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October 10, 2015


Did the iPhone App Siri Sleep With Hermain Cain, Too? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 1st 2011 4:30AM
'The Colbert Report'After discovering that Siri, the intelligent iPhone app, has difficulty understanding people speaking English with a foreign accent, Stephen Colbert had a brilliant idea. "Maybe she should run for President," he said on 'The Colbert Report' (Weeknights, 11:30PM ET on Comedy Central).

After all, she is apparently "just as scared of illegal aliens as I am." Colbert even tweaked her so she would respond to people with accents in an insulting and unwelcoming manner. But before she could announce her bid for candidacy, there was one question he had to get out of the way.

Colbert asked the app if she'd had an affair with Herman Cain. "I was young and I needed the job," she replied. America has proven it can forgive past indiscretions, so we wouldn't rule her out just yet.

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Colbert Hopes 'Carpocalypse' Doesn't Destroy LA So He Can Go Win an Emmy (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 15th 2011 10:20AM
'The Colbert Report'Stephen Colbert jumped on board the "Carpocalypse" bandwagon Thursday on 'The Colbert Report' (Weeknights, 11:30PM ET on Comedy Central), joining forces with those freaking out about the closure of California's I-405 through the weekend on. Sure, the 405 is the busiest highway in the country, but it's still just a road closure.

But that hasn't stopped Californians, and the media, from using apocalyptic terms to describe the situation like "carmageddon" and "carpocalypse."

"This is the big one, folks," he said, emphasizing that this is far worse than the earthquakes, wildfires and other hardships Californians have endured. "Increased traffic on two off-peak days. Do you know what that means? Someone might have to walk someplace!"

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CNN looks at efforts to prolong life

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 7th 2007 10:03AM

chasing lifeMankind has come up with a lot of ways to shorten life: there's war, murder, parachute packs filled with kitchen utensils rather than a parachute, etc. However, prolonging our life span is still somewhat of a mystery, though there are new ideas always being put to the test.

On April 14 at 8:00 p.m., CNN: Special Investigations Unit: Chasing Life will look into these methods, including calorie-restriction diets, stem cell treatments, dietary supplements, and human growth hormones. The special will examine the benefits, drawbacks and controversy surrounding these different approaches. The special will be hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and is based on his book, also called Chasing Life.

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Veronica Mars cancelled?

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Mar 15th 2007 11:07PM
Veronica MarsThe axe has fallen. Well, sort of. The network still has to confirm it but many solid sources have told E! Online's Kristin Veitch that Veronica Mars would not be coming back for a fourth season.

The CW show has been struggling in ratings since its premiere on UPN. However, a good fan base helped get the show renewed up to a third season even though it moved around the schedule a bit. Many fans and TV critics were optimistic that the Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars pairing would work well for both shows and bring in enough ratings. However, it seems it wasn't enough to secure a fourth season for this gem of a show featuring Kristen Bell.

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Convicted murderer may go free after 20/20 report

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 9th 2007 5:20PM

julie rea harperIn 1997, Julie Rea Harper was convicted of killing her son, Joel. In 2002, Rea Harper was interviewed on 20/20, still claiming she was innocent. After the report was aired, convicted murderer and death row inmate Tommy Lynn Sells confessed to crime writer Diane Fanning that he was the one who killed Rea Harper's son.

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Two network series to feature wheelchair-bound leads

by Julia Ward, posted Feb 6th 2007 12:09PM
Christopher ThorntonFor some reason, ideas in Hollywood come in pairs. Two asteroid movies. Two volcano movies. Two "backstage at SNL" shows. Here's another interesting two-fer I spotted when reading the latest casting reports. Both Fox and NBC have comedies in the works that will feature wheelchair-bound leads. Playing Chicken, Fox's pilot, will star Broadway baby Norbert Leo Butz as a "loudmouthed conservative" who is forced to move in with his lefty brother after an accident leaves him disabled. NBC's comedy I'm With Stupid focuses on two guys living in an assisted living facility. Christopher Thornton (pictured), who co-stars with Kevin Daniels in I'm With Stupid, was paralyzed from the waist down after a rock-climbing accident in 1992.

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Moyers returns to PBS

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 14th 2007 5:30PM

bill moyersBill Moyers is returning to PBS. More exactly, he's returning with a new version of Bill Moyers' Journal, Moyers first public television series that debuted in 1972. He hasn't exactly been absent from PBS, appearing in two PBS specials this past year. Moyers last series for PBS was NOW, which was accused of having a liberal bias by PBS board chairman Kevin Tomlinson, who secretly hired a consultant to monitor the program. Speaking at a conference in 2005, Moyers stated:

One reason I'm in hot water is because my colleagues and I at "NOW" didn't play by the conventional rules of Beltway journalism. Those rules divide the world into democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives and allow journalists to pretend they have done their job if, instead of reporting the truth behind the news, they merely give each side an opportunity to spin the news.

The new series will debut on April 25 with a report on the media's role during the time leading up to war in Iraq.

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News bloopers... because nothing else is on this weekend

by Anna Johns, posted May 27th 2006 12:53PM
youtube logoOh, YouTube! Where were you back in the day when the wrong graphic appeared next to a Portland news anchor's head? It was a photo of a man with the caption, 'Arm Amputated', and he said, "With this tight economy, everybody's making cutbacks." Classic.

YouTube is quickly becoming a great place for local news bloopers. A friend alerted me to this one the other day. The anchor's slip-up about a Mount Everest climber just defies explanation. I don't want to ruin it for you, just check it out.

And, Lost Remote brought two other clips to my attention. One is a rapping traffic report. By a white girl. With blonde hair. And she's rapping about morning commute traffic. In North Carolina. The other clip is of the Terre Haute, Indiana weather wars promos featured prominently on The Daily Show.

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Wonder Showzen: Clarence Special Report (finale)

by Adam Finley, posted May 19th 2006 11:04PM

wonder showzenIt has become clear from the last couple episodes of Wonder Showzen that the creators like to mess with people, whether it be people on the street or the people at home. Last week's episode, which was devoted entirely to a show-within-a-show called "Horse Apples," coupled with this episode which consisted of nothing but Clarence telling people on the street they could make better TV and then leaving the camera on them while they either stare blankly, pontificate, or get angry, both seem to stem from the same dadaistic mindset that made Andy Kaufman both hysterical and frustrating. This, I guess, is both a praise and critique of the show. On one hand, it's embracing the kind of "anti-everything" attitude a show like Wonder Showzen should have, but the gag doesn't feel especially new.

Stepping back and looking at this season as a whole, and disregarding the last two episodes, I think it was pretty solid, and if the show gets renewed for a third season, I would expect to see more great episodes with gags packed in so tight you have no choice but to watch episodes more than once to catch everything. I also expect more episodes like this last one, where they take a few risks and try something different so some guy can write some boring blog post about the philosophy behind it all. And honestly, I think that's great. Exceeding expectations is always cool, but when you flat out refuse to even try to meet expectations ... well, it doesn't make for great television, but I admire that kind of moxie.

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