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October 9, 2015


Prove your Mythbusters knowledge to the world or die trying

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 5th 2009 4:30PM
You've seen every Mythbusters episode the world has to offer. You have them all on a series of categorically detailed DVDs. You once turned down an opportunity to go out with Keira Knightley because you couldn't wait until the morning after to learn if a cannon-fired frozen chicken can penetrate a plane's cockpit window. But how well do you have them memorized?

Mental_Floss magazine puts your knowledge of the Mythbusters' mythbusting to the ultimate test with their "Myth...Busted?" quiz. Be warned. I scored an 8 out of 10 and the shame of defeat drove me to down an entire bottle of whiskey, disproving the myth that alcohol can't solve all of life's failures.

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The Ultimate Kiddie Show Quiz

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jun 29th 2009 5:00PM
The SmurfsAs kids, we watched the darndest things -- everything from educational series like 'Sesame Street' to shows that would launch some of today's biggest pop stars ('The Mickey Mouse Club').

Looking back on it now, how well do you remember your favorite kiddie shows?

Take our quiz and get in touch with your inner-child.

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The Ultimate 'View' Quiz

by Andrew Scott, posted Jan 28th 2009 6:00AM
How sharp is your view?

After nearly 12 years on the air, 'The View' has become one of daytime television's lightning rod shows, spawning feuds (both on-air and off), controversy and enough revolving hosts to rival 'Saturday Night Live.'

But how well do you really know the ladies of 'The View'?

Take our quiz to test your knowledge on some of the show's hottest topics.

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TV Dads Quiz

by Kelly Woo, posted Jun 11th 2008 2:03PM
Which TV dad liked to call his son "dummy"?

Just like real fathers, TV dads come in all shapes and sizes.

We've got the good (Cliff Huxtable, 'The Cosby Show'), the bad (William Walker, 'Brothers & Sisters') ... and the really, really scary (Tony Soprano)?

How well do you know these popular paterfamilias? Take our TV dads quiz now and find out.

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Biggest 'American Idol' Clich�s

by AOL TV Staff, posted May 1st 2008 6:00AM
You'll recognize them immediately: Randy's "pitchy" problems; Paula's patronizing critiques; Ryan and Simon's on-stage bickering.

These are just some of the clichés that have dominated the 'American Idol' airwaves from the beginning.

We're counting down the 11 biggest clichés ever. Check them out ... after the jump.

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TV Presidents Quiz

by AOL TV Staff, posted Feb 7th 2008 4:44PM
What was 'West Wing' President Jed Bartlet's first campaign slogan?

Now that the 2008 presidential race has finally been narrowed down to two candidates, it's the perfect time to take a look back at the most memorable presidents ever seen on TV.

Well, the fictional ones, at least.

Well, the fictional ones, at least. How well do you know small-screen commanders-in-chief, from Jed Bartlet to Laura Roslin?

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A whole bunch of cool TV quizzes

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 8th 2007 9:01AM

babyHappy Easter Sunday, everyone. Is everyone enjoying their day? Are you spending time with your loved ones, stuffing a rabbit with candy and cooking it over a fire pit, building a gigantic Jesus out of marshmallow Peeps, or whatever the heck it is you do to celebrate? That's great, I salute all your traditions, lovers of TV and stuff.

Since you've obviously decided to take some time to check out this blog, I thought I'd direct you to this nifty collection of TV quizzes. Some of them are harder than others, or maybe they're not, I guess it all depends on who much you know. Perhaps you're at a Paul Goebel level of knowledge, or maybe you only know as much as Bifford Glaffenploeg, who is a person I just made up, and therefore knows nothing about anything.

Anyway, have fun with the quizzes, then come back here and let me know how you did. I can't believe I actually missed two on the Disney or Warner Bros? quiz. I feel so common.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: our pals at AOL also have a new TV quiz posted every week. I didn't do very well on the "glasses" quiz.

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