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October 7, 2015


Rod Lurie creates new femme series for Showtime

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 30th 2008 3:05PM
Rod Lurie and GeenaRod Lurie is no stranger to writing strong female characters. In film, he wrote and directed The Contender, with Joan Allen as a woman who was being considered for the Vice Presidency of the United States.

Then with Commander in Chief on ABC, he made Geena Davis the President and actually showed her in action -- until the show was canceled.

Lurie's working on another female-driven drama now for Showtime, but this time it's not about politics. Hillary Jones is the name of the show and the character, a police detective working vice in Los Angeles during the week, but moonlighting as a hooker in Nevada during the weekend.

She's not breaking the law, though, because prostitution -- as you and I know from the movies -- is legal there.

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Reno 911!: The Junior Bros.

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 16th 2006 11:30PM

reno 911(S04E02) Paul Rudd is a funny guy, and he should really do more comedy. He appeared in this episode, albeit briefly, as an instructor in Trudi's Lamaze class who informs the women, "your vagina will be ripped in half." That's about all we hear about Trudi and her pregnancy in this episode, though she does have a funny conversation with Williams where Williams explains to her that a baby must be fed everyday and cannot, as Trudi assumes, just have food laid out for it like a cat. Trudi counters with, "If I knew you were going to judge me on my parenting skills I never would have introduced you to my unborn child."

Rewinding to the beginning of the episode, the deputies discuss new policies on when they can and cannot shoot at a person. One of the new rules is that they can only shoot after they've already been shot once. Trudi inexplicably asks if she can shoot people and chickens who come into her yard.

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How I Met Your Mother: Mary the Paralegal

by Ryan j Budke, posted Apr 25th 2006 12:24AM
how i met your mother; ted; robin; barney; suit
up(S01E19) What did we learn from tonight's episode? If you're a single guy and want to attract the ladies, treat them like they're streetwalkers. This is the reason I look forward to How I Met Your Mother as much as Lost, 24 or Scrubs-- how true to life it really is. I'm not talking about your friends buying you a hooker (well, not me at least), I'm talking about all the little things. Everybody has at least one person with whom they can have a telepathic conversation, like Ted and Marshall do. Everyone tries to show up their ex with someone who is hotter. Everyone has a group of friends that they would do anything for. On with the show!

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