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September 3, 2015

rod blagojevich

Blagojevich joining reality show...and it's not Cops

by Danny Gallagher, posted Apr 15th 2009 10:02AM
Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

When Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was finally indicted and impeached, I breathed a sigh of relief and hoped that would be the last we would ever see of him.

Then I heard he might be coming back to haunt my TV like the ghost of an angry relative, and the nerves in my whole body stiffened. Would we once again have to spend all of our remaining TV time dodging the naysaying and the placating and the denying that is the Rod Blagojevich variety hour?

Then when I heard he was going to be on an NBC reality show, I again breathed a sigh of relief, comforted by the fact that no one would see him.

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Why Blagojevich needs to stay the hell away from my TV

by Danny Gallagher, posted Feb 5th 2009 8:01AM
When then Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich decided to forgo his own impeachment hearing to ride the media train up and down the dial, I figured it would last one or two, maybe three days tops.

Then a few nights ago, Blagojevich and his hair appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman to clear his name, which is hard to ask people to do when they can't even say it without spraining their tongue.

Blagojevich's appearance on Letterman crossed a line that shouldn't even had to have been drawn for him. And now, he must be stopped.

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The chair recognizes Senator Winfrey of Illinois

by Richard Keller, posted Jan 26th 2009 2:12PM

OprahGovernor Blagojevich is nuts. Blame it on his flimsy grasp of reality or his hard-hat like haircut, the current (for how long, who knows) governor of Illinois is not quite there. How do we know this? Well, rather than appearing at his own impeachment trial he's decided to let the good citizens of the U.S. know that he's being railroaded by his own government via various media outlets.

The other determining factor on his nuttiness...he was considering naming Oprah Winfrey as Barack Obama's replacement to the U.S. Senate. Now, while Oprah is a respectable personality who has done much good for people around the globe, she is in no way qualified to become a U.S. Senator. I know that some of you Oprahites would heartily disagree with this, but even you know, deep down inside, that giving Oprah a Senate seat would not be a good idea.

And, frankly, I think Oprah would agree with you.

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The NY senator, a nanny named Fran? - VIDEO

by Allison Waldman, posted Dec 11th 2008 8:38AM
Fran DEveryone who has been laughing at the idea of Fran Drescher taking over Hillary Clinton's Senate seat for the state of New York, you can stop laughing now. It's not that wild an idea, not when you consider that Fred Grandy -- Gopher from The Love Boat -- was a Congressman from Iowa, and pro wrestler Jesse Ventura was the Governor of Minnesota, and there's a really good chance that Saturday Night Live alum Al Franken (remember Stuart Smalley?) has won the Senate seat for Minnesota, too. (They're still recounting the votes!)

Oh, and let's not forget the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger from the great state of California. In other words, why not Senator Fran Drescher!

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