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October 4, 2015


The new fall season: the ratings so far

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 10th 2008 3:20PM
Sarah Connor ChroniclesWe've only been into the new season for a few days, but some ratings numbers are already in. Looks like people love robots and prisons but might be getting sick of vampires.

On Monday, NBC won the night, with its lineup of Deal Or No Deal (9.6 million viewers), America's Toughest Jobs (6.5), and Dateline (6.2), but FOX won in the all-important 18 to 49 demographic with its lineup of the Sarah Connor Chronicles season premiere and a new episode of Prison Break. The Sarah Connor Chronicles grabbed 6.3 million viewers, while Prison Break did even better, with 6.5 million. CBS beat NBC in the 18-49 demo with their lineup of comedy repeats. ABC was fourth and The CW was fifth.

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Privileged: Pilot (series premiere)

by Paul Goebel, posted Sep 9th 2008 10:23PM

Joanna Garcia(S01E01) In the first five minutes of this show, viewers are treated to a visual definition of the phrase "fish out of water."

I generally don't like any comedy that starts out with the the main character losing everything and starting her life all over again. In a drama, it kind of works that the hero has to go from town to town searching for something she lost. In a comedy, it just means that we'll be spending the next half hour watching the hero say things like, "What did I get myself into?"

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TV Squad: The Week Ahead

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 8th 2008 8:38AM
Bonnie Hunt ShowOur Monday morning roundup of a half dozen things TV Squad readers - and TV fans in general - will be talking about this week.

1. Fringe series premiere. It's from the guys behind Lost and the pilot cost $10 million. I think a few people are going to be talking about it. (Tuesday at 8 on FOX.)

2. Sarah Connor Chronicles season premiere. "Everyone thinks I'm here to terminate John Connor. I just want to watch his DirecTV..." (Tonight at 8 on FOX.)

3. Saturday Night Live season premiere. Who's going to play Sarah Palin? (Saturday at 11:30 on NBC.)

4. The Bonnie Hunt Show series premiere. Will her talk show truly be different? Can it succeed in the crowded talk show landscape? Is it here for the long-term like The Merv Griffin Show or will it be gone as quick as The Martin Short Show? (Starts today - check local listings.)

5. Psych summer finale. Sometimes it gives you a headache trying to figure out when these seasons start and end and when they start up again. (Friday at 10 on USA.)

6. Privileged. I'm beginning to overdose on the pretty/rich people TV show genre. (Tuesday at 9 on The CW.)

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TV Squad: The Week Ahead

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 1st 2008 8:05AM
True BloodOur Monday morning roundup of a half dozen things TV Squad readers - and TV fans in general - will be talking about this week.

1. Season Premieres.
Prison Break (tonight at 8pm on FOX), Gossip Girl (tonight at 8pm on The CW), One Tree Hill (tonight at 9pm on The CW), The Shield (Tuesday at 10pm on FX), Bones (Wednesday at 8pm on FOX), America's Next Top Model (Wednesday at 8pm on The CW), Top Design (Wednesday at 10pm on Bravo), Kitchen Nightmares (Thursday at 8 on FOX), Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? (Friday at 8pm on FOX), Cops (Saturday at 8pm on FOX), Football Night in America and Sunday Night Football (Sunday at 7pm on NBC), and Entourage (Sunday at 10pm on HBO).

2. Series Premieres.
Raising The Bar (tonight at 10pm on TNT), 90210 (Tuesday at 8pm on The CW), Privileged (Tuesday at 9pm on The CW), Sons of Anarchy (Wednesday at 10pm on FX), Hole in the Wall (Sunday at 8 on FOX), and True Blood (Sunday at 9pm on HBO.)

3. Republican National Convention.
Important for the usual reasons, but also because Hurricane Gustav might affect what goes on at the convention and who shows up. (All week on the cable news channels and CSPAN and Monday-Thursday at 10pm on the networks.)

4. Stand Up To Cancer.
ABC, CBS, and NBC (though not FOX or The CW) join forces on one night to raise money. (Friday at 8pm.)

5. Swingtown season finale.
Or is that the series finale? (Friday at 10pm on CBS)

6. U.S. Open Finals.
Will it be Federer vs. Nadal again? We know it won't be a Williams/Williams women's final because they're in the same half. (Women's Final: Saturday at 8pm on CBS. Men's Final: Sunday at 4pm - or whenever football gets over - on CBS.)

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CW announces an early Fall premiere schedule

by Kona Gallagher, posted Jul 19th 2008 8:35PM
When you're a ratings-challenged fledgling network like the CW, you're going to do anything you can to get a leg up on the competition. Releasing sex-filled advertisements for your most high-profile show is a good start, but that alone won't get the job done. To that end, the CW has just announced that it's moving its fall premiere dates up to September 1st, well ahead of the beginning of the traditional broadcast season.

The idea behind the move is that you're already going to be hooked on Gossip Girl and Top Model by the time the other networks get around to premiering their fall shows, sometime around mid-to-late September. The season isn't the only thing the CW is starting early, however. Starting in November, they're also extending prime time, with original programming beginning at 6:30 on Sunday nights.

Check out CW's full premiere schedule after the jump.

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CBS gives Gary a name change - VIDEO

by Brett Love, posted Jul 14th 2008 10:02AM

Jay Mohr and Jaime King - Gary Unmarried... and I think it's a terrible idea. I have a small fascination with the titles of TV shows. They are never the total cause of a show's failure, but I do believe they can play a part. That's why my ears perked up this weekend when CBS ran a spot for Project Gary. At least, it looked like a spot for Project Gary, but my TV was now telling me it was for Gary Unmarried. What the heck is that?

It gave me a bit of deja vu. Suddenly I flashed back to September 2006 when I wrote a post about bad show titles, prompted by the name change of Let's Rob Mick Jagger. As you'll recall, that one became The Knights Of Prosperity, and things didn't work out so well. Not all name changes are bad. The CW changing Surviving The Filthy Rich to Privileged actually sounds like a good idea, but Gary Unmarried, no. I don't think the new name is going to sink them, but when combined with the fact that they didn't land in the safe harbor of the Monday night comedy block, I'm starting to get nervous for Gary.

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Anne Archer taking over Privileged role

by Erin Martell, posted Jun 25th 2008 8:39AM
Anne ArcherAnne Archer has joined the cast of the new CW series Privileged. She'll be replacing Marsha Mason in the role of Laurel Limoges, a wealthy Palm Beach resident raising her orphaned granddaughters. Mason appeared in the drama's pilot episode. Privileged is the series' newest title. At different stages it was called How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls and, in the network's recent upfront, Surviving the Filthy Rich.

The drama begins with twentysomething Megan Smith (played by Joanna Garcia) unexpectedly getting hired by Laurel Limoges to tutor the woman's teen granddaughters. Laurel is a widow whose fortune comes from a successful cosmetics empire.

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