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October 13, 2015

rose and bernard

Six Questions I Want 'Lost' to Answer Before It Ends

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 14th 2010 4:54PM
As last night's episode of 'Lost' showed, this season really is giving us a lot of answers. And even if the show isn't giving us all the answers we want/need, at least we can now feel a forward momentum driving us towards the end. There are only five episodes of the show left, can you believe it?

The show can't possibly answer all of the questions, small and big, that have come up since the show started in 2004. I think they'll answer enough of them for most fans, but you and I both know that 37 seconds after the season finale ends, some people are going to go online and complain. That was a lame ending! They didn't even answer the question I wanted them to answer! I wasted six years for this?!

I won't be one of those people. They've answered the question of the numbers enough for me, and several other mysteries don't bother me. Unless the show ends in a WTF 'Sopranos' fade-out, I'll just go with what the writers give us. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't want some questions answered:

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Lost & Found - the Lost spin-off of our dreams

by Eliot Glazer, posted Feb 2nd 2009 11:02AM
lost rose bernardCall us crazy, but wouldn't it be rad if Lindelof and Cuse, the bigwigs behind Lost, had a little fun in light of the superspeed at which we're plowing through the final two seasons of the show? Specifically, would it not be absolutely amazing if one of the characters from Lost left the island for greener pastures, and those greener pastures were a sitcom?

Picture it: Rose Henderson (L. Scott Caldwell) (disclaimer: my favorite character on the show) has escaped the island with her hubby, Bernard (and, because it's a sitcom, she's completely healthy). The lovebirds have returned to The Bronx, where Bernard (Sam Anderson) has resumed his dental career while Rose has taken a job as a safety specialist at Kennedy Airport (*wink wink*).

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Lost: S.O.S.

by C.K. Sample, III, posted Apr 12th 2006 11:36PM
(S02E19) Tonight's episode, S.O.S. (or as I like to call it: Couple's Night), centered around two characters' back stories which we've all been longing to see (or at least Ryan has as he's mentioned it in nearly every single one of our Lost podcasts): Rose and Bernard. Rose and Bernard aren't just an interracial married couple marooned on an island. They would seem to be symbolic of lots of the dichotomies going on in Lost land. One of them was a front-ender and the other a tail-ender, so to a certain degree they are the link that brings the two non-Other "tribes" of the island together. In the opening scene, we also discover that they represent another all-too-common dichotomy of the island: those who want to escape from the island and those who are satisfied to stay and begin building a life on the island. Bernard very vocally notices to Rose that while his end of the plane were fighting to survive, her end was busy building kitchens on the beach, and he claims that they've "given up on being rescued."

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