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October 10, 2015

saved by the bell

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Explains How the 'Saved By the Bell' Cast Stayed Grounded (VIDEO)

by Stephanie Opella, posted Dec 1st 2011 6:30PM
Mark-Paul Gosselaar told 'The Talk' (weekdays, syndicated on CBS) the secret to keeping teen TV stars grounded: cancel their shows every season. Gosselaar, who became tremendously popular at the age of 12 as the star of 'Saved By The Bell,' explained that the cast of the now-beloved show stayed modest because they had no idea they were popular.

"We were just doing this little show that got canceled every single year we did the show. But it was like, 'Oh, they're bringing you back because they have nothing on the schedule.'" And without Twitter, paparazzi or the Internet, Gosselaar explained that "we didn't have big heads because we didn't think we were doing anything that people were watching."

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Our Favorite Quintessentially Summer TV Episodes

by Jean Bentley, posted Jul 4th 2011 9:00AM
Summer TV episodesUsually, TV takes a summer vacation (hence the programming dead zone we're currently enduring). But occasionally, our favorite sitcoms take us with them to the beach when they return in the fall.

To honor the arrival of the greatest season of all, AOL TV rounded up a list of our absolute favorite summer TV episodes -- the ones that remind you of the beach, of fireworks or of hanging out with friends.

Though we encourage you to spend your holiday weekend outside, preferably grilling and/or swimming, marathoning these summer-themed TV episodes indoors with the AC on full blast is an acceptable alternative. After the jump, AOL TV's list of our favorite quintessentially summer TV episodes.

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Tiffani Thiessen and Matt Bomer Play 'Shaved By the Bell' on 'Watch What Happens' (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Jul 1st 2011 3:50PM

'White Collar' stars Tiffani Thiessen and Matt Bomer stopped by 'Watch What Happens Live' (weekdays, 11PM on Bravo) Thursday night and played a game of 'Shaved by the Bell' with host Andy Cohen. Pivoting off Thiessen's iconic '90s role as Kelly Kapowski on 'Saved by the Bell,' Cohen showed the pair a series of pictures of '90s stars with their heads shaved and Thiessen and Bomer had to guess who they were.

Despite the fact that everyone looked like Sinead O'Connor, Thiessen and Bomer fared pretty well, nailing Blossom, Screech, Shannon Doherty, Fabio, Alanis Morissette, Kato Kaelin, Vanilla Ice and Pauly Shore. They won a '90s mix CD and Bravo 'Mazel' shirts for playing. For some of the celebs featured in the montage, it was the most screentime they've seen in years.

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar Doesn't Understand the Appeal of Sexting (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jun 10th 2011 6:15PM
Mark-Paul Gosselaar on 'The Talk'If you're a Facebook friend or Twitter follower of former 'Saved By the Bell' star Mark-Paul Gosselaar, rest easy: you won't be receiving Anthony Weiner-style photos from him anytime soon. Gosselaar said Friday on 'The Talk' (weekdays, syndicated on CBS) that he's just not the type of guy who's into sexting. And no, it's not because his his oversized vintage Zach Morris cellphone doesn't have a camera on it.

Sharon Osbourne, never one to beat around the bush, asked Gosselaar if he would ever text his "willie" or his "bum" to anyone. "No, I'm not that kind of guy," he said. The male anatomy, he said, "is not a pretty tool."

The whole panel agreed. Osbourne went on record as especially disliking "the things that hang." Have a good weekend with that image, everyone!

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Elizabeth Berkley Signs on for Jimmy Fallon's 'Saved by the Bell' Reunion (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Mar 22nd 2011 1:10PM
Elizabeth Berkeley Signs on for 'Saved by the Bell' ReunionJimmy Fallon has made it his personal mission to have the cast of 'Saved by the Bell' reunite on his show. He's even created an online petition and so far has convinced several cast members including Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez and Dennis Haskins to participate.

On 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC), Elizabeth Berkley, who played Jessie Spano on the show, also signed on for a reunion. "I love everyone. We grew up together. So, I would be up for it. I know fans would love it," she said.

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Clickable: Strange 'Saved By The Bell' Subtitles

by Ryan McKee, posted Sep 16th 2010 1:30PM
The early '90s was a simpler time. A misogynist jock could lovingly call his feminist girlfriend, "Mama." A call placed on an oversized cellphone could solve any problem. And over-the-counter caffeine pills were the scariest drug suburban parents had to worry about (hint: if your daughter compulsively sings "I'm so excited! I'm so excited ... I'm so scared!" -- she's addicted).

In hindsight, many things that we took for granted on the adolescent staple 'Saved By The Bell' now seem messed up. Were the producers trying to slip their hidden agendas into our young minds or if they really were that clueless back then? Either way, it's fun to look back and laugh.

The Tumblr blog LOL Slater is dedicated to collecting screen-shots of the most head-scratching moments from the show. It's amazing how much a single frame and subtitle can get across.

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Is College Too Risque for Network TV?

by Stephanie Earp, posted Sep 7th 2010 8:00PM

It seems like no matter how many years have passed since I last made my way to a classroom, early September makes me want to buy penny loafers and Trapper-Keepers. The fact that I live in a university town probably has something to do with it. For the last week, it's been an endless parade of moving vans, stressed-out parents and loud porch parties. I suppose it's a sign of my age that I now relate more to the parents than the kids -- at least, I feel for them, helicoptering around the dumpy student houses, having no idea the insane things their kids will be getting up to once they head back to the highway.

On the surface, it all looks so collegial and lovely but the truth is, the first year of university -- and especially the first few months -- can be a pretty dark time. For a lot of kids, it's their first exposure to binge drinking, blacking out, date rape, teachers that don't know you exist and doing your own laundry. And despite the potential for drama, it's not something you often see on television.

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Six Comedies That Traveled to Hawaii

by Rich Keller, posted May 12th 2010 1:15PM
The Brady's go to Hawaii -- One of a half-dozen sitcom familes that have traveled to the Aloha StateThis week, the Dunphys of ABC's 'Modern Family' spend some time in the islands of Hawaii. Though visiting the Aloha State during a show's first season is unprecedented in the world of television comedy, it certainly isn't the first sitcom that has spent some time there. Over the last four decades there have been a half-dozen comedies that have visited Hawaii's beaches.

1. 'The Brady Bunch' -- The standard-bearer for all future visits to Hawaii. This three-part 'Hawaii Bound' episode, which began the show's fourth season, had everything: luscious scenery, a cursed tiki, creepy caves, straight hair going curly, Don Ho, Vincent Price and Marsha Brady in a bikini. Even today, almost four decades since the episodes premiered, folks will stop everything when they air.

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On the Pill: 'Nurse Jackie' and Other Characters Struggling With Addiction

by Chris Harnick, posted Mar 19th 2010 2:00PM
Drugs on TV have had a strange history. There have been after-school movies, very special sitcom episodes and even entire dramas based around illegal substances.

Sometimes, drug abuse on TV is used to teach the audience a lesson, while other times writers have characters develop an addiction as a way of making them more human in a flawed sense.

One of the most recent drug abusers comes to us in the form of Edie Falco's title character on 'Nurse Jackie.' The medical drama is back with a vengeance (Mon., March 22 10PM on Showtime), and to celebrate the return of our favorite no-nonsense RN, we're taking a look at TV's other famous pill-popping characters we've come to love (despite their issues) over the years.

We're not endorsing drug abuse of any kind, but it's a fact of life for some people, including these TV characters.

Find out who made our list after the jump.

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Staff Crush: Kelly Kapowski of 'Saved By the Bell'

by Alex Moaba, posted Feb 9th 2010 5:00PM
Kelly Kapowski, Tiffani Amber ThiessenIn honor of Valentine's Day, AOL TV's staff will be revealing their crushes all week.

Like a generation of kids who came of age in the mid 1990s, 'Saved by the Bell's' Kelly Kapowski was the first girl -- fictional or otherwise -- that I ever had a crush on. This was not because she was the captain of the cheerleading team, a waitress at The Max or one of the three females at Bayside High graced with a speaking role.

No. It was because Tiffani Amber Thiessen was smokin' hot. Even at an age where I remained mystified by the vagaries of long division and writing in cursive, this much I knew for sure.

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Best TV of the '00s: Late Night Moments

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Jan 2nd 2010 1:01PM

Joaquim Phoenix on David Letterman
More of our best of the decade coverage, which started on Tuesday. You can read the other posts at the link above. Here, we talk about the funniest or most surprising late night moments of the last ten years.

In the past decade, late night shows continued to bloom in popularity. However, some of our favorite late night shows were shuffled around while some got new hosts.

No matter what network executives decided to do to the line up of US late night shows, their hosts and guest stars gave us plenty fantastic, OMG!, and WTF? moments that generated tons of watercooler talks and forum discussion threads.

Below are some of the best late night moments of the past decade as chosen by some of the TV Squad bloggers. We realize there are tough choices in this category, so we hope you'll add your own favorites in the comments section below.

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Mario Lopez Talks 'Saved By the Bell' Reunion, His Children's Book & 'Nip/Tuck'

by Scott Harris, posted Oct 20th 2009 2:45PM
Mario LopezMario Lopez is a busy man.

Between his ongoing hosting duties for 'Extra' and 'America's Best Dance Crew', as well as his recurring guest role as a plastic surgeon on 'Nip/Tuck,' you wouldn't think he'd have enough time to catch his breath, much less use it to give us the inside scoop on all his upcoming projects.

Yet that's just what he did when AOL TV caught up to him recently, telling us all about the 'Saved By the Bell' reunion, the new children's book he co-wrote with his sister and his ongoing search for a new canine friend. So check out what he had to say, but watch out: you may get exhausted just reading about his amazing schedule.

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Dustin Diamond's book cover screams "please don't read me!"

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 7th 2009 11:02AM
Behind the BellWe told you recently about People getting all of the Saved by the Bell cast members together for a reunion and cover photo. Everyone except Dustin Diamond, that is (they didn't want him there). But he has a cover of his own, thank you very much, the one to his new tell-all Behind The Bell.

Here it is. By the way, Diamond is now performing at a pizza place/comedy club.

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Saved By The Bell cast reunites ... in People

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 30th 2009 7:01PM
People magYesterday we had a video that "explained" why Tiffani Thiessen was too busy to reunite with her Saved By The Bell costars on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. But the new People has the cast on the cover. Everyone except for Screech, who is busy with his tell-all book.

So what is Fallon going to think about this? He's been trying to get them together for months! It will be anti-climatic now.

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Tiffani Thiessen has a sh*t ton of stuff to do and can't go on Late Night

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 29th 2009 3:30PM
Just the other day I was wondering what was up with Tiffani (no Amber) Thiessen. And now we know. She's so busy she can't do that damn Saved By The Bell reunion on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, so don't ask her anymore, OK? She has a live-action cat comedy to direct!

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