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September 2, 2015


Celebrate Christmas with Larry the Cable Guy

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 13th 2007 3:01PM

larry the cable guySoon, Larry the Cable Guy will be as synonymous with Christmas as Frosty and Rudolph.

Okay, perhaps not, but the redneck comedian is hosting a Christmas special on VH1 this year. Mr. Cable Guy will co-executive produce the musical/comedy special, a twisted take on the old Andy Williams Christmas specials. In fact, one of the musical guests they hope to get is Andy Williams himself. Hint: check Branson, MO.

I'll admit I've never been a fan of Larry the Cable Guy, though I certainly don't fault anyone who can find success with whatever brand of comedy they choose. Still, a Larry the Cable Guy Christmas special with guests like Andy Williams and Tony Orlando makes me wonder exactly what the demographic VH1 is going for these days. Whatever it is, I'm not it.

The special will most likely air sometime in early December. It tapes in Las Vegas this August.

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The Naked Trucker and T-Bones will unite us all - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted Feb 14th 2007 10:02AM

naked trucker and t-bonesIn television, there seems to be a theory that red state humor and humor with a more liberal angle can never exist together. From Hee Haw to Blue Collar TV, the guiding ethos is that cowboy hat-wearin' pig farmers and snarky ironic hipsters are just too different for anyone to create a show both these camps can enjoy.

I say that's nonsense, and The Naked Trucker and T-Bones is my Exhibit A. I've been watching the show since it premiered in January, and with every episode I'm more and more convinced that Dave 'Gruber' Allen and David Koechner (the Naked Trucker and T-Bones, respectively) have found just the right mix of oddball humor and country-fried charm.

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Pauly Shore gets punched - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted Dec 12th 2006 5:21PM

pauly shoreAt a recent gig at the 8th Street Comedy Club in Odessa, Texas, comedian Pauly Shore, who last thrilled television audiences as "The Weasel" on MTV in the '90s before moving on to a movies of dubious quality, was punched by a guy in a cowboy hat (clip, after the jump, contains swearing). I'll let you guys have at it in the comments about whether or not Shore deserved the beating based solely on not being especially funny.

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Two Dreadful Children finds two more voices

by Adam Finley, posted Dec 12th 2006 9:25AM

FOXTwo Dreadful Children, the still-developing animated series for FOX from Kitchen Confidential creator and former Family Guy and American Dad writer Dave Hermingson has just added to new actors to its voice cast. The series, about a redneck family who discover their disobedient twin boys are geniuses, has already recruited French Stewart, Chris Kattan and Meredith Roberts. Kattan and Stewart will play the neighbors, and Roberts will voice one of the boys. Sam Huntington was recently added as the voice of the other twin, and Caroline Rhea will play their mother.

It's an interesting idea for a primetime cartoon, though Hermingson's TV past doesn't impress me all that much, and I think American Dad proved that Family Guy's comedy style is one that can't be stretched into another show without breaking. Then again, maybe Hermingson has something up his sleeve for this new series he could never work into his past projects, so I'm staying optimistic until the show hits the air, whenever that might be.

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King of the Hill: Edu-macating Lucky (finale)

by Adam Finley, posted May 14th 2006 11:21PM

king of the hill(S10E15) Since this season ended with Luanne getting pregnant, I assume we'll be seeing a new addition to the cast of King of the Hill come next season.

Other than Luanne's announcement that she's pregnant with Lucky's (played by Tom Petty) child, the rest of the episode was rather low key. Peggy, always a tad naive, believes Luann could realize her true potential and really make something of her life if she just applied herself and didn't keep falling for dumb rednecks like Lucky. Hank isn't especially fond of Lucky at first, either, but eventually he realizes that despite his exterior, Lucky does actually have a sense of right and wrong, even if his morals are wrapped up in an odd "code of honor" which makes him return shaving cream he borrowed from Hank in a baggy. Also, Lucky feels he can't marry Luanne without his GED. Unfortunately, Peggy sabotages his chance by teaching him the wrong stuff.

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Wonder Showzen: Mathematics

by Adam Finley, posted May 13th 2006 9:20AM

wonder showzen(S02E07) You know, it's like sitting down for chocolate ice cream and getting strawberry ice cream instead. Sure, you like strawberry ice cream just fine, and heck, it's better than no ice cream at all, but you were still expecting chocolate.

Last night Wonder Showzen did what I could only describe as "pulling a Terrance and Phillip" and dedicated an entire episode to a show within a show. None of our usual puppet pals were around for this episode, instead we got to watch a half hour of Horse Apples, the Hee-Haw spoof which we first saw in the episode titled Knowledge. Now, if you go to the official MTV2 site for the show, they have the episode listed as "Mathematics," which as far as I can tell is actually the season finale, set to air next week. I have no idea what the title of this "not really an episode" episode is supposed to be, but if anyone knows for sure, inform me in the comments.

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