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October 13, 2015

prince charles

'Daily Show' Offers Souvenir Plates of UK Rioters' Attack on Royals (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Dec 14th 2010 8:00AM
John Oliver Offers Souvenir Riot Plates on 'Daily'British comedian John Oliver understands Americans: He knows we are obsessed with his country's royal family. Yes, there's that whole engagement thing. But given that 'The Daily Show' (weeknights, 11PM ET on COM) is (largely) a political program, he's more likely to focus on London's student riots over tuition fees. But riots plus royal family? Gold mine.

"You're probably watching these historic riots and thinking, 'Wow, Camilla Parker Bowles' expression was absolutely priceless. Is there any way that I could preserve that memory for a lifetime?'" he joked.

Yes we can! Oliver and Olivia Munn proceeded to, er, sell "a selection of individually numbered commemorative plates" featuring Bowles' and Prince Charles' reactions to protesters attacking their car. The prize piece displays Bowles' shocked mug in a moment utterly lacking in royal refinement.

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NBC's "Green Week" to Feature Prince Charles on Friday

by Catherine Lawson, posted Nov 17th 2010 8:00AM
Prince Charles, November 2010Newly engaged Prince William's not the only British royal to make headlines in the US this week. Prince Charles will bring his passion for the environment to US TV viewers with the broadcast of a new documentary designed as a call to action on global climate change.

The hour-long 'Harmony' premieres on NBC Friday, showcasing the work and ideas of the heir to the British throne on issues like rain forest protection, sustainable farming and the importance of restoring balance between man and nature.

Speaking to Reuters, co-producer Stuart Sender said, "A lot of the things that are very close to the prince's heart, and have been at the center of his work for a long time, are featured in the movie."

Friday's broadcast, part of NBC's annual "green week," will also feature a separate interview with Prince Charles, recorded in August in Scotland, in which he talks about his role in the royal family and his relationship with sons Princes William and Harry.

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Russell Brand Recounts Death Grip Handshake With Prince Charles (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Nov 15th 2010 11:15AM
On 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated), Russell Brand recalled an encounter with Prince Charles, a nerve-wracking experience that caused Brand to panic and become locked in a death grip with the prince while shaking hands.

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NBC, Prince Charles Join Forces to Save Enivronment

by Chris Harnick, posted Apr 27th 2010 8:00PM
Prince CharlesNBC Universal has partnered with Prince Charles in an effort to continue its battle to save the environment. The Peacock Network and the Prince of Wales have come together for 'Harmony,' a feature-length television special set to air during NBC's green-themed programming block in November.

According to the Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed, the program will feature Prince Charles (pictured) offering his views and potential solutions to the world's environmental crisis.

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Memorable TV Weddings

by AOL TV Staff, posted Oct 8th 2009 4:00PM
The OfficeIn the mood for a little 'Office' romance?

Tonight, Jim and Pam head to Niagara Falls to (finally!) tie the knot.

In honor of Dunder Mifflin's long-awaited union, we count down some of TV's memorable matrimonial affairs.

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Royal sons beg British TV not to run photos

by Paul Goebel, posted Jun 6th 2007 4:41PM

William & HarryA British television channel has plans to produce a documentary about the death of Princess Diana. Supposedly, the producers have obtained exclusive photos of the crash that ended Diana's life in 1997. Diana's sons, William and Harry have expressed concern and requested that the photos not be included in the final production.

According to producers the photos contain no explicit or damaging images of Diana and are essential to the production, although they haven't said why.

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Get your Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert fix -- VIDEO!

by Annie Wu, posted Jul 7th 2006 8:36AM
Jon and Stephen lose it.To celebrate the Emmy nods garnered by both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (and to post something Jon/Stephen-related during this week of repeats), I present to you one of my favorite TDS moments.

This hails from the ancient days when Stephen Colbert was a correspondent on TDS. Whereas Jon often starts laughing during the program, Stephen's always tremendously solid and his character breaks are few and far between (especially in his TDS days). I remember being in tears from laughing so hard when this first aired (it's amazing how Stephen looks like he's crying painfully when he can't stop laughing). The whole clip is pretty funny, but the best bit starts two minutes into the video.

The Daily Show goes bananas! After the jump...

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