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October 8, 2015

ronald d. moore

BSG podcast recap: Episodes 408, 411 & 412 commentary

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jun 29th 2008 10:19AM
bsgNow that the show is over (for the time being), Ronald D. Moore got back with releasing podcasts this week. However, he seems to have skipped a couple in the middle.

As I've done in the past, I'll just summarize some of what I thought were the more interesting parts of the podcasts. If you're interested in learning more about Moore's insights and details about each episode, you really should take the time to listen to the podcasts yourself. Now if only someone could sync up these podcasts with the Hulu videos, that would be awesome.

Here are the highlights ...

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No more frakking BSG until 2009?!

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 12th 2008 5:24PM
Battlestar GalacticaI mean seriously, what the frak? Why the frak do we have to wait until frakking 2009 for the final frakking season of Battlestar frakking Galactica. Those motherfrakking skinjobs, and I know they're Cylons or they wouldn't do this to us, really like to frakking torture us diehard frakking fans, don't they. Frakkers! Wow, that does make it incredibly frakking easy to drop frakking curse words all the frakking time without really frakking cussing. How frakking liberating is that!

But back to business. Executive producer Ronald D. Moore spoke at a Wednesday night screening of this Friday's summer finale and broke the news that the remainder of this fourth and final season of BSG probably wouldn't air until early 2009. The show just doesn't want to have to face off against the new fall slates on the networks or football and baseball, which I guess I can understand. Why not wait until January so all you have to deal with is those crappy shows nobody watches like American Idol and 24? And nobody will be interested in the build-ups to the season finales of shows like Lost and Heroes. It's a frakking no-brainer!

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TV Squad attends the Battlestar Galactica fan blowout

by Kevin Kelly, posted Jun 7th 2007 8:24AM
Battlestar Galactica in Los Angeles
Warning: there are a few spoilers ahead for those of you who haven't seen the entire series up-to-date, so beware!

When the powers that be at TV Squad ask you to attend a Battlestar Galactica event in your town, you don't really hesitate before responding. Actually, you fire up your own FTL drives and go for broke. That was the scene last night when I invaded the SciFi Channel event held in Los Angeles at the Arclight Theater.

I'll do my best at setting the scene for you. If I leave anything out, or omit certain facts, it's only because I've just returned and am doing my best at recapping the entire evening based on my addled brain's memory of everything. I took a camera and a handheld audio recorder, but they literally had guards eagle-eyeing us, and we were told that if we were caught taking photos or recording anything, they would confiscate every device we owned (even my iPod shuffle?!) and eject us from the building. Or nearest airlock, I wasn't quite clear on that.

So I turned to my backup device, a notebook and a handy pen with quick-drying ink, and these are the results. Plus I got a few shots off before the Cylon Centurion made me shut everything down, and I'll be sharing those as well.

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Moore and Eick speak up about Battlestar Galactica's future and more

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jun 1st 2007 4:55PM
moore and eick of bsgThis afternoon I listened in on a conference call with Battlestar Galactica Executive Producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, announcing news regarding the series' fourth season. Just as mentioned earlier in the month -- and as many had already figured out -- the forthcoming season of the show will be the series' last.

Highlights from the call after the jump.

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