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September 2, 2015


Spider-Man 3 wil air on FX in 2009

by Adam Finley, posted May 9th 2007 3:03PM

spiderman 3I'm not a fan of most "big" movies. You know, those movies with a ton of special effects, babes and explosions but very little plot? However, that doesn't mean decent "big" movies don't exist, and I think the Spider-Man films are a good example. Also, nobody brings a comic book to life better than Sam Raimi (perhaps some of my comic book-loving readers will disagree, though).

Anyway, I mention Spidey on this TV blog because FX has garnered the rights to broadcast Spider-Man 3 in 2009. How much FX ends up paying for the movie depends on how much money the movie itself brings in. As of this writing, the movie has brought in $161,401,784. The deal between Sony and FX could also allow Sony to sell the film to other broadcast networks.

Just out of curiosity, who saw Spider-Man 3 and what did you think of it? I liked it quite a bit, though I think it's probably the least of the series so far: a little too much story for one movie, but it did maintain that "old comic book" feel I love so much. I have a lot more to say about it, but I'll turn it over to you guys in the comments. Opine.

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FremantleMedia picks up The Phone

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 17th 2007 10:01AM

phoneProduction rights to a popular Dutch reality program called The Phone were recently secured by FremantleMedia, which means we could be seeing a version of the series here in the states.

The series follows contestants as they traverse a major city to find clues that will lead to a cash prize. They communicate through mobile phones and a helicopter tracks their progress for the home audience. Also, there's an insane Vietnam vet in the helicopter that shoots at the contestants.

Well, most of that last paragraph is true. At any rate, I think it sounds like a pretty cool idea as far as reality shows go. The show is described as a "movie-like experience," and if that's true, I think it could definitely appeal to an American audience.

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For UK fans: Sky One gets rights to Lost

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 19th 2006 4:50PM
LostIf you live in the UK and have been enjoying Lost, get your TiVos ready: Channel 4, which has been airing the first two seasons of the American hit, has lost the rights to seasons three and four to Sky One, according to The Sun.

"The series has defined TV drama over the last two years. We are absolutely thrilled to bring it to Sky One," Sky One chief Richard Woolfe told the tabloid.

Of course, Lost is currently only in its third season, but even with its slipping ratings, chances of a fourth season are almost 100%. So Sky will likely get its money's worth. Unless half the country has downloaded season three's episodes already. Then Sky is toast.

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Heads up, MST3K fans

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 17th 2006 12:06PM
mst3kMy favorite show of all time is Mystery Science Theater 3000, and like a lot of people, I would love to see season sets of the series released on DVD. Unfortunately, the cost and hassle of maintaining the rights to all the movies Mike, Joel and the 'bots riffed on all those years would just be too much, so we'll have to settle for the sets being released by Rhino Video. Unfortunately, Rhino recently lost the rights to all the movies on The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Volume 1, so if you're a fan and have been waiting to get your hands on that particular DVD, do it now before they're gone for good. The movies on that set are: Catalina Caper, The Creeping Terror, Bloodlust and The Sky Divers). Also, come March the company will lose the rights to The Sidehackers, which is currently included on the third volume of the DVD series.

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Making sense of YouTube and copyright issues

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 16th 2006 1:03PM
computerI've mentioned the recent kerfuffle surrounding YouTube, copyright, and other assorted legal mumbo jumbo before, but being a layman I can't really speak about such things with any real authority. Fred von Lohmann of the Electronic Frontier Foundation has an informative piece in the Hollywood Reporter about YouTube and its rights and responsibilities when it comes to copyrighted material. It's an interesting read, but what jumped out at me, and also jumped out at Amid over at Cartoon Brew, is Lohmann's statement that content owners who remove "noninfringing content" could be sued by either YouTube or its users, an idea that adds a whole new dimension to this ongoing discussion. Check out the article here.

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Joking Apart fan releases DVD himself

by Adam Finley, posted May 23rd 2006 2:53PM

joking apartIf you've never heard of the cult TV series Joking Apart, join the club, because I've never heard of it either. Of course, I don't live in the UK. Apparently, however, it was created by Steven Moffat as a precursor to his more popular show Coupling. The BBC comedy, however, was never released on DVD, at least not until a fan named Craig Robins bought the rights to the show himself. Robins also works in television as an editor, so the DVD, which will be available on May 28, is said to have a very "professional" look to it. The series ran from 1995 to 1997 on BBC2, but was eclipsed at the time by more popular fare.

[via Digg]

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George Takei lends support to gay activists

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 19th 2006 12:05PM
george takeiApparently there was some excitement here in Minneapolis last Monday, but I missed it. A student activist group called the Soulforce Equality Riders, who travel around visiting colleges with religious policies against homosexuality, were locked out of North Central University in downtown Minneapolis, a private Christian university. One PR person from the university said the protesters declined an offer last week to have a third party mediate the discussion. Well, whatever the situation was, the group of thirty-three wound up rallying in a park across the street, where they were eventually joined by Star Trek's George Takei (Mr. Sulu) who was in town for a gay pride event at the University of Minneapolis and who recently came out himself. Naturally, he compared their struggle to Star Trek, referring to it as an "equality trek."

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