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October 13, 2015


Moral Orel: God's Image

by Adam Finley, posted Nov 13th 2006 10:43AM

moral orel(S02E01) I'd have to go back and look at my recordings of the first season to verify this, but I think creator Dino Stamatopoulos has the writing credit on most of, if not all the episodes from the first season. It was nice to see Nick Wiedenfeld's and Scott Adsit's name alongside Dino's in the opening credits. As the old cliche goes, too many cooks make the broth totally awesome.

As any god-fearing protestant knows, God made us in his image, at least, those of us who are white. After all, Jesus was white, as we can easily tell by all those pictures of him. Also, why else would they make Band-Aids that color?

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Jericho: 9:02

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 25th 2006 9:44PM

Jericho logo(S01E06) Well, well, well...so Hawkins has been gone from his family for the past four years, eh? Just like Jake. Hmmmm...

That was the most interesting revelation in tonight's episode. It was mostly a mix of tedious scenes and a few plot developments we had to have to move the plot along and set up future events

Oh, and horses. Lots and lots of horses.

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