious distinction of being eliminated first? We team up with Access Hollywood to see what you, the fans, think!

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Poll: Which TV Show Are You Most Looking Forward to Returning This Fall?

by Elena Cox, posted Aug 25th 2010 5:35PM
Fall is fast approaching and after months of withdrawal, your favorite television shows are going to be returning soon too. From singing high school students to some housewives who can get a little desperate, which show are you most looking forward to this season?

Vote below and the results will be published in the next issue of Life & Style magazine!

Life & Style and AOL TV want to know which TV show are you most looking forward to returning this Fall?
'Glee'432 (25.9%)
'The Good Wife'311 (18.7%)
'Modern Family'598 (35.9%)
'Grey's Anatomy'192 (11.5%)
'Brothers & Sisters'53 (3.2%)
'Desperate Housewives'79 (4.7%)

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Is Your DVR Full This Summer?

by Rich Keller, posted Jun 23rd 2010 3:00PM
Is Your DVR running out of space?While viewing the current state of our family's DVR queue, I noticed something interesting: the unit contains more recordings now than it ever did during the fall television season.

Oh, every so often we would reach the 80 percent capacity mark if we were particularly busy, but lately it seems that we're constantly breaking the 85 percent or even 90 percent limit on a daily basis! And, no matter how much we watch, the queue never goes down as more recordings are added.

I have to wonder if this is happening in your household as well, and for what reason.

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'American Idol' vs. 'Dancing With the Stars': Which Show Has More Buzz?

by AOL TV Staff, posted Apr 1st 2010 2:28PM

Reality show heavyweights 'American Idol' and 'Dancing With the Stars' are in the middle of a tight ratings battle this season, with 'Dancing' recently pulling ahead of 'Idol,' the long-standing number-one show on television.

Which got us to thinking: Which reality show has more momentum this spring?

To find out, AOL Television has exclusively teamed with Access Hollywood to get our user's thoughts. Cast your vote after the jump.

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How Much TV Do You Watch a Day?

by Scott Harris, posted Nov 10th 2009 4:30PM
According to a new Nielsen study, Americans are wasting over 19 hours a day doing something other than watching television.

Admittedly we here at AOL TV are little biased towards the television side of things, but all joking aside, the latest figures from Nielsen are a bit of a surprise considering the amount of time people are now also spending online and pursuing alternate forms of entertainment such as video games.

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Who is the most trusted newscaster on TV?

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 23rd 2009 2:07PM
GibsonThink about this for a moment: who is the person on television that viewers trust the most to get their news from? Someone from the cable news channels? One of the network news anchors?

Time conducted a survey across the country, asking people who the most trusted newscaster is now that Walter Cronkite is gone. Not really sure why Cronkite matters in this context because he hadn't been a newsman in quite some time, but it's interesting to see all of the statistics by state. You probably won't agree with who came in first with 44%.

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Kelly Ripa is more popular than Oprah (when it comes to rental home-based surveys anyway)

by Bob Sassone, posted May 27th 2009 3:44PM
Kelly RipaI'm not sure if people were given just a select group of celebrities to choose from or they were allowed to choose anyone they wanted, but a new poll conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs says that more Americans would like to share a rental home with Kelly Ripa this summer than any other celebrity. After Ripa came the Obamas, then Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Oprah, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert.

That would be a great reality show though: Vacation Home. With those above guests? I'd watch that.

Who would you like to rent a home with?
Kelly Ripa284 (42.8%)
Oprah Winfrey39 (5.9%)
Jon Stewart153 (23.1%)
Stephen Colbert87 (13.1%)
Brad/Angelina61 (9.2%)
Other (say in comments)39 (5.9%)

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British kids say Simon Cowell is more famous than God

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 16th 2008 5:04PM
CowellThis story both amuses me and baffles me.

A poll of under-10 British children reveals that the kids think that American Idol/X Factor host Simon Cowell is more famous than God, the guy who created the universe. The poll was taken in one town, Luton; Cowell also beat out Queen Elizabeth.

But does this really mean that little British kids think that Cowell is better than God? How exactly did they ask the question? Maybe Cowell is more "famous" than God, because, well, he's on television all the time and these kids probably think they know him better. I think that people are going to be disturbed and shocked by these results when they really don't have to be. I mean, these kids have to know who God and The Queen are to even put them in the top 5, right?

Maybe they showed the kids two pictures, one of God and one of Cowell.

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DVR conflict: Chuck's improved... does HIMYM go?

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 28th 2008 1:03PM
Chuck vs. Tom SawyerI usually hate reruns. Hate 'em. You've built some momentum watching a show, especially when the season starts, then suddenly you're faced with an episode from last year that you already saw. That can be especially incongruous when you're a fan of a show like How I Met Your Mother, which ended last week's episode with a number of monumental character developments.

However, reruns allow you to explore shows that you've wanted to watch but never get a chance to, even in this day and age of DVRs and online viewing. Take Chuck, for instance. I DVR HIMYM just in case I miss something when I watched it live and want to include it in my review. So I don't even record Chuck, a show I enjoyed last year and I've heard has gotten even better in its second season.

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What is your tipping point for digital TV episode pricing?

by Brett Love, posted Sep 13th 2007 12:02PM
iPod Touch - LostOver the last few days I have been seeing a whole mess of reports about Apple's proposed slashing of television episode prices to the familiar 99 cents. It all comes in the wake of NBC's reported plan to jack those same prices up to $4.99. That's a pretty good sized gap when you start talking about 20-plus episode seasons. So, I'm wondering, if you aren't buying digital TV episodes yet, what's the number that gets you on board? And if you are already on that bus, at what price point do you ring the bell and tell Kramer this is your stop?

For me, the 99 cent price would probably get me on board for a couple of my favorite shows. At $1.99, the math just works out too close to DVD prices, and then one of the voices in my head starts prattling on about higher quality, and extras, and how we can just use handbrake if we really need to have Psych on our phone. We've heard what NBC wants, and what Apple wants, but hit the poll after the jump so we can find out what the viewers want.

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Should I keep reviewing Buffy season 8?

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jul 31st 2007 9:53AM
Buffy season 8Some of you may not know this already, but the latest issue of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 8 comic hit stores last week, when originally it was slated to come out, I believe, this week. As I was picking up my copy, I got to wondering if the TV Squad readers even cared to have me continue to review them, especially with the news that there will be a season 9 comic.

So, once again I'm going to take advantage of the use of polls and leave it up to you. While I'm definitely going to keep buying and reading these books, do you want me to continue to review them here for you? I'll check the results of the poll (after the jump) later this week and decide.

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