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October 4, 2015


Three Reasons Why 'Glee' Is Poised For an Epic Fall

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 30th 2010 6:08PM
'Glee' cast
I worry about 'Glee.'

Seems like I shouldn't, right? The show, which is returning to Fox after a four-month break on April 13, seems to have everything going its way right now. The show's return is being slotted after 'American Idol.' The kids from the show have been singing and dancing on tour. The mid-season premiere is being screened in movie theaters for charity. The producers are combing the country to find a new cast member (starting today), and the search will become a show of its own.

"Gleeks" all over the country are clutching their soundtrack CDs and season one part one DVDs -- signed by the cast during one of their mall tours, no doubt -- and just waiting for the show to come back. Madonna has given the producers permission to create a Madge-themed episode. Heck, even Neil Patrick Harris is on board to guest.

Hear that? It's the hype machine going into overdrive. And that's what worries me. I've heard this machine before, and it never ends well. There are three signs that make me wonder if 'Glee' is more flash-in-the-pan than legitimate long-running hit:

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Genie Francis returns to General Hospital...again

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 11th 2008 6:23PM
Genie EmmyOne of the biggest stars of daytime is coming back to the tube. Genie Francis, the Emmy-award winning actress who created the role of Laura -- as in Luke and Laura -- will return to General Hospital on August 26 for a brief guest stint. This will be a very interesting return, too, because her last tenure on the show in 2007 was not only award-worthy, it also ended with her character resuming the catatonia in which she's been trapped for the past few years.

So how can she return to General Hospital? There's a hint in Genie's quotes to the Associated Press. "This is a short visit. It's a mother-daughter story. Years ago when I started playing the character as a 14-year-old girl, it was a mother-daughter story, only I was the daughter. So it's kinda cool this is full circle."

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The CW announces when its shows will return

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 15th 2008 2:20PM
The CW logoThe CW decided to hop on the bandwagon and send out a list of when its veteran shows are scheduled to return, and how many episodes each show will have left. The list is after the jump.

The "big" return week will begin on April 21, with the return of Gossip Girl, Reaper and Supernatural. The interesting part of this announcement is that the network was beginning to air new episodes of some of their shows; the eps were shot before the strike and it looked like the network wasn't going to hold them back and air them after the walkout was over. Now, it looks like they are. So, those of you who were starting to get used to the idea of new Smallville and Supernatural episodes, for instance, are going to have to watch some more reruns for a while.

By the way, if you're wondering where the network's longest-running show, Girlfriends, is on this list, the network decided to cancel it.

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As the strike winds down, what's next?

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 8th 2008 9:35AM
Honk 4 writersDepending on who you want to listen to -- or believe -- the end of the writers' strike is a done deal. Michael Eisner, former Disney CEO and current CNBC host, thinks "it's over," as he told the network's Fast Money show. Nikki Finke, in her usual subtle way, takes pains to debunk Eisner's expertise on the matter, saying that "Eisner hasn't mattered since 2004-2005 when he was kicked to the curb by Disney and its shareholders."

Still, Finke does give a timeline of how she's been informed the next few days will go; tomorrow seems to be the crucial day, as the WGA membership on both coasts will have "informational meetings" before the governing board of each coast's guild decides whether to put the tentative deal up for a vote. If the informational meetings go well, the union bigwigs may call off the strike before the vote, anticipating the deal will win with the rank-and-file.

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Paige Davis returning to Trading Spaces

by Richard Keller, posted Jan 23rd 2008 8:40AM

The bubbly Paige Davis returns to Trading Spaces this SaturdayMan, I must have really missed this news, or it was something that was way under the radar when it was first reported. Either way, it turns out that Paige Davis, the eternally cheerful former host of TLC's Trading Spaces is returning to the show that made her a household name.

Her comeback begins this Saturday with the show's eighth season premiere. She was fired from the show three years ago without any explanation (although, I'm sure some of you 'insiders' know the real reason why she was let go). The show went on without a host after that and slowly disappeared into the universe of home improvement programs, which were actually spawned from the success of Trading Spaces in the first place. And, if that's not irony...

The show will be going back to its roots -- two houses, two days, $1000. Some of the original cast, like Hildi Santo-Tomas, will also be returning (I don't know if she really ever left). There will be a new production company, though, and the home owners will be slightly different. Instead of having two sets of friendly neighbors look for divorced couples, disgruntled employees and their ex-bosses, and rival cheerleaders to decorate each others homes.

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Jericho: The Day Before

by Paul Goebel, posted Feb 21st 2007 9:05PM
Jericho(S01E12) Jericho returns to the schedule this week with a new episode that shows us what happened just before the bombs dropped. This episode lends credence to those who compare Jericho to Lost, mainly because Jericho's flashbacks don't answer any questions either.

In the first scene we find out that Jake (Skeet Ulrich) is a licensed pilot and he's in desperate need of a job. Doesn't he know there's plenty of money to be made as a Johnny Depp impersonator?

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Are The Oblongs coming back?

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 22nd 2006 9:03AM

the oblongsNo, they aren't.

Actually, those three words were going to be my entire post, but my bosses insists my posts be longer than that, so I'll explain why I brought the question up in the first place. Newsarama reports that reruns of the series, about a family who have been mutated by industrial waste from the rich folk who live in the hills above them, has actually been doing quite well in the ratings. The series began on the WB and was later "rescued" by Adult Swim (much like Mission Hill, Baby Blues and Home Movies) which aired reruns of the show starting in 2002. Adult Swim took the show off the schedule but recently brought it back (it's also on TBS). As it turns out, ratings suggest that the teenagers love it, and some speculate it may be because they just didn't have a taste for such a show when they were younger. Does this mean the show might pull a Family Guy and go back into production? Well, that would be nice, but right now that's merely a pipe dream for us fans. Also, and no offense to teenagers, as I used to be one from the ages of 13 to 24, but they tend to be a fickle bunch, and just because they happen to dig the show now doesn't mean they won't lose interest in it, either. Ultimately, I don't see the show coming back, but hey, if the youngins are into this show, I say more power to them.

Thanks to Alex for the tip.

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When is Celebrity Deathmatch returning again?

by Adam Finley, posted May 15th 2006 1:01PM

celebrity deathmatchLast month I mentioned that MTV2 was planning on bringing Celebrity Deathmatch back. Now, if you can find any information on this, especially on either the MTV or MTV2 site, than you're a better man/woman than I. The only thing I have found is this clip from Perez Hilton of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton in clay form beating the stuffing out of one another with text below stating that the show is returning on June 10.

Oop, hang on there, Missy. The Futon Critic has the first episode listed as airing on June 9, not 10. Apparently, someone is lying to us. 

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Chef returns to South Park?

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 21st 2006 11:55AM

south park chefThe new season of South Park kicks off tomorrow evening, and if you've been watching the promos, you might have noticed the newest episode will supposedly focus on Chef's return to South Park.

But wait, didn't Isaac Hayes, the man who plays Chef, leave the show over its satirical jabs at religion (*cough* Scientology *cough*)? Yes, in fact, he did, which is leading to some speculation as to exactly how his character will be used and whether Parker and Stone plan to use the episode to make fun of Hayes and the whole Scientology debacle. Of course, some are speculating there's more to Hayes' departure than we realize. Remember that since South Park is created on computers it's easy to throw together an episode at the last minute, and possibly that's what happened here. According to a network synopsis of the episode, Chef returns to South Park, but with noticeable changes in his personality, and the boys try to help him get back to normal. Seems like even if the show turns out not to be about the recent rhubarb, its creators are using it to get people intrigued about the new episode.

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Monk comes back Friday

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 1st 2006 9:05PM

monkWhen a show takes a break for awhile it's easy to forget about it, what with our crazy fast-paced lifestyles, cellphones, outboard motors, uranium-powered waffle makers and what have you. Therefore, I thought I should take a moment to remind my fellow Monkheads that Monk is coming back with new episodes this Friday. Our favorite obsessive-compulsive detective took some time off during the Winter Olympics. The new episode, titled "Mr. Monk and the Astronaut" pits Monk against an astronaut who he claims committed murder, despite the astronaut insisting he was in space at the time. I've used that alibi several times, and it never works.

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NBC to bring back Last Comic Standing

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 18th 2006 6:33PM
Jay Mohr - Host of Last Comic
StandingOne of my all-time favorite reality shows has to be the second season of Last Comic Standing. Not only did it improve on the first season by bringing in more seasoned comedians, but the audience actually picked a winner that deserved it (John Heffron). It was a perfect show to watch during the slow summer months. Then NBC decided to turn around and do a "Season 1 vs. Season 2" competition just a few weeks after Season 2 ended. Big mistake. Why? Well, Season 2 fans were burned out from seeing the acts of that season's comics again, and the Season 1 comics -- except for a couple -- weren't all that good. Ratings sank and NBC farmed out the last episode to Comedy Central.

So, over a year after that debacle, NBC has decided to bring back LCS as a summer show again, which I think is a good move. They've given the concept a rest and have also returned the show to where it gained it's best ratings, when there is little on but bottom-drawer reality shows and scripted reruns. The format, according to this press release, will be the same as before, with recruiters scouring the country for stand-up talent. Winners from each city's competition will then compete for the right to stay in "the house" (my least favorite part of the show) where the reality-show conventions take over (interpersonal strife, vote-offs, etc.).  I'm assuming that Jay Mohr is returning to host, since he is one of the show's creators. Looking forward to seeing it again.

[via The Futon Critic]

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FOX exec says Arrested Development return is "highly unlikely"

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 18th 2006 5:11PM
Arrested Development is sinkingAt the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, FOX Entertainment President Peter Ligouri stated that Arrested Development's return to the network was "highly unlikely". He regretted that the show didn't find the audience it deserved, but at least acknowledged that the production arm of 20th Century Fox, which produces AD, is free to receive offers from other networks. If you listen to the industry scuttlebutt that surrounds the show, the producers seem to be taking advantage of that.

The last four FOX episodes will be aired in a two-hour block on February 10.

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Dick Clark comes back to TV: What did you think?

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 1st 2006 3:30PM
Dick Clark comes back to TVWell, we've speculated. We've discussed. We've conjectured. But last night, we actually got to see Dick Clark on our TVs for the first time since he had a stroke in December 2004. This AP story (via Yahoo) details the appearance.

Well, let me say right off that I was happy to see Dick back out there, and I was happy to see that, at least outwardly, he looked like the same Dick Clark we remember; considering strokes often leave one side of a person's face and body paralyzed, it was good to see that, outwardly, his face and body were in good shape. Now, we didn't see him walk, but I'm pretty sure if Dick had a problem with that, he could work around it; heck, Bill Cullen hosted a zillion game shows and viewers never saw what was a fairly severe limp, so I'm sure Dick could hide any issues easily.

But his voice... oh, my.

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