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October 8, 2015

red eye

Did Jay Leno Steal Raiders Joke From 'Red Eye'?

by Alex Moaba, posted May 31st 2011 5:15PM
The hosts of the late night Fox News political comedy show 'Red Eye' are accusing 'Tonight Show' host Jay Leno and his writing staff of joke-stealing. The joke in question both riffed on a Supreme Court ruling that will force California to release tens of thousands of convicted felons due to prison overcrowding.

'Red Eye's' joke, which Andy Levy told May 24th after reading news of the impending prisoner release, read as follows: "This may actually help the Raiders start selling out their home games again."

Leno's joke, which he told two nights later on May 26th, reacted to the same news with, "But the good news? Looks like the Oakland Raiders will have more season ticket holders." Pretty similar.

Check out the video of both after the jump and tell us if you think Leno ripped off 'Red Eye,' or if they were both just going for obvious punchline and 'Red Eye' got there first.

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Even Bill Kristol Occasionally Gets Distracted by the Sexy Fox News Female Anchors (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Jan 27th 2011 3:50PM
A recent study has found that the more attractive and provocatively dressed a female newscaster is, the less likely male viewers are to remember the news she reads.

But do attractive female newscasters have the same mind-erasing effect on the male newscasters and pundits who appear beside them in the studio? The folks at 'Red Eye' (weekdays, 3AM ET on Fox News) asked Fox News analyst Bill Kristol if being forced to practice serious punditry in the presence of Fox News' anchor-babes can be distracting.

"Never even crosses my mind," Kristol explained. "When you're committed to the profession of journalism, and educating our fellow citizens ..."

Picking up a tad of facetiousness in Kristol's response, the panel pressed him further, and got him to concede that "[distraction] happens occasionally."

It appears a follow-up study may be in order.

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'Red Eye' Compares 'Teen Mom' to Panhadling Technique of 'Crippling' (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Dec 30th 2010 9:05PM
Does the MTV reality show 'Teen Mom,' and the hype surrounding it, suggest to teenage girls that what would otherwise be an unwanted pregnancy can now lead to fame and fortune?

The folks on 'Red Eye' (weekdays, 3AM ET on Fox News) seem to think that it does, with panelist and author Dana Vachon going as far to compare 'Teen Mom' to the barbaric practice of crippling:

"I was in Cairo recently, there's an industry there called crippling," Vachon explained. "These guys are cripplers, and if you are really poor, they'll break your legs in some bizarre way so that you can make a living panhandling. ('Teen Mom') is like the First World American equivalent of crippling."

Are Vachon's remarks just hyperbolic and harsh or does he have a point?

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Greg Gutfeld: Julian Assange's Quest for Transparency Is All About Sex (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Dec 22nd 2010 9:42PM
Last week, e-mails between Julian Assange and a unrequited crush from his pre-WikiLeaks days leaked. In the messages, Assange brags to the young woman about how he was able to obtain her license plate number and her home phone without her knowledge.

According to Greg Gutfeld on 'Red Eye' (weekdays, 3AM ET on Fox News), this suggests that Assange's motivation to promote transparency in government by leaking documents might be all about making it easier for the WikiLeaks president to stalk women.

"(Assange) doesn't want any information to be secret, because then he can't get lucky," Gutfeld hypothesized. "In the end there is nothing majestic, romantic or journalistic about Assange's quest for transparency; it's all about getting into your e-mails and, ultimately, your orifices," Gutfeld graphically concluded.

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Adam Carolla Details The Best and Worst Jobs for Picking Up Women (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Nov 16th 2010 5:50PM
Appearing on 'Red Eye' (weeknights, 3 AM ET on Fox News) Adam Carolla broke down the best and worst jobs to impress women with.

The job most likely to melt a woman's heart, according Carolla, is somebody who works with special needs dolphins (for obvious reasons).

And what job should a young man stay away from, if he desires to attract women?

"I think anytime as a male you're looking for an occupation, it's sort of risk vs. I'm I going to get laid," Carolla explained. "And rodeo clown has to have one of the worst ratios ever, because, when you really think about it, nobody says 'I want to marry a rodeo clown,' yet you have 2,000 pounds of angry bull that you have to get in front of when the guy falls off the thing."

Oddly, matadors, who are really just glorified rodeo clowns, tend to do pretty well with the ladies. Apparently getting to have a sword -- and not having to wear face paint -- goes a long way.

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Penn Teller And Greg Gutfeld Own Up To Bullying Behavior As Kids (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Nov 9th 2010 4:50PM
Due to several high-profile and tragic incidents, bullying has recently taken a prominent place in the national discussion. On 'Red Eye' (weekdays, 3 AM ET on Fox News) Greg Gutfeld argued that when people reflect upon their childhoods they tend to think of themselves as having been bullied, there may be more to the story. Gutfeld himself was both both the victim and the perpetrator of bullying.

"If we were all bullied," Gutfeld wondered, "then where are the bullies? The answer: we're both."

Penn Teller agreed with Gutfeld's theory:

"The thing you said . .. that we're all bullies, and although I never hit anybody . . . I was always very aggressive verbally. And when I Iook back on it, I never saw the bullying as anything verbal . . . and everything I said was absolutely OK."

"I look back on the incredibly cruel things I said, and when I was thinking about this bullying stuff, it was all 'you know, I was beat up a lot . . ."

The bottom line is that most children and adolescents can be pretty horrible to each other at times. This shouldn't excuse bullying, but it's part of what makes it such a complicated problem.

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After Being Booted Off ABC's Election Special, Andrew Breitbart Spent Election Night Roaming the Streets (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Nov 5th 2010 4:25PM
Controversial conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart was initially slated to be part of ABC's election night coverage. However, after being pressured by liberal interest groups, the network unceremoniously booted Breitbart from the telecast, claiming that Breitbart had misrepresented to the public the nature of his role on ABC.

Initially, Breitbart was outraged, declaring ABC had "damaged my brand." However when 'Red Eye's (weekdays 3 AM ET on Fox News) Andy Levy asked him about the incident, Breitbart was much calmer, declaring it "the love affair that never happened."

Then the Los Angeles resident described how he ended up spending election night:

"I went down to the little burg near me, called Westwood, and I gave live analysis to people on the street on what exactly happened."

Breitbart jests (we think.) But, really, we wouldn't put street preaching past any of TV's political polemicists, were they to had lose their privileged perch in prime time. In fact, New Yorkers might be wise to turn the other direction if they see Keith Olbermann walking towards them on the street this weekend.

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'Red Eye' Rips Gawker's Decision To Run Christine O'Donnell One Night Stand Story (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Oct 29th 2010 6:26PM
On Thursday the popular media and gossip website Gawker.com ran an extremely detailed first-person account of a 25-year-old man who claimed he had a sexless one night stand with Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell three years ago. The folks at 'Red Eye' (weeknights, 3 AM ET on Fox News) joined most of the rest of the media in being extremely critical of Gawker for running the piece, and the 25-year-old for spilling the beans in a public forum.

They also suggested this only makes O'Donnell into a more sympathetic character.

"I don't think O'Donnell should hold elected office, but this story, in a weird way, kind of humanizes her," said writer John Devore, to the agreement of the panel. "In a way, she is so flawed and genuine and human, and for the first time I'm like, she is probably one of the most genuine politicians."

The Gawker piece seemed particularly gratuitous in light of the fact O'Donnell was already a virtual lock to lose her race on Tuesday. But on the other hand, who could blame them for riding out the Christine O'Donnell storyline for every last pageview. It may not be around much longer.

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'Red Eye' Discovers Jimmy McMillan Blames High Rent on "The Jews" (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Oct 20th 2010 2:16PM
Like a lot of folks, the 'Red Eye' (weekdays, 3 AM ET on Fox News) gang has been smitten by Jimmy McMillan, the suddenly ubiquitous The Rent is Too Damn High Party candidate for New York governor, who impressed the world with his facial hair and rhythmic speaking style during a televised gubernatorial debate.

Unfortunately, Red Eye's ombudsman Andy Levy rained on the praise parade, by delivering some disturbing news about everybody's new favorite fringe candidate.

"Guess who (McMillan) blames for the fact the rent is too damn high?" Levy asked the panel.

"Oh jeez, I'm scared," said Greg Gutfeld, before correctly guessing "The Jews."

"I was hoping CIA," Bill Schultz quipped, as the panel groaned in disappointment over Levy's revelation.

Levy then explained that material on McMillan's website links Jewish interests to the 9/11 attacks.

Of course, McMillan possibly being an anti-Semite prone to believing wacky conspiracy theories doesn't change the fact that the rent is too damn high.

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'Red Eye' Debates Krystal Ball And Double Standards For Attractive Female Politicians (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Oct 18th 2010 3:48PM
Krystal Ball, a long-shot Democratic candidate running for U.S. Congress in Virgina's First District, gained national notoriety after six-year-old pictures of her at a Halloween party simulating fellatio on a sex toy attached to her then-boyfriend's nose surfaced on the Internet.

Over the past week, Ball has been on television addressing the controversy, and arguing that since the nude photo shoot Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown did for Cosmo magazine when he was younger didn't end up hurting his candidacy, in a fair world, her racy photos shouldn't hurt hers.

Picking up on this, the 'Red Eye' (weeknights, 3 AM on Fox News) gang discussed whether attractive female politicians like Ball are held to a higher standard than men or frumpier women politicians.

"I think this helps her . . . " said Monica Crowley. "Of course the issues are important, blah blah blah . . . but seeing this woman scantily-clad doing the little nasty on the sex toy . . . it garners her national attention, she was all over Fox News today, and she is adorable, she looks like Demi Moore."

"I think she's whining," opined Greg Gutfeld. "Attraction cuts both ways, it gets you to places, maybe people think of you less like as an intellectual; You get more out of it than you lose."

Attraction does seem to cut both ways for women (and probably men) in politics, so it's hard to quantify whether it hurts or helps. But there is little doubt that if your parents give you a name like 'Krystal Ball,' you may well have problems getting taken seriously later in life, regardless of what profession you chose to pursue.

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Rob Zombie Dishes on David Caruso's Acting Limitations (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Oct 12th 2010 3:05PM
Appearing on 'Red Eye' (Weekdays 3 AM ET on Fox News) rocker and auteur Rob Zombie spilled the beans on directing David Caruso in an episode of 'CSI: Miami,' which Zombie called "the longest three weeks of my life."

Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld egged Zombie on, saying he had heard that in terms of taking direction, Caruso can't do two things at once. Zombie paused for a moment, contemplating whether or not to dish on Caruso. But that moment passed quickly, and Zombie proceeded to tell a hilarious story about Caruso's acting limitations:

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A.J. Daulerio Explains Why He's Pretty Sure It's Brett Favre's Penis in the Jenn Sterger Texts (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Oct 8th 2010 6:04PM
The sports world is abuzz with allegations that Brett Favre sexually propositioned former New York Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger in 2008, sending her voicemails and text messages featuring a photo of his phallus.

A.J. Daulerio, editor-in-chief of the sports blog Deadspin.com broke the sordid tale. He appeared on 'Red Eye' (weekdays, 3 AM ET on Fox News) and explained why he thinks the voicemails and sexts from Favre to Sterger that he posted are the real deal.

"The biggest thing for us was the voicemail messages," Daulerio explained. The area code was a 601 area code, he's from Mississippi, that's a Mississippi area code. It seems like for someone to impersonate him that's a large step to take to get after Jenn Sterger."

Daulerio also pointed out the watch in the penis-pic is very similar to a watch Favre wore during his Green Bay Packer's retirement ceremony.

Seek more information on this story at your own risk, but we can report that both the voice message and photo will make a fellow feel better about what he might have to offer the ladies.

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Andy Levy Defends Tennessee Fire Department's Decision To Allow Home To Burn (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Oct 6th 2010 5:55PM
Homes in Obion County, Tennessee that aren't within the confines of an incorporated township have to pay $75 to receive fire protection. On September 29th, Obion County resident Gene Cranick's mobile home caught fire, but when he called the fire department from nearby South Fulton, they refused to put out the flames because Cranick had not paid the fee. In fact, they only arrived on the scene because his fire was threatening the house of Cranick's neighbor, who had paid the fee.

The media has been just about unanimous in their condemnation of the South Fulton Fire Department's behavior. Even most of the 'Red Eye' (weekdays, 3 AM ET on Fox News) crew -- who aren't known for their compassion -- thought the Fire Department screwed up big-time.

Andy Levy, however, was a dissenting voice on this issue, and his contrarianism resulted in an epic argument with guest Angela Maglowen.

Levy made the point that not so long ago, rural Tennessee had no fire service at all, until a system was set up which allowed the cities to provide those rural areas with fire protection for a fee -- and if nobody paid the fee those areas would continue to get no service.

"Gene Cranick chose not to pay the $75 fee. He gambled and he lost," Levy argued, adding that the firefighters were actually not allowed to put out the fire "under the South Fulton city ordinance."

Maglowen's argument was that basic human decency should have led the firefighters to put out the flames.

The South Fulton firefighters have said they would have doused the flames if anyone's life was in danger. What do you think: Does Levy have a point? (You can check out more opinions on this issue here.)

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Obama Slams Fox News and 'Red Eye's' Greg Gutfeld Slams Him Back (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Sep 29th 2010 8:30PM
In the latest issue of 'Rolling Stone,' President Barack Obama attacked Fox News, claiming the cable network has a "point of view that I think is ultimately destructive for the long-term growth of a country that has a vibrant middle class."

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld struck back on 'Red Eye' (weekdays, 3AM ET on Fox News).

"Okay. So, you're the president of the United States, with both houses under your control," Gutfeld explained. "You also have the most fawning press of any president in the history of the universe. And yet you let FNC get under your skin?"

"Obama is like a sports team who owns the ref, the fans and the field," he continued. "But refuses to play until the kid in the 10th row stops chewing gum."

Then Gutfeld advanced the theory that Obama was attacking Fox News as a proxy for the American people, who Obama can't get away with attacking:

"And this is why the Whiner-in-Chief needs us. It provides cover, so Obama can criticize Americans without ever saying 'America.' He can just say Fox News instead."

One thing is for sure: If you go after a collection of talking heads, you're going to get an earful back.

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Greg Gutfeld Derides Rally to Restore Sanity: 'Appropriate Hipster Response' to the Tea Party (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Sep 22nd 2010 5:13PM
They might both be late-night political satirists who enjoy a grand stunt, but Greg Gutfeld is not on board with Jon Stewart's 'Rally To Restore Sanity,' which Stewart proposed in response to Glenn Beck's 'Rally to Restore Honor.'

Gutfeld made this view clear on his show 'Red Eye' (weekdays, 3 AM ET on Fox News.)

"It's an appropriate hipster response to the tea parties and Glenn Beck's thing," was how Gutfeld characterized the 'Rally to Restore Sanity.'

"Which raises an interesting question: Would Stewart have announced his event if those other events had a decidedly liberal tilt?"

"Short answer: no," was how Gutfeld answered his own question.

Gutfeld then went on to criticize Stewart for mocking people -- like the Tea Party types -- who stand up to political leaders, saying it is proof Stewart is part of the "establishment," and doesn't really speak truth to power.

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