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August 28, 2015

reiko aylesworth

'Damages' Season 3 Preview and Predictions

by Jane Boursaw, posted Jan 24th 2010 4:15PM
Damages Season 3 PremiereSeason three of the hit FX show 'Damages' premieres Monday, Jan. 25, at 10 PM ET. The legal thriller has a history of making us think things are going one way, and then spinning the story in a completely different direction.

The season two finale is a good example of that. All season long, we'd been teased about a showdown between Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) and Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne). But did it turn out the way you thought it would?

If you haven't watched season two yet, read no further. Spoilers after the jump.

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Reiko Aylesworth, Sarah Wynter Join 'Damages'

by Amy Kuperinsky, posted Nov 5th 2009 2:28PM
Reiko Aylewsworth and Sarah WynterThe FX legal drama 'Damages' has added two more names to its already star-studded cast.

The Hollywood Reporter
confirms that former '24' stars Reiko Aylesworth and Sarah Wynter will join Martin Short, Campbell Scott, Keith Carradine and Lily Tomlin in the show's upcoming third season, premiering in January.

Wynter, who played Kate Warner on '24,' will reportedly guest as a security specialist who helps an assistant district attorney (Short) tackle a financial scheme. Aylesworth, who also had roles on 'ER' and 'Lost,' will portray the wife of Scott's character.

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TV Casting: Megan Mullally Books 'Parks and Recreation'

by Andrew Scott, posted Oct 2nd 2009 1:00PM
Megan Mullally Parks and RecreationMegan Mullally to play an ex-wife on 'Parks and Recreation,' Marlee Matlin and Mario Cantone join a new Showtime comedy series and more of today's top TV casting headlines.

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The Forgotten looks like a mix of CSI, Cold Case, and other shows

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 16th 2009 6:37PM
We gave you a quick look at The Forgotten just after ABC held their upfront, but now we have an extended look at what the show is all about. Basically you have a team of investigators trying to figure out the identity of people who have been murdered. There's also a hint of a back story involving the leader of the group, whose own daughter vanished three years earlier and hasn't been found.

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Another sneak peek: ABC's The Forgotten

by Bob Sassone, posted May 21st 2009 6:01PM
I want to give every show (that isn't a reality show) the benefit of the doubt, because even the more mundane premise can be great with the right writing and cast. Having said that, do we really need another TV show about a team of quirky investigators solving crimes? Here's a clip from the first episode of The Forgotten. (And here are previews of ABC's new comedies.)

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Lost: LaFleur

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Mar 5th 2009 7:45AM

Elizabeth Mitchell and Reiko Aylesworth
(S05E08) "Yeah, thanks anyway Plato." - Sawyer

I think the best way to describe this episode was safe. Nothing crazy or out of place happened and you knew how it was going to end the second it began. Think of it this way - when we first started watching Lost, it was like dumping a giant puzzle onto the floor. At this point, the entire puzzle is assembled, and for the most part, we can almost see the big picture, save for a bunch of pieces that are still missing. "LaFleur" was one of those pieces.

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Former 24 actress: Show is 'James Bond on crack'

by Meredith O'Brien, posted Apr 5th 2007 6:40PM

Michelle Dessler from 24New York Magazine -- which has been running a weekly 24 "Absurd-O-Meter" to mock scenes the writers find ridiculous -- interviewed actress Reiko Aylesworth whose character, Michelle Dessler, was killed at the beginning on the fifth season, shocking many fans.

When asked whether she'd ever read an unrealistic "What the hell?" type of script for a 24 episode, Aylesworth said yes, pointing to a season when her character was supposed to become suicidal in a single day. She added that a lot of proposed material that she and others found absurd didn't wind up in the episodes.

"The entire show is a series of, 'Oh come on!'s," Aylesworth said. "It's really James Bond on crack. They do have a lot of realistic elements, but the show is complete fantasy."

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Conviction: Deliverance

by Anna Johns, posted May 6th 2006 6:07PM
reiko aylesworth; conviction(S01E10)  I really wanted to like this show, but I just don't. I'm going to finish out the season (please, God make it end soon) and then it's being deleted from my TiVo Season Pass. I don't like it because of the multiple storylines in each episode. It goes from story to story so quickly that I still don't feel invested in any of the characters. Plus, it's hard to follow the stories when they're so fragmented and there are so many of them.

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