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September 1, 2015


Nine reasons why Ryan is a villain (or, how not to be the office d-bag)

by Jay Black, posted Oct 9th 2007 11:04AM
Yes, this is the face of evil.In my review of The Office last week, I called Ryan one of the best villains on TV today. I thought it was obvious that the producers were taking Ryan in this direction and that my comment was a compliment to the fine acting and writing on the show. I was met with a bit of resistance, however. Some of our readers felt that Ryan's ideas made a lot of sense and that, if anything, Michael's overall incompetence is the real villain on the show.

I thought a post was in order to further explain why I thought Ryan was a villain. And what's the best way to explain a point? Well, considering the direction that the internet is moving, the answer is, of course, a numbered list! The nine reasons why Ryan is a villain after the jump.

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Make a promo for The Office

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 1st 2006 9:58AM
the officeListen up, fans of The Office. NBC and YouTube have teamed up for a cool new contest and they're asking folks to create a twenty-second promo for the show. Eligible clips will be shown on YouTube and NBC.com, while the winners will be seen on NBC this summer during The Office.  The deadline for submitting your video is July 21. Oh yeah, and you can't use any footage from the actual show, though you can use the theme song, which is made available on the contest's site along with downloadable graphics. Alternatively, I suppose there's no one stopping you from making a promo and just sticking it up on YouTube yourself, contest be damned. It's all about choice, brothers and sisters.

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