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September 2, 2015


Watch Two New 'Doctor Who' Season 6, Part 2 Trailers (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jul 25th 2011 6:15AM
'Doctor Who' Season 6'Doctor Who' fans have just about a month to wait before new episodes from the hotly anticipated second half of Season 6 air in the US.

To whet their appetite, the BBC and BBC America have released two new trailers, in which we are told "Something is happening to Time." Uh oh.

Why does the Doctor say his time is running out? Who is Winston Churchill pointing a gun at? Er, did Adolf Hitler just thank the Doctor, Amy and Rory for saving his life? And just why, exactly, is the Doctor trying to make out with Craig Owens (James Corden)?

Watch both trailers after the jump and see what you make of them.

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Sneak Previews: The CW Fall Shows

by Jean Bentley, posted May 19th 2011 2:20PM
Sarah Michelle Gellar, RingerOne of the new TV season's most intriguing series will air on an unlikely network come fall -- the Sarah Michelle Gellar comeback vehicle 'Ringer' is nothing like The CW has ever shown before. And that's a good thing.

Originally produced for CBS, the mystery/drama looks much more serious and adult than any other CW series -- it'll be interesting to watch if the network's traditionally younger viewers will tune in.

Also intriguing is the Kevin Williamson-produced 'Secret Circle,' about a teen girl who moves to a new town and discovers she's a witch. Though it doesn't take place in the 'Vampire Diaries' world, it's the perfect companion show for Williamson's other hit on Thursday nights.

'Hart of Dixie,' from 'Gossip Girl' producer Josh Schwartz, is a more fun, heartwarming addition to the schedule on Monday nights. Watch clips from all three new dramas, plus a few of The CW's new reality series, after the jump.

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Take a sneak peek at The Office webisodes - VIDEOS

by Richard Keller, posted Jun 28th 2008 3:29PM

Kevin is prominently featured in the newest batch of Office webisodes.July is right around the corner, which means just one thing ... new webisodes of The Office. Starting July 10th, you'll be able to tune into the NBC website to view the latest adventures of the characters that normally don't have top billing during the normal seasons. And yet, they are just as funny (sometimes funnier) than the big stars that grace the show week after week.

As we reported back in May, this set of webisodes will feature Darryl, Oscar and, most prominently, Kevin. The plot of these webisodes are a bit fuzzy from the previews, but it seems that Kevin is in a bit of financial trouble and needs to take a loan out in order to cover some losses. During this time he is taken under the wing of Darryl, who helps Kevin reach his goals. All that, and we get to see Darryl wear a suit.

There are two videos after the jump. The first features scenes from the upcoming webisodes. The second is a behind the scenes look at the episodes by stars Oscar Nunez (Oscar), Craig Robinson (Darryl) and Brian Baumgartner (Kevin). It's here that we learn that Brian has filmed the webisodes sans pants. Something that us fans probably didn't want to know about.

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TV Squad previews CBS's new shows

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 29th 2006 1:45PM
CBS logoThe other day, Keith, Bob and I gave you a preview of NBC's new pilots, based on the screeners that have been coming into the TV Squad home office (which, in pure Lettermanian fashion, is located in Wahoo, Nebraska). Today, we tell you what CBS has in store for the 2006-07 season. They don't have too many new shows -- they're in first place, after all -- so this will be short and sweet. Remember, these are only "previews"; even though we'll give our impressions, many things about the show may change by the time the pilots air.

Here's what we'll be previewing: The Class, Smith, Jericho, and Shark (even the titles are short and sweet!).

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TV Squad previews NBC's new shows

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jun 23rd 2006 10:36AM
nbc logoThe screeners have been pouring into the TV Squad offices for the past month now, and we're all dying to tell you what we think of everything. Are these new shows worth catching? Which ones seem likely to miserably fail? Which ones are not to miss? While we can't technically "review" these screeners, we were never told not to give you a short preview of these shows and what our initial thoughts are. (Side note: Joel and I talk about all of these and more in the latest APB podcast.)

So, to start things off, we've got a slew of NBC pilots to cover: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Heroes, Friday Night Lights, Kidnapped, 20 Good Years, 30 Rock and The Black Donnellys.

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What's up with Bravo's squished openings?

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 9th 2006 8:28AM
Kathy GriffinHave you noticed that Bravo is starting to begin their next show while running the ending of the current show? The end of one show will be at the bottom of the screen, while the start of the next show will be shown at the top. Eh. I don't like this.

I noticed that Lifetime has been doing it with Will and Grace reruns. They'll start showing the credits at the bottom of the scene while the last 30-40 seconds of the episode runs up top. But it's OK in this case, because it doesn't squish everything into a smaller box. It's not annoying or obvious that they're trying to save time. But in Bravo's case, it doesn't look right. And I've never understood how the people in the credits stand for squished credits, or credits that are sped up so fast you can't even read them. Don't they have rules for stuff like that?

Right now the only thing we're missing on Bravo are scenes from the previous week's ep, and not the actual start of the new ep, but I can see that coming too if they keep up this trend.

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