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October 13, 2015

schweddy balls

Kathie Lee and Hoda Sample Some Schweddy Balls Ice Cream (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Sep 8th 2011 4:20PM
Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford try Schweddy Balls on 'Today'It's been roughly 13 years since Alec Baldwin appeared on 'Saturday Night Live' with Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer for the infamous NPR Schweddy Balls sketch. The sketch has persisted enough in the public imagination that Ben & Jerry's just released a Schweddy Balls flavor, a vanilla infused with rum and fudge-covered rum and malt balls.

Wait, did you say rum? That explains why Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb were eager to give it a try on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC).

Gifford didn't seem to full appreciate the subtle double entendre, though. 'Schweddy Balls' is named for its creator, Pete Schweddy, but Gifford quickly dispatched with the nuance. "I've been trying to avoid sweaty balls all my life," she said. "But apparently, this is not what you want to avoid."

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Schweddy Balls Ice Cream: Yes, It's Real!

by Chris Harnick, posted Sep 7th 2011 8:15PM
Schweddy Balls'Saturday Night Live' fans, you better make some room in your freezer. Ben and Jerry's has officially announced the launch of Schweddy Balls ice cream. Yes, an ice cream flavor based on the fan-favorite 'SNL' Delicious Dish skit featuring Molly Shannon, Ana Gasteyer and Alec Baldwin.

"For a long time, I thought that 'Here Lies Pete Schweddy' would end up on my tombstone," Baldwin said in a statement. "Now, thanks to Ben & Jerry's, the goodness of the Schweddy family recipe won't go with me to the great beyond."

In the classic sketch, Shannon and Gasteyer played NPR hosts. Baldwin played Pete Schweddy, a baker.

The flavor, which was rumored to be in the works in June, will be available nationwide. It features Fair Trade vanilla ice cream -- with a hint of rum -- fudge covered rum balls and milk chocolate malt balls.

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Ben & Jerry's Readying a 'Saturday Night Live' Flavor?

by Chris Harnick, posted Jun 14th 2011 11:00AM
Saturday Night Live, Schweddy BallsThe famous 'Saturday Night Live' 'Delicious Dish' sketch with Molly Shannon, Ana Gasteyer and Alec Baldwin is rumored to become a Ben & Jerry's flavor just in time for the holidays. Nothing says Christmastime like Schweddy Balls!

Gasteyer let the news slip during a recent interview with NY1. "[The sketch] has this crazy, massive popularity that's kind of had a half life since I left the show," she said. "Ben & Jerry's is coming out with a Schweddy Balls ice cream for Christmas this year."

According to Gothamist, a Ben & Jerry's representative wouldn't confirm or deny the news, citing the desire for an element of surprise.

'SNL' veteran Jimmy Fallon recently got his own Ben & Jerry's flavor. Comedian Stephen Colbert and musician Willie Nelson have also received that honor.

Watch the iconic 'Saturday Night Live' sketch below.

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Watch Alec Baldwin talk about his Schweddy Balls

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 18th 2009 2:29PM
Maybe I'm 12 years old, but this sketch always cracks me up. It's Alec Baldwin in a classic Saturday Night Live Christmas sketch from years ago. It was one of the sketches shown last night on NBC's A Very Gilly Christmas.

Funny, it's almost as if it's not Baldwin introducing the sketch, it's like Jack Donaghy is introducing it.

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Schweddy Balls and Consumer Probe on 'Saturday Night Live': Clip Highlights (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Dec 18th 2009 3:48AM
Saturday Night Live: Schweddy Balls'Saturday Night Live' dug deep into the archives for last night's special, 'A Very Gilly Christmas.' Taking center stage was mischievous moppet Gilly (Kristen Wiig), with appearances by Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin and plenty of 'SNL' alumni.

Adam Sandler sang 'The Hanukkah Song,' Justin Timberlake competed with Santa, and Candice Bergen did her part for safe toys with 'Consumer Probe.' And we can't forget those infamous Schweddy Balls.

Here are a few of the videos for your viewing enjoyment. Tell us your favorites in the comments below.

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