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October 6, 2015

randy spelling

Sons of Hollywood premieres in April

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 8th 2007 10:03AM

sons of hollywoodIf there's one person I am more indifferent toward than Rod Stewart, it's his son. Nevertheless, Sean Stewart is the center of A&E's new reality series, Sons of Hollywood, along with Randy Spelling (son of the late Aaron Spelling) and David Weintraub.

The series, which premieres April 1 with two episodes at 10:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., follows the three young men as they try to carve their own niche in the world and make a name for themselves beyond just being the sons of famous fathers. In one episode, Randy deals with the death of his famous producer father, who passed away while the series was being filmed.

I doubt I'll watch this new series for the same reason I never watched The Simple Life: rich people don't interest me. The idea of a reality show in which regular folk like you and I try to make their way in the world seems far more interesting than three guys who simply move from one mansion into another.

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Tori Spelling -- poor little not-so-rich girl

by Richard Keller, posted Jul 28th 2006 10:21AM

Tori Spelling -- Not so rich anymoreFolks, always be nice to your extremely wealthy and influential parents. Because, if you don't, you may not get what you were promised when one of them passes away.

This is the situation that is playing out in the family of producer Aaron Spelling, who passed away back in June due to complications form a stroke. It seems that daughter Tori Spelling (Beverly Hills, 90210) will not be getting the promised multi-millions from her father's $500 million fortune. Instead, she'll be inheriting a paltry $800,000; a mere 0.16 percent fragment of the entire amount. According to an article in Us Weekly, the severe reduction in funds results from the continued estrangement from her mother Candy, who is the sole executor of her late husband's estate. The report also says that brother Randy will also receive the same amount of money, but will be set up for life by his mother.

The article reads like one of Spelling's primetime soap operas. I wonder if someone else will make the antics of the Spelling family into a successful show starring Heather Locklear.

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Aaron Spelling is buried; yes, Tori was there

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 26th 2006 10:07PM
Aaron SpellingAfter Aaron Spelling had a stroke last week, there were reports circulating that Tori Spelling, instead of rushing to her father's side, was seen roaming Toronto with her new husband, Dean McDermott. In fact, Defamer even reported that after Spelling died on Friday, Tori and Dean were still spotted around "The Canadian New York". Speculation started running rampant that the falling-out Tori had with her parents over her affair and quickie divorce (and the unflattering portrayal of her mother in her show So NoTORIous) was serious. But Tori was likely making arrangements to go to L.A. -- as her brother Randy was, contrary to previous reports that he was at Spelling's side when he died.

Indeed, both Tori and her husband attended Spelling's funeral on Sunday. And Tori made a point of telling the press that the two had reconciled before his stroke. So, let's give Tori a little break; she probably stayed in Toronto because her parents downplayed how serious Aaron's stroke was (or he was seriously ill for a while, and his passing was just a matter of time), then scrambled to get home as soon as she could after receiving word that he died. It happens, you know?

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