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September 1, 2015

sci fi

Spoilers Anonymous In-Depth: 'Smallville'

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Oct 26th 2010 2:00PM
Spoilers AnonymousThis is Spoilers Anonymous In-Depth, a weekly column here at TV Squad where we discuss and give our two cents about recently released spoilers and how they may affect the storylines, shows and fans.

This in-depth version of the column goes hand in hand with our weekly spoilers column, in which we supply you with the dirt on some of the more popular shows on the air.

This week, we discuss spoilers recently released for the upcoming episodes of 'Smallville.'

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'Sanctuary' Season 3 Premiere Recap

by Alaina O'Connor, posted Oct 16th 2010 4:00PM
['Sanctuary' - 'Kali, Part 3']

Season 3 picked up right where season 2 ended with Big Bertha releasing a massive electromagnetic pulse across the Indian Ocean. She disabled every ship in the vicinity, including the Sanctuary network's, and sent a massive tidal wave toward the Indian sub-continent.

Terrence decided to go in for the kill to get rid of BB for good, but Magnus interfered. She jumped into her helicopter to try to distract Terrence and force BB back into the ocean, but crashed.

In Mumbai, Will was in pretty bad shape. I suppose dancing around like you're in a Bollywood movie would do that to some people.

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'Futurama' Season Finale Recap (VIDEO)

by Danny Gallagher, posted Sep 3rd 2010 9:31AM
Futurama's 100th episode['Futurama' - 'The Mutants Are Revolting']

"Fry, this is the stupidest, sweetest thing you've ever done." - Leela

The season finale snuck up on me. It wasn't until a couple of days ago when I pitched a feature idea to the editors at TV Squad HQ about how this season was shaping up to be one of if not the best of the entire series run.

Then it dawned on me, this IS the last show of the season. Not only that but it's the 100th episode of the entire series. This thing that has been on the air just by the sheer force of the will of the fans who helped breath life into it and then brought it back to life, has reached one of the holiest milestones of television.

How does a show about the insignificance that time imposes on man make me feel so alive?

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'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Casting Memo: Reggie Jackson as Geordi La Forge and More Goofiness

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 26th 2010 7:00PM
The first season cast of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'This memo has been floating around the web for a few years, but it was brought to the surface again today by the websites The Daily What and Letters of Note, and I thought it would be a fun item to give you at the end of a slow pre-Emmys, pre-fall-premiere week.

After the jump is an internal Paramount casting memo for 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' that was sent to the studio's television head in the spring of 1987, a few months before the series was set to debut. The memo lists actors who were being considered for each of the show's major roles with some notes as to how the auditions were going so far.

Looking at the memo, the "what might have been" possibilities are tantalizing... and at the same time, shows how easy it can be to ruin a show with misguided casting.

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'Eureka' - 'Crossing Over' Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 8th 2010 1:15PM
'Eureka' - 'Crossing Over'(S01E05) You can't go back again. This week, that statement proved to be both true and untrue, as Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti) paid a visit to Eureka from 'Warehouse 13.' Her stop by was the second part of the big 'Eureka'/'Warehouse 13' crossover epic event! Actually, the two parts are mostly self-contained so it's not so much a big epic crossover as it is two like-minded series showing some appreciation for one another.

Claudia brought all the sass and snarkiness that made her an invaluable addition to the cast of 'Warehouse 13' to 'Eureka,' from the moment she opened her mouth upon arrival. The flirting with Fargo was relentless throughout, but then Claudia's presence suddenly became the least of our problems.

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'No Ordinary Family' Has Something For Everyone, Says Producers - TCA Report

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 1st 2010 9:02PM
Jimmy Bennett and Michael Chiklis at the 'No Ordinary Family' panel at the Summer 2010 TCAsI was going to entitle this post "'No Ordinary Family' Is the Prius of TV," but I figured people wouldn't quite get it. But if executive producer Greg Berlanti and star Michael Chiklis are to be believed via their repeated use of the word 'hybrid,' 'No Ordinary Family' is something that hasn't been seen on TV an ages, something that feels familiar but is fresh and new.

It's a show about a family who are involved in a plane crash and find out the waters they swam in after ditching gave them super powers. So it's a family show, a sci fi show, and a show with some comic book elements to it.

Why are they emphasizing the show's crossover nature so much? Because, according to both the producers and the stars, to make a mark on broadcast television, a show needs to be big. Hybrid big.

"It's kind of a fun throwback to some of the action adventure series I watched so much as a kid," said Berlanti. "As audiences get more sophisticated you try to blend genres. We wanted to make something the whole family could watch together."

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'Eureka' - 'The Story of O2' Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 31st 2010 4:30PM
'Eureka' - 'The Story of O2'(S04E04) I don't know why, but something told me this episode was going to be about oxygen, and I don't mean the cable network. That said, we did get the women of Eureka taking more of a center stage role this week, for better or worse. Even more fun, we got to check in with Zoe (Jordan Hinson) to see both how she's handling college, and if anything's changed with her in the new timeline.

Jamie Kennedy ('Ghost Whisperer') flexed his acting chops -- if that means playing basically the same character as he did on 'Ghost Whisperer,' only as a scientist -- in a typically 'Eurekian' guest spot. It's always fun seeing who they can convince to come over for some of the fun. Next week promises Allison Scagliotti, in character from 'Warehouse 13,' for a crossover episode.

But first, it's a "soap box derby" race to the moon. Oh yeah, this is definitely the 'Eureka' we all know and love.

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Four New Releases Give a Glimpse of 'Doctor Who' History

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 25th 2010 10:23AM
Jon Pertwee as Doctor Who in 'The Time Monster'With the latest season of 'Doctor Who' ending, you'll have the rest of the summer to catch up on your 'Who' history. If you're a purist, the best way to do that is to go back to the vaults and watch the show.

BBC America just released four more volumes, covering the First Doctor (William Hartnell, 1963-1966), the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee, 1970-1974), and the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker, 1974-1981).

More than two thirds of the episodes are available on DVD, and the BBC plans to eventually release everything it has. Mind you, some of the earliest episodes from the '60s and '70s were erased to make way for newer programs, but bits of those turn up here and there.

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'Doctor Who' - 'The Big Bang' Recap (Season Finale)

by Brad Trechak, posted Jul 24th 2010 10:00PM
Doctor Who(S05E13) Only in a show like 'Doctor Who' can you end the universe and then have an episode afterwards.

Showrunner Steven Moffat proved his writing chops in this one as he tied together the nagging issues of the season's arc fairly well. Of course, he did leave a plot thread dangling, but somehow I suspect he left it to deal with next season or quite possibly as a story arc for his entire run on the program. 2013, which would be 50 years of 'Doctor Who,' isn't that far away.

Had Russell T. Davies written this season, he would have had the Doctor fighting all of the enemy aliens we saw in the last episode and outsmarting them in the end with a deus ex machina. Moffat's way is better even though he used a completely different deus ex machina.

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Catching Up On 'Doctor Who' History

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 24th 2010 9:25AM
Matt Smith as Doctor WhoIf Matt Smith is the only Doctor Who you've ever known, then you've seen some strange faces this season. In the first episode of this season, when the eleventh Doctor was facing down an alien set to destroy the Earth, it looked into his mind and saw several previous incarnations of the Doctor and various enemies he has bested.

Then again in episode 11, the Doctor had to transfer some of his memory to his roommate (yes, roommate), Craig Jones, and again, when saw some of the previous Doctors. If you saw 'Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide,' you were brought up to date on the series reboot that started in 2005 with the Ninth Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston, and continued with the Tenth Doctor, played by the immensely popular David Tennant.

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TV Squad TV Club: 'Battlestar Galactica' Season 1, Episodes 9-13

by Joel Keller, posted Jul 23rd 2010 5:03PM
BSG Season one DVDWe've entered the third installment of The TV Squad TV Club's 'Battlestar Galactica' viewing marathon. This week, we talk about Season 1, episodes 9-13, including the shocking season finale.

In a vidcast, I discuss the assignment with AOL TV editor extraordinaire Kelly Woo. And, via the magic of Skype, TV Squad writer Jason Hughes chimes in on the how Col. Tigh is more than just a cantankerous drunk, and Sandie Angulo Chen discusses the finale, and how shocking it is even now.

Below, Jason, Sandie and myself furthered the discussion in an e-mail exchange from earlier in the week.

Stay tuned for what we'll be covering during the next club meeting, which we're hoping to schedule for later in August.

Questions and discussion points can be directed to us on Twitter (@aoltv, use the hashtag #tvsquadtvclub), on our Facebook fan page or by e-mail at tvsquadtvclub AT gmail DOT com.

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'Futurama' - 'Lethal Inspection' Recap

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jul 23rd 2010 9:42AM
Mom's killbots from the (S06E06) For the most part, I've been impressed with 'Futurama's' return to the airwaves. Some episodes have been a little rocky, but there's always more than a few bumps when a show has to penetrate the thin layer of TV's re-entry layer.

It feels like the old show did, but something has been missing from the last few episodes: a real sense of emotion. One of the great things about 'Futurama' and shows like it are its surprising ability to make you feel something other than laughter. The "Jurassic Bark" episode, the one in which Fry's dog waits for Fry's return long after he's been frozen in the cryogenics lab, was the closest I ever came to crying at a TV show. Thank God for man's inability to divert tears from flowing by sheer will, even though I had to use a pair of pliers and some loose thigh skin to take my mind off of the emotional pain.

Thankfully, it returned last night.

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'Inception' Would Make a Great Television Series

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 22nd 2010 3:02PM
'Inception'There have been a lot of film-to-television adaptations. Just last season we had two attempts at finding big-screen gold on the small screen, with 'Eastwick' fizzling and 'Parenthood' eking out a season renewal. But why reach so far back when there's a great big movie in the multiplexes right now that's blowing people's minds, and could do it again on a weekly basis?

'Inception' is a film that works because it's a perfect blend of character and concept. Critics wondered if it was too "smart" for audiences, and it's true that the film doesn't hold your hand as it weaves its way through a multi-layered narrative. But with a $62.7 million dollar opening weekend atop the box office, clearly audiences could handle its big ideas.

And its because of the brilliance of those big ideas that 'Inception' could be the foundation for a fantastic television series.

for this entire article!! We recommend you go see the film and then come back so we can talk properly.

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'Warehouse 13' - 'Beyond Our Control' Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Jul 21st 2010 2:29PM
warehouse 13 claudia beyond our control(S02E03) So what did we learn during this episode of 'Warehouse 13?' Claudia drives an El Camino (interesting), the townspeople think the Warehouse agents are IRS hacks, and the show keeps getting sillier and sillier.

Last week, our favorite team of relic hunters saved Detroit from imploding by snagging a pair of magical underpants off a delusional nerd's superhero costume. This week, a magical camera and projector developed by Philo Farnsworth made a B-movie marathon come to life. A B-movie marathon that almost blew up the little town on Univille, North Dakota, where the Warehouse is located.

While Pete, Myka, Claudia and Artie rushed all over town searching for the artifact and saving various townies from gladiators and gunslingers, Mrs. Frederick tried to help Leena with her post-MacPherson headaches.

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Pilot Watch: 'The Event'

by Joel Keller, posted Jul 20th 2010 3:03PM
The cast of 'The Event' on NBC
From now through August, we're going to be taking a quick look at the fall and mid-season pilots that the networks sent to critics after their upfront presentations.

Keep in mind that in each case, our opinions are based on a pilot that could be completely recast and reworked between now and the fall.

Show: 'The Event'
Network: NBC
Timeslot: Mondays, 9PM ET

The lowdown:
Usually in this space, I give a canned description of the pilot -- and, by extension, the series' -- general premise. But 'The Event' is a hard one to pin down. The story flashes back and forth in whatever increments it needs in order to explain what's going on in the present. What we know is that in the span of eleven days, Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) has gone from a happy guy who's about to ask his girlfriend Leila (Sarah Roemer) to marry him to a desperate man who pulls a gun as a plane is taking off from Miami. In the meantime, the new president (Blair Underwood) is finding out about an Alaskan prison run by the CIA, whose mysterious prisoners are led by the equally mysterious Sophia (Laura Innes). By the end of the episode, an event happens which might very well affect the fate of mankind.

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