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October 7, 2015


USA Sets Return Dates for 'White Collar,' 'Royal Pains,' Series Premiere Date for 'Common Law'

by Crystal Bell, posted Nov 29th 2011 5:15PM
white collar return date USA has released its 2012 mid-season schedule, which means that 'White Collar' fans, your wait to find out what happens to Elizabeth Burke is almost over.

'White Collar' returns to the network to continue Season 3 on Tues., Jan. 17. And don't worry 'Collar' fans, Neal Caffrey and his fancy suits will definitely be back for Season 4. Meanwhile, 'Royal Pains' will continue its own third season on Wed., Jan. 18. Both shows will air at the 10PM ET time slot.

The network will also premiere its new buddy cop dramedy, 'Common Law,' on Thurs., Jan. 26. The series stars Michael Ealy and Warren Kole as a pair of bickering LAPD detective partners who are ordered into couples therapy by their boss.

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PBS Confirms Season Premiere Dates for 'Downton Abbey' and 'Sherlock'

by Catherine Lawson, posted Nov 17th 2011 8:50AM
Restive 'Downton Abbey' fans need fret no more: PBS has confirmed that Season 2 will (finally!) premiere in the US on Sunday January 8, 2012. The AP reports Paula Kerger, PBS president, as saying that the abrupt ending to Season 1 and the paucity of episodes -- there were only four -- led to angry phone calls from fans, many of whom worried that PBS might not even air a second season.

PBS also has good news for 'Sherlock' fans. The 21st-century twist on Conan-Doyle's deerstalker-wearing detective will start its second season on PBS on Sunday May 6, 2012. Alas, it's only three episodes long, but fans can be assured that it should be a case of quality triumphing over quantity.

Other gems from the PBS spring lineup include a two-part examination of Bill Clinton's presidency, a look at some celebrity family trees by Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, and a series on American infrastructure, 'America Revealed,' hosted by winner of 'Survivor: Cook Islands,' Yul Kwon. More on these after the jump.

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Save Greendale! An Open Letter to the Head of NBC Regarding 'Community's' Future

by Maureen Ryan, posted Nov 15th 2011 12:40PM
The news that 'Community' has been benched for an indeterminate amount of time came like a punch in the gut on Monday.

Wait, what? Why am I, of all people, lamenting this very dark timeline for the low-rated NBC comedy? I'm not known to be one of 'Community's' most vociferous advocates.

Because the best part of this job is tapping into people's passions, and when I wrote about how much I loved 'Remedial Chaos Theory,' a wildly inventive and fantastically fun October episode of the show, I got a ton of feedback from 'Community' fans who were excited to share lists of their favorite episodes of the show.

Maybe 'Community' hasn't been my cup of tea every single week, but I absolutely love how much people adore it, and in a perfect world, the TV landscape offers range of shows that a wide variety of people wholeheartedly love, whatever those show's occasional wobbles.

That's why we need a Save Greendale campaign, which should not only involve felt beards but also letters to NBC (and if you have further ideas on how to save the show, please share them below). Here's my open letter to Robert Greenblatt, the chairman of NBC Entertainment:

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NBC Has Good News for 'Grimm,' Bad News for 'Prime Suspect'

by Catherine Lawson, posted Nov 15th 2011 8:00AM
The annual programming reshuffle known as the mideason schedule launch is in full swing at the major networks. Since NBC unveiled its new lineup yesterday there's been much speculation as to the fate of cult fave comedy 'Community,' struggling newbie drama 'Prime Suspect' and brand new fairytale drama 'Grimm.'

It seems as though the cast and crew at 'Grimm' can rest easy for now. Deadline reports that the fairytale-based procedural has received an order for additional scripts. That doesn't mean it's out of danger yet, but it should avoid the ax for now at least. However, 'Prime Suspect' is still most definitely on the dreaded bubble, with Deadline quoting one source as saying NBC execs are "considering our options." Gulp.

Meanwhile, 'Community' stars took to Twitter to vent their spleen about the benching of their show.

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Fox Bumps 'Fringe' for Baseball, Will NBC Bump 'Grimm' and 'Chuck'?

by Catherine Lawson, posted Oct 28th 2011 7:08AM
'Grimm'Last night's thrilling Game 6 was just fantastic for baseball fans, but has produced headaches of epic proportions for the schedulers at the TV networks.

Having wreaked havoc on the schedules at Fox for a couple of weeks already, the imminent championship-deciding Game 7 tonight may also prompt some gnashing of teeth elsewhere.

Game 7 means that Fox will have to reschedule 'Fringe' and 'Kitchen Nightmares,' but they've had a few days in which to consider their options. And 'Fringe' fans are already used to setting their DVRs to catch new episodes as the series is regularly bounced around the Fox schedule anyway. But what about 'Grimm?'

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Fox Bumps 'The X Factor' for Baseball

by Catherine Lawson, posted Oct 13th 2011 7:00AM
'The X Factor' judgesPity the poor schedulers over at Fox. Not only have they had to bench 'New Girl' to accommodate an extended 'X Factor,' but now they've had to move 'X Factor' because of the weather and sports.

Last night's planned two-hour episode did not air because of a rain delay during Game 4 of the American League Championship Series between the Detroit Tigers and the Texas Rangers.

Instead, viewers on the East Coast got to see the game, while West Coast viewers were treated to a rerun of an episode from last week.

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Fox Benches 'New Girl' Until November: Get Ready for a Two-Hour 'X Factor'

by Catherine Lawson, posted Oct 11th 2011 8:00AM
'The New Girl' castBad news for 'New Girl' fans, but great news for 'X Factor' and baseball fans: Fox is benching the new comedy until November in order to accommodate some scheduling tweaks.

The network has retooled its schedule slightly to allow it to air even longer episodes of 'The X Factor' as well as the MLB play-offs and World Series. This means that no new episodes of 'New Girl' will air until November.

A scheduled special airing of 'New Girl' tomorrow night will be replaced by a two-hour (count 'em) episode of 'The X Factor,' which will introduce the "judges' mansions" round of the competition.

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Fox Makes Changes to its Summer Schedule

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jun 9th 2011 6:00AM
Gordon RamsayGordon Ramsay fans will be delighted to know that soon they'll be getting back-to-back doses of the potty-mouthed British chef, Monday nights on Fox. And antiques fans can set a date with the Keno twins for the launch of their new show.

Following disappointing ratings for the Season 2 premiere of 'MasterChef' earlier this week, Fox execs have tweaked the summer schedule to give the cooking show a boost. It will now air before ratings powerhouse 'Hell's Kitchen,' which returns for its ninth season in July.

According to Deadline.com, Fox had originally planned to air 'MasterChef' Mondays and Tuesdays at 8PM ET, an hour earlier than last summer. But, after ratings plummeted a whopping 33 percent on Monday, and went up only 10 percent the following night, Fox is moving the series to the 9PM ET slot, which is where it aired last year behind 'Hell's Kitchen.'

The move on Monday will be made right away, with a 'MasterChef' rerun airing Monday June 13 at 8PM ET, leading into a new episode at 9PM ET. Come July, Fox hopes that 'Hell's Kitchen' viewers will stay with the network for a second helping of Ramsay.

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CBS Midseason Schedule: 'Blue Bloods,' 'Defenders' Move

by Chris Harnick, posted Dec 22nd 2010 10:10AM
Tom Selleck, Blue BloodsComfortable with your current CBS viewing habits? Well, it's all about to change -- sort of.

The network announced its midseason schedule, shuffling some hit shows to make room for some new additions to the lineup. Those of you who were looking forward unwinding with Tom Selleck on these upcoming cold Friday nights, that luxury is no more. CBS is moving 'Blue Bloods' to Wednesday nights at 10PM for a few weeks.

"We're in the fortunate position of having a schedule with many successful shows and very few holes," Kelly Kahl, senior executive vice president of primetime for CBS, said in a statement. "This allows us to be very targeted with our mid-season series. These are moves that maintain the core stability of a successful schedule, while giving us multiple looks for the future at a few time periods."

In addition to the 'Blue Bloods' change -- don't worry, it heads back to Fridays at 10PM eventually -- 'The Defenders' moves to Fridays at 8PM. '$#*! My Dad Says' makes way for 'Rules of Engagement' on Thursdays, with 'Mad Love' taking the Monday slot once occupied by 'Rules.'

Check out the full schedule changes below.

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NBC Scheduling Changes: Is 'Outlaw' Out? Will 'LOLA' Move to Thursdays?

by Jean Bentley, posted Oct 5th 2010 5:10PM
'Outlaw'It's week three of the new fall TV season, and NBC is on its way to a third straight week of declining ratings. Although it hasn't yet canceled one of its new shows for underperforming, Deadline reports that the network will likely tinker with its schedule -- and soon.

The show in the most imminent danger of cancellation is Friday night's 'Outlaw,' which only earned a 1.0 rating and 4.7 million viewers last week. Since 'School Pride' is set to launch next Friday, the network could air a two-hour 'Dateline' afterwards in 'Outlaw''s place. Since 'The Apprentice' is not performing well either, NBC could possibly move the reality show to Wednesdays at 9PM, put new hit 'Law & Order: Los Angeles' in its Thursday night at 10PM place, then push 'Law & Order: SVU' into the Wednesday night at 10PM digs.

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Fox Announces Fall Premiere Dates

by Laura Prudom, posted Jul 13th 2010 2:15PM
Cory Monteith, Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison - GleeFox fans will be feeling extra 'Glee'-ful come Sept. 21, since the highly anticipated second season will make its debut that Tuesday at 8PM ET.

The Live Feed just released the deets for Fox's full fall schedule, which sees the network bowing the majority of its programming in the third week of September. Favorites like 'Bones' and 'House' retain their old timeslots, while new series like 'Lone Star,' 'Running Wilde' and 'Raising Hope' should shake the schedule up a little. Check out the full line-up after the jump.

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Summer TV Premieres 2010

by Elizabeth Chan, posted May 5th 2010 7:00AM

While our favorite TV shows take a summer break that doesn't mean our televisions cool down. Let's be honest -- it's nice to give our brains a break deciphering Easter eggs. So kick off the flip flops and enjoy a glass of lemonade with our summer TV premieres. There are some brand new shows to look forward to on all network fronts, including new episodes of 'Wipeout,' 'Mall Cops: Mall of America,' 'Scoundrels' and new seasons of "Toddlers and Tiaras' and 'Weeds.'

Check out the entire schedule after the jump!

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Fox Unveils Summer Lineup

by Audrey Fine, posted Mar 9th 2010 4:05PM
Lie to MeSpring is still more than a week away, but the ever-industrious programming gurus at FOX have just released its summer schedule and, according to the Hollywood Reporter, it boasts several familiar faces and one new contender.

Mondays, beginning June 7, will welcome the Tim Roth pyschic-cop drama 'Lie to Me' -- which has been on hiatus since December -- back to the lineup. The cult hit will be followed at 9PM by a new offering called 'Good Guys' (formerly 'Code 58'), a comedic drama starring Bradley Whitford ('West Wing') as a washed-up detective and Colin Hanks (Tom's kid) as a gung-ho young buck. The pilot, which delves into the wacky situations the new partners will face, will air before 'American Idol' on May 19 and then debut in its dedicated time slot three weeks later.

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2010 Winter Olympics Curling Schedule

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Feb 18th 2010 3:00AM

If you've arrived to this blogpost with your curling iron in hand waiting for a chance at Olympic greatness with Kristy Yamaguchi's hair, you've come to a very wrong place. However, if you ever day dreamed about what it would be like take your grandfather's shuffleboard game on ice, then we've got exactly the schedule you're looking for.

For those who don't know, curling involves sliding a large piece of polished granite on ice towards the house, where two sweepers help to guide the piece to it's intended target. May sound a lot like your last home improvement project but it is a bonafide Olympic sport which was re-introduced during the 1998 Nagano games alongside with Women's Ice Hockey.

Check out when you can catch nations compete in Olympic curling after the jump.

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2010 Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Schedule

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Feb 18th 2010 1:00AM

Did you know that the word hockey derives from "hocquet," a french word for "stick?" Add a puck, an ice floor and competition dating back to ancient Grecian times and you've got the Ice Hockey tournaments at the Winter Olympics.

With the round robin tournaments in full swing for both Women's and Men's Ice Hockey competion, make sure you don't miss the slapshots heard around the world. Check out the Olympic Ice Hockey schedule after the jump.

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