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October 10, 2015


Storm, Magni, and the Houseband get the boot

by Brett Love, posted Oct 16th 2006 10:37PM
Storm LargeStrange things are afoot at the Circle K. While there is no official word from the band, it seems that Storm Large, Magni, and the Houseband have all been axed from the upcoming Rockstar: Supernova tour. Trying to piece together why is where things get a little muddy. Storm posted a somewhat tongue in cheek entry on her website confirming that they have all been dropped. She brings up that the decision was a financial one and is pretty gracious about asking people to still support everyone involved.

Not everyone comes off as that happy with it though. As the story has gone on there are a lot of posts being copied between different sites attributed to different members of the Houseband. Over at Television Without Pity one shows up that begins with "Nate (Morton, drummer from the Houseband) just sent me this..." which would purport to be a response from the Houseband. I'll leave it up to you to decide the legitimacy of the posts, but it gets into some of the details from the band's perspective.

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Rockstar: Supernova: Finale

by Deidre Woollard, posted Sep 13th 2006 11:55PM
supernova4(S02E22) Well, as was reported earlier, they won't really be called Supernova now that a judge has ruled they can't use that name but the ragtag rockers have picked their lead singer. Like Big Brother's finale last night, this one was a total snore resulting in a reveal that everyone already knew anyway (anyone who reads internet rumors that is).

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Rock Star: Supernova: Last Performance Night

by Deidre Woollard, posted Sep 13th 2006 7:06AM
rockstar4This is the last chance for the rockers to do their thing to impress the voting fans and they really do give it their all. But first a blast from the past. Ryan Star got the nod to do the encore based on fan votes and sings his original Back Of Your Car. His album will be called Dark Horse (after his name on the show) and he wins a car. Sometimes it seems like the ones who already left the show are getting the better deal.

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Rock Star: Supernova: Week 9 Peformances

by Deidre Woollard, posted Aug 30th 2006 7:26AM
supernova6(S02E17) Dilana is still reacting from her bad night and her meltdown makes it worse. When the camera comes around at the house, she smashes a glass and runs off. The glass hits Magni on the forehead. All that drama comes to naught everyone is all business by song time. It was fan choice night for the rockers giving us an insight into how the voters really see each singer.

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Rock Star: Supernova: Week 8 Elimination

by Deidre Woollard, posted Aug 24th 2006 7:45AM
dilana(S02E16) My my, Dilana has a high opinion of herself. She proved this week that she is no media darling. Boasting about her large fan base is not a way to encourage voting. Ryan feels that Dilana is not humble or kind to those who are not as popular ( conveniently forgetting his own treatment of Dana). When the rockers have their press day, Dilana says that Lukas is moody and Toby and Magni are not serious about the band. Honesty or total self-destruction, I'm not sure but she sure isn't winning any fans inside the house.

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Rock Star: Supernova: Week 7 Elimination

by Deidre Woollard, posted Aug 16th 2006 10:34PM
(S02E14) This week Supernova decides to play with one of the rockers. They ask the audience who should play and the response is loud. Dilana. Cut to a shot of Lukas looking deeply annoyed. Sure enough, Dilana gets the honor of being the first to test out a Supernova song. She's got the look and she definitely doesn't get lost in front of the boys. But will that raspy voice hold out for weeks and weeks of concert touring? Also, (and I hate myself for saying this) would the band be better served by having someone younger as the lead singer?

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Rock Star: Supernova: Week 6 Elimination

by Deidre Woollard, posted Aug 10th 2006 8:56AM
zayra(S02E12) On Big Brother, much of the talk is of getting rid of the "floaters" who are just coasting along. The same is necessary for Rock Star and tonight Supernova took another step in that direction. After all, the surviving contestants tonight get to go to Vegas and not everyone there is Vegas worthy. Check out Dave Navarro's blog, even he is getting restless. And so the double elimination is no suprise but who goes is.

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Rock Star: Supernova: Week 5 Performances

by Deidre Woollard, posted Aug 2nd 2006 7:05AM
patrice (S02E09) This week's song choices made it tough to see who should be in this band and who shouldn't. While I respect the need to mix up the catalog, for the most part this week's selections made little sense.

Patrice, Higher Ground --Tommy Lee plays drums. She probably couldn't go wrong with the energy of Tommy Lee behind her. I may find him personally tiresome but no one plays harder drums. Overall though she could have rocked just a bit harder.

Josh, Santeria -- Not sure why he gave up the chance to sing Higher Ground and maybe prove he could rock instead of another softer song that he can smile his way through. It was nice but he just needs to be doing his Jack Johnson thing elsewhere.

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Rock Star: Supernova: Week 4 Elimination

by Deidre Woollard, posted Jul 27th 2006 2:55AM
(S02E08) What does it take to get into Supernova? Last year, the rules were simple: sound enough like the late Michael Hutchence to front INXS but not so much that you seem to be part of an INXS tribute band. This season Gilby seems to be looking for someone to make him believe in rock and roll again, Jason just seems to be looking for this show to end and we all know what Tommy Lee is looking for.

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Rock Star: Supernova: Week 4 Performances

by Deidre Woollard, posted Jul 26th 2006 7:17AM
(S02E07) Tonight began with a little sample of the Supernova music. The aspiring rock stars nod appreciatively. Maybe the blistering Southern California heat has made me cranky but the music didn't make me giddy with anticipation. If anything it was a lot less intense than I had imagined it would be. As Gilby said, they aren't looking to do heavy metal. Instead it sounds more like Velvet Revolver. But it's hard to critique songs that aren't fully formed yet so let's get right to the performances. It was a bit of a rough week in my opinion.

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Rock Star: Supernova: Week 3 Elimination

by Deidre Woollard, posted Jul 20th 2006 7:40AM
joshrockstar(S02E06) The thing that I am enjoying most about this show is that some of the aspring rock stars actually are trying to get better while those who can't step it up are getting left behind. Tonight's episode begins at the house where everyone takes a look at Dana's performance via cell phone and finds it lacking. Storm and Dilana instruct Dana in how to be more rock star but it's clear she doesn't fit in. Ryan goes so far as to say that he was embarrassed by her performance (he should talk).

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Rock Star: Supernova: Results #1

by Deidre Woollard, posted Jul 7th 2006 12:56AM
(S04E02) Okay, obviously there are some serious Rock Star fans out there if the comments on my last post were any indication.  Tonight's results episode brings us one surprise. Who knew Chris actually had curly hair? He's a bit cuter when he's not trying to be Marty from last season but his assertion that he is one of the best singers in the world is a bit of hyperbole. The house dramatics show that Lukas is a bit of a firestarter, telling the group that many of them sucked. Yup, he's this season's JD Fortune all right.

Tommy Lee, who looks like he's been up since last night, chooses Dilana for the encore. She's definitely unique but she still scares me a bit. Methinks Tommy L. has a bit of a crush. I still say I'd like her better if she blinked now and then.

The bottom three are Chris, Phil and Matt. Chris sings "L.A. Woman." He's better than last night but still seems awkward and thin-voiced.  Phil sing "Stars" by Switchfoot. It's nice to hear a song that hasn't been done a zillion times before. He does a decent job with it. Matt promises to rock Duran Duran and sings "Planet Earth." Bad song choice and bad rendition.

Supernova decides to send Matt home, definitely a fair choice since he was the worst of the three.

Words I am already tired of hearing on this show: baby, brother, dude, man and rocker.

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Rock Star gears up for second season

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 16th 2006 5:02PM
jason newstedRock Star, which debuted last year as a reality show in which INXS auditioned several hopefuls for the chance to become the band's new lead singer, is coming back for a second season, but things will be a little different. The show will still be about people auditioning to sing in a band, but this time it's an entirely new band composed of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, and guitarist Gilby Clarke of Guns N Roses. The band calls itself "Supernova." Both Brooke Burke and Dave Navarro will return as hosts. Slash, Macy Gray and Rob Zombie will also make appearances as guest judges.

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Rock Star: INXS MP3s

by Keith McDuffee, posted Sep 2nd 2005 12:08AM
rock star All I can say is, "Get 'em while they're hot!" Several dedicated fans of Rock Star: INXS have taken it upon themselves to post MP3s of every song performed on the show so far, promising to continue updating as the series continues. There are well over 100 MP3s already available for download.

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Rock Star: INXS: Elimination Night #8

by Deidre Woollard, posted Sep 1st 2005 1:21AM
ty Suzie gets the encore and also gets to choose someone to perform as her "opening act." She chooses Marty. Then we go back in time for a little house drama in which we learn once again, that J.D. is a jerk as he gets aggressive with Suzie when she talks about the time he took in the studio. Last night's bottom three, Ty, J.D. and Marty are joined by one more, Jordis.

J.D. is first up to sing and he gets "This Time" and does an excellent job. Ty is the second member of the bottom three and sings "The One Thing." He sounds a bit differently than last time, he messes up the words a bit and when quizzed about his contribution to the band he says that he will bring soul to the band. Jordis is the third member of the final three and takes on "Listen Like Thieves." She's quite talented but she doesn't really do a good job with this song at all. INXS isn't thrilled with any of the performances but decides to sends Ty home. Ty says that he feels that he kept ending up in the bottom three because "my people" are not perceived as rockers. Andrew gets up and says that Ty is a talented soul singer (basically confirming the truth of what Ty said).  While I'm sorry to see Ty go, he did always position himself as a soul singer which is not what INXS is looking for.

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