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October 10, 2015

samantha harris

Gorse, O'Dell Among Rumored Candidates to Replace Samantha Harris

by Laura Prudom, posted Feb 11th 2010 5:00PM
The revolving door of reality stars just keeps on spinning; whether it's 'American Idol' or 'Dancing With the Stars,' the hosts and judges seem to fascinate us almost as much as the contestants. Over the past few weeks, speculation has been running rampant regarding a replacement for effervescent 'DWTS' host Samantha Harris; we've even made a few suggestions ourselves.

But the latest news according to E! Online hints that the decision over a new host may not be far off. Rumors indicate that two potential candidates may be 'E! News' correspondent Ashlan Gorse and former 'Access Hollywood' anchor Nancy O'Dell.

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Who Should Replace Samantha Harris on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

by Chris Jordan, posted Jan 29th 2010 2:00PM
It's the last dance for Samantha Harris on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

Harris will not return as the show's co-host when the ABC series returns on March 22. After eight years interviewing the celebs and pro dancers alongside Tom Bergeron, Harris is moving on to concentrate on other gigs.

Producers haven't announced details about replacing Harris, but we've come up with our own list (in alphabetical order) of a few candidates who make sense, and maybe one or two who kind of don't:

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Samantha Harris to leave Dancing with the Stars

by Michael Pascua, posted Jan 28th 2010 7:00PM
Samantha Harris on the set o Dancing with the Stars.My one wish has finally come true: Samantha Harris is officially leaving Dancing with the Stars. People has announced that Samantha will not be returning when the tenth season begins in March.

While the producers and Tom Bergeron have voiced how they are going to miss Samantha, I'm happy to finally see her off screen. She has made several fashion faux-pas, has accidentally said contestants scores before the judges revealed their paddles, and has had poor judgment when cutting off interviews. I can't believe that she's been around for eight seasons.

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Samantha Harris Leaving 'Dancing With the Stars'

by Andrew Scott, posted Jan 28th 2010 5:00PM
Samantha HarrisHere's a 'Dancing' move we never saw coming.

PEOPLE is exclusively reporting that Samantha Harris is leaving her co-host position on 'Dancing With the Stars,' just two months before the show's 10th season premiere.

According to the report, Harris' exit will allow her to focus on her duties at 'The Insider' and 'Entertainment Tonight Weekend.'

"[DWTS] could not have been more of a dream job," she said. "I loved every single second of it and I've made lifelong friends at the show."

"I interned at Entertainment Tonight 15 years ago, the summer after my sophomore year at Northwestern and I dreamed of working in the same space as hosts Mary Hart and Mark Steines and now I'm living that dream," she added.

Harris first joined 'Dancing With the Stars' in 2006 when she took over for Lisa Canning. And while we're sure that many 'Dancing' fans will miss her commentary, we think this may be the best thing to happen in the show in a long time -- and here's why:

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Samantha Harris: 'Jersey Shore' Sets a Bad Example

by Nicholas White, posted Dec 16th 2009 4:26PM
'Dancing With the Stars' hostess Samantha Harris is speaking out against MTV's cultish reality hit 'Jersey Shore' -- and specifically a scene in which a 21-year-old female cast member is punched by a 24-year-old man while drinking at a bar.

"I have to not necessarily applaud MTV, but say I finally think they made the right choice by pulling the episode where the guy punches the girl in the face," Harris told Inside TV at Tuesday's JCPenney "Joy of Giving" party in West Hollywood.

Thursday's episode of 'Jersey Shore,' in which Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi is punched by a gym teacher, who is charged with assault, was pulled by MTV this week.<

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Recap: Dancing with the Stars - Performance 6

by Michael Pascua, posted Oct 27th 2009 12:42AM
Lacey drags a lifeless Mark across the dancefloor.(S09E12) Dancing with the Stars had the Waltz or Jitterbug for individual dancing, but the big twist tonight was the Mambo group competition. All the couples will dance the mambo at the same time. The judges determine the elimination: as the couples dance, Len holds up a paddle and that team is eliminated. The first couple cut gets two points while the last team standing earns ten.

As the contestants walk down, both Louie Vito and Chelsie Hightower trip on the way down. It's a bad omen and never a good way to start the show.

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Fun Finds: May 23

by AOL TV Staff, posted May 23rd 2009 12:00PM
My Name Is Earl

-- Want to save 'My Name Is Earl'? Sign the Twitition! [Twitter]

-- 'Law & Order' received a record-setting renewal order this week. But does it deserve a 20th season? [PopWatch]

-- Calling all 'High School Musical' fans: Check out the best and worst TV musicals of all-time [The Daily Beast]

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 10 The Finale

by Brett Love, posted Nov 26th 2008 12:15AM

Lance Bass, Brooke Burke, Warren Sapp - Dancing With The Stars
(S07E21) In the grand tradition of Dancing With The Stars, everyone came together for the glorious task of turning 3 minutes of results into a two hour ratings bonanza. If you have seen the finale before, you know how it all went down. Take a couple of musical numbers, interviews or dances with all the eliminated contestants, and add in a whole lot of replays as the show looks back at all that has gone on. It's not the greatest recipe for a two hour show, but after 20 episodes of top ten numbers, I suppose they've earned it. I'll not spoil the big surprise before the jump, so hit the link for a brief look at all that went on, and to find out who took home the mirrorball.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 10 The Finals

by Brett Love, posted Nov 25th 2008 12:10AM

Dancing With The Stars Finalists
(S07E20) After two and a half months, and nineteen episodes, it all comes down to this. Our remaining three couples made their way back to the ballroom for what Tom called, "The most closely contested finals ever." That was an apt description after what we saw in the semi-finals. With Lance & Lacey wrestling the lead away from Brooke & Derek as we neared the end of the season, it really looked like season seven could go to anyone. How would it play out? Would it all come down to the big freestyle numbers? And, oh yeah, which dancing kids team won? The answers to all of those questions, and a look at the rest of the finals performances, after the jump.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 9 results

by Brett Love, posted Nov 18th 2008 11:57PM

Kristi Yamaguchi & Mark Ballas - Dancing With The Stars
(S07E19) The big question coming into the results show this week, obviously, was who would make it through to the finals. That, on its own, was probably enough to get most of the crowd to tune in. The powers that be could have just banked on it and tossed any old random segment out there to fill up the first 50 minutes of the show. Some Jimmy Kimmel here... a highlight reel there... the numbers would have still been huge. Lucky for us, that's not what they did, at all. It was the biggest musical event the show has ever seen. Along with those big results, we saw performances from Leona Lewis, John Legend, Julianne Hough, and the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. If that wasn't enough, reigning champ Kristi Yamaguchi stopped by to dance. It made for a fun hour. The results, and a look at all of those performances, after the jump.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 9

by Brett Love, posted Nov 18th 2008 1:02AM

Cody Linley & Julianne Hough - Dancing With The Stars
(S07E18) And then, there were four. If you wanted, you could make an argument for Maurice Greene, but I think the viewers did a solid job narrowing the field down to these four teams. Coming into the semi-finals, all of them had a legitimate shot at making it to the big show next week. It would all come down to their two week 9 performances. Along the way, we had a little bit of something old, and something new. As in years past, the stuffiest of the judges made his rounds to all of the final four teams for Len Goodman's Master Class. New to this season, they also managed to work in two pro numbers as examples of what to look for in the salsa and the jitterbug. It all added up to a pretty entertaining night. There were 10s, and there were 7s. Who came out on top? The scores, and a rundown of all the performances, after the jump.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 8 results

by Brett Love, posted Nov 12th 2008 12:02AM

Lacey & Benji Schwimmer - Dancing With The Stars
(S07E17) It's crunch time. A trip to the semi-finals was riding on the results tonight. One couple would fall just short of that goal. Would it be the steady, season long leader, Brooke? Or the young, and sometimes erratic, Cody? Have fans warmed up to big Warren Sapp? Or do they prefer their championship athletes to be of the faster variety, and favor Maurice? And what of Lance & Lacey? Is it just Len, or have fans turned on them too? The answers, are after the jump, along with a rundown of the various performances and taped packages. Those include my favorite results show performance of the season, and my most hated piece of filler as well.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 8

by Brett Love, posted Nov 11th 2008 12:20AM

Brooke Burke & Derek Hough - Dancing With The Stars
(S07E16) Week eight. We're getting down to it now, just two weeks away from the finals. You can certainly make a case for a couple of teams that would be considered the favorites, but at this point in the competition, anyone can win. All of the teams are one bad number, one set of nutty judges scores, or one weak fan vote away from elimination. Upping the pressure this week, not only would each team be performing both a ballroom and a Latin number, but each star would have to do a 15-second solo.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 7 results

by Brett Love, posted Nov 6th 2008 1:10AM

Dave Scott - Dancing With The Stars
(S07E15) After a night off so we could all take in the results of the big election, it was time to head back to the ballroom and knock six teams down to five. Tom opened the show by calling Monday the wildest night yet, noting that the gap between top and bottom has never been so great. That disparity is, of course, the result of the ridiculous team judging. Would it lead to another shocking elimination? The results, as well as a look at musical guest Lionel Richie, two pro performances, the return of Dance Center, and stars of dance with Dave Scott (pictured), is after the jump.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 7

by Brett Love, posted Nov 4th 2008 12:02AM

Edyta Silwinska and Cody Linley - Dancing With The Stars
(S07E14) I can only speak for myself here, but I was really looking forward to the return to the ballroom as week 7 approached. If you've been playing along with the home game, you know that the whole Cloris thing was working a nerve with me. With that bit of business dealt with, and the return of my favorite dancer, Edyta, this week was shaping up to be a great show. And in many respects, it really was. There was a performance judged worthy of a coveted 30, as well as a handful of 9s tossed about. But then we got to the new group face off, and I've got some issues with that one. I'll get to that, and a rundown of all the performances, after the jump.

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