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October 8, 2015

richard kind

TV Casting: Bryan Batt to Guest on 'Ugly Betty'

by Andrew Scott, posted Mar 11th 2010 12:42PM
Bryan BattSal lives! Bryan Batt will reportedly guest on the current and final season of 'Ugly Betty,' which goes off the airwaves in the spring. The 'Mad Men' co-star will find himself in the middle of matchmaking scheme when Amanda (Becki Newton) tries to set him up with Marc, played by Michael Urie. No word yet on when the episode arc will air. [TV Guide]

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'Leverage' - 'The Maltese Falcon Job' Recap

by Danny Gallagher, posted Feb 18th 2010 1:20AM
(S02E15) "My job is to get your back, all the way down, but I need you to do your job." - Eliot to Nathan

"What's that?" - Nathan

"Be Nathan Ford, be the person we came back for." - Parker

My eyes have only seen a few episodes of 'Leverage,' and my brain is just now starting to understand its appeal. (My bodily organs don't work very well together. It's a long story. Words were said, tempers flared, pancreases made an off-color remark about someone else's mother. Enough said.)

Sure on the surface it appears to be a mid-adrenaline, action-adventure spy/mystery/crime show, but the season finale gave it an emotional depth and character progression that even most serious dramatic shows fail to accomplish. And it goes way beyond "not sucking."

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'Leverage' - 'The Three Strikes Job' Recap

by Danny Gallagher, posted Feb 11th 2010 11:05AM

(S02E14) "This is how we're going to take down the mayor...We're going to steal his ball park, and then the team. Not necessarily in that order." - Nathan to his team

Of course, that's what the show wants you to think. It has sprinkled that little tidbit on promos and commercials and even as a billboard opener in last night's episode. It turned out to be a great trick, a bit of slight of hand magic with a major cable network.

At one point, you think it's going to be a political mystery, a promising start since the story can literally go anywhere and make coherent sense. The plot could turn to S&M midgets selling pony meat on the black market and it would make a great twist as long it points back to the corrupt politician caught holding the riding crop.

But then it switches gears over and over into whole new mysteries and directions until your head becomes a revolving restaurant leaving you both confused but strangely satisfied.

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Review: Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Black Swan

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Nov 2nd 2009 1:10AM
Jeff Garlin and Larry David
(S07E07) "Look, it may have been an accident, but you're a murderer." - Marty

Blame is a funny thing. In the absence of facts, the owner of the blame (i.e. the person at fault), is about one thing and one thing only -- public perception. Spin a good yarn and you can make 'em believe whatever you want. However, when you're Larry David, getting past the hurdle of your own reputation can be an issue. If you listen to even half the stuff that Larry says, why would anyone want to believe a guy like him?

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Short-Lived Shows: UNSUB

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 20th 2009 8:02PM
UnsubNow here's a show that was before its time.

UNSUB was a show that ran for a few months (eight episodes) on NBC in 1989. It was about an FBI forensics team that investigated murders and other serious crimes. Sound familiar? This was CSI and Criminal Minds before there was a CSI or a Criminal Minds.

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Thank God You're Here: Episodes 1 & 2 (series premiere)

by Richard Keller, posted Apr 10th 2007 10:30AM

Thank God You're Here

(S01E01/S01E02) I'm about to give you fair warning. In addition to being a husband, father, writer at TV Squad, and Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist I have also been in improv for 5 years. So, my review is may be slightly tainted.

That being said, I didn't think Thank God You're Here was an utter disaster. I also didn't think it was a laugh-until-you-pee hit, either. It was interesting to watch and mildly entertaining, even in those scenes where you knew the actors were waaaayyyy out of their element. And there was plenty of that.

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Psych: From the Earth to Starbucks

by Richard Keller, posted Jan 28th 2007 10:30AM

(S01E10) I predict we'll solve it Friday at 10:01pm, then maybe watch some cable. -- Shawn Spencer

This was a very significant episode. Not because of the mystery being solved (which was very weak), but because of the character development we saw in three of the main players -- Carlton Lassiter, Henry Spencer, and our fair-haired boy Shawn Spencer.

Let's begin with Carlton. As I mentioned last week I noticed that Lassiter performance in the second-half of the first season was much more subdued than he was first portrayed. At the beginning he was shown almost like an amalgam of other over-the-top television cops. With this episode we can see he has been considerably toned down and made to be a bit more human.

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