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October 4, 2015


'Big Brother': Will the Power of Veto Results Affect Daniele's Strategy? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 18th 2011 12:21AM
'Big Brother 13'Daniele is sitting in a pretty strong position in the house, despite the calamitous return of Brendon last week derailing all of her hard work so far in 'Big Brother' (Mon., 8PM ET on CBS). But she found herself in an even more intriguing position after nominating Shelly and Adam.


It all came down to Rachel supposedly blabbing to Porsche that Shelly was looking for a Final Three deal with her and Brendon. Now, it's not 100% clear if they ever agreed, but Shelly did at least bring up the subject. At the same time, we know Shelly's been playing every side against the other.

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Big Brother 11: The inevitable clips episode

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Sep 14th 2009 6:45AM
Kevin is in the final three on Big Brother 11
(S11E29) The Big Brother 11 finale will be a two-hour extravaganza on Tuesday evening. It's going to be similar to the Survivor finales with all of the houseguests, a big reunion, and love and joy abounding. Well, Chima should be missing. I'm not so sure on the love and joy either. Perhaps it will be fisticuffs and brouhahas. Hey, if Natalie wins it all, I can see the audience going into uproar mode. It will be live and should be interesting. But we had to get through the latest episode first.

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Big Brother 11: HOH #11 part one finish, HOH #11 part two

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Sep 11th 2009 12:29AM
Kevin is torn between two women on BB11
(S11E28) They say to "expect the unexpected" on Big Brother 11. Well, tonight showed that the viewers can expect an unexpected scheduling of events. Here I was expecting to see the hamsters dwindled down to two tonight. But that wasn't to be the case. However, I did expect Kevin to dress up all spiffy and funky. Sure enough, he did. He had matching red sneakers to complete the outfit.

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Big Brother 11: PoV #9, Eviction #10, HoH #11 (start)

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Sep 9th 2009 8:38AM
Kevin needs to win the power of veto
(S11E27) Yep, we're nearing the end of Big Brother 11 as the final four gets chopped down to the final three. It's not the final three (or four) I would have imagined at the beginning of the season, but rarely does my first impression hold out. As the very pregnant Julie Chen mentioned at the top of the show, there is one representative from each original clique left in the game. I also wouldn't have predicted that she'd last the season. But she proved me wrong.

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Big Brother 11: Nominations #10

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Sep 7th 2009 1:12AM
Natalie is the HOH this week
(S11E26) Now, this is downright frightening. Natalie is the head of household this week in the Big Brother 11 house. I can deal with that ... sort of, kind of. I don't care for her and I don't want her to win the half-million. But I can cope with her winning HoH once this season. What I can't abide by is the outfit. We're talking funkadelic gone horribly awry.

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Big Brother 11: Eviction #9, HoH #10

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Sep 4th 2009 1:04AM
Jeff and Jordan are nominated for eviction
(S11E25) It's the end of the line for the two lovebirds of the Big Brother 11 season, Jordan and Jeff. With both of them sitting in the nomination chairs tonight, it's inevitable that one will go home. Kevin and Natalie hold the power in the house, and lone wolf Michele is but a lone vote. Kevin doesn't vote unless there's a tie.

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Big Brother 11: PoV #8

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Sep 2nd 2009 1:04AM
Kevin has to make some decisions as head of household
(S11E24) Kevin wanted to win the head of household on Big Brother 11. Sure, the room and the basket of goodies is always fun. But the tough part, especially this late in the game, is making the right nominations and planning ahead for the veto competition. Nakomis (BB5) did it right. She literally invented the backdoor plan -- put two hamsters on the block, but neither of them your real target. Then, if the veto is used to save one, slap up your target with no way to escape. Did Kevin do that? Nope. He put his two targets on the block.

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Big Brother 11: HoH #9 conclusion, Nominations #9

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 31st 2009 2:02AM
Jordan and Jeff relax in the Big Brother 11 house
(S11E23) You don't always see them wearing them, but three out of the final five hamsters in the Big Brother 11 house wear eyeglasses. It was four out of six wearing them before the Russell boot last week. Yes, Russell wore glasses. I recall him mentioning that they didn't want him to wear them in his diary room segments. Perhaps they didn't fit the persona of his brawny beastie-boy character the show wanted to portray.

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Big Brother 11 : Eviction #8, HoH #9

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 28th 2009 12:56AM
Jordan is ready to beat up Russell on Big Brother 11
(S11E22) Well, we all knew sparks would fly tonight on Big Brother 11. After being backdoored by Jeff in the last episode, Russell practically promised to pull a Chima. Don't you just love it when foolish moves are named after the houseguest who did them? A Marcellas, of course, is not saving yourself with the veto and getting evicted. A Chima is a complete breakdown, tossing all to the wind while wreaking havoc in the house.

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Big Brother 11: PoV #7

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 26th 2009 12:32AM
Why is Natalie smiling in the Big Brother 11 house?
(S11E21) My goodness, whatever could be making Natalie smile in the Big Brother 11 house? Could she have actually won a competition for the first time this season? Perhaps she's thinking of the Lydia/Jessie reunion in the jury house -- picturing scenes of Lydia scratching Jessie's eyes out or something. Maybe she's proud to be wearing a doo-rag which clashes with her shirt instead of her neatly color-coordinated um ... urban wear. Maybe she's thinking of adopting a pit bull so they can wear matching little outfits. Or maybe ...

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Big Brother 11: HoH #8 conclusion, Nominations #8

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 24th 2009 1:12AM
Jordan confronts Russell on Big Brother 11
(S11E20) After the recent excitement in the Big Brother 11 house, I'm spoiled. I want every episode to be a Chima meltdown. I want the producer's voice to come over the intercoms of the house and yell at bad hamsters. I want brouhahas and perhaps even fisticuffs. No, I don't anyone to get hurt -- I just want my excitement fix from the episodes. What did I get tonight?

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Big Brother 11: PoV #6, Eviction #7, HoH #8

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 21st 2009 12:24AM
Will Jordan's nominations remain the same in the BB11 house?
(S11E19) Jordan's abbreviated head of household reign came to an end on tonight's Big Brother 11. Of course, it wasn't quite as abbreviated as Michele's run before her. However, this whole week has been all topsy-turvy in the house. Let's see ... this week was originally scheduled to be the fast forward double eviction week. Instead, Chima went all kinds of bonkers and got the boot from the producers, forcing the comps to go a bit awry, as well as the events of tonight's show.

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Big Brother 11: Eviction #6, HoH #7, Nominations #7

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 19th 2009 1:08AM
Kevin and Michele in the HOH room.

(S11E18) If you're a Big Brother aficionado, this single episode is bound to be one of the biggest classics of the series. I'm talking absolutely brimming with moments which will be referred to for years to come. Remember the classic Dustin face upon eviction? This is better than that. Evel Dick dumping ice tea on Jen? Child's play, I say! For once, the television-show-only viewers get a taste of what the live-feed-watchers have seen this season. It's not pretty. It's actually a rather depressing look at humanity. But it's entertainment.

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Big Brother 11: Nominations #5

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 17th 2009 1:17AM
Michele listens to Chima in the BB11 house

(S11E17) I think Michele's eyes are glazing over and she's put herself into a coma state as she listens to Chima rant on about Russell in the head of household room. You see, Chima isn't over her loss of power to Jeff's use of the coup d'etat in the Big Brother 11 eviction this past week. How dare Jeff change her nominations! How dare America screw her over by voting to give Jeff the power! How dare they evict Jessie (the man, the myth, the legend) instead of her choice of Russell, the terrorist. Mind you, those are her words ... not mine.

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Big Brother 11: Not so Live Eviction #5, HoH #6

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 14th 2009 3:18AM
Jeff holds the mystery power on tonight's Big Brother 11

(S11E16) Ah, it's the big night for the Big Brother 11 hamsters! While Chima has nominated Russell and Lydia for eviction, Jeff holds the power of coup d'etat. With that power, he can overthrow Chima's nominations and choose replacements. Tonight's show isn't only controversial for the houseguests, it's caused a brouhaha for the fans.

CBS should realize in this day of blogs, tweets, and more ... you have the audience arrive several hours early and word gets out. Although taped early with the live feeds blocked, I knew the outcome before it aired. Why did they tape it ahead of time this week? Did Jeff use his magical unicorn powers? Read on.

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