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August 29, 2015


'V' Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

by Brad Trechak, posted Feb 2nd 2011 1:10AM
V['V' - 'Unholy Alliance']

This week's episode carried the story along pretty well, but didn't really jump out with anything big or shocking, preferring to just slowly move along to what will hopefully be a grand finale.

It was written by Rockne S. O'Bannon, better known as the creator of 'Alien Nation,' 'SeaQuest DSV' and 'Farscape.' The episode was somewhat disappointing in a sense because the latter series was pretty good at using pop culture references that the nerds who watch this sort of program (like myself) tend to enjoy. It would have made the show a little better to include some of those. Oh well.

Poor Laura Vandevoort didn't have much to do this week as Lisa. Fortunately, you can watch her AOL interview here to make up for lost screen time.

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'Being Human' Series Premiere Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Jan 18th 2011 12:15PM
being human syfy pilot['Being Human' – 'There Goes the Neighborhood']

Syfy's new spin on 'Being Human' isn't straying too far from the original cult BBC series ... yet. The setup -- a vampire and a werewolf share an apartment with a ghost -- hasn't changed, and, like the original show, the new version follows the three supernatural twentysomethings as they attempt to live "normal" human lives.

Several scenes of this new pilot played like they were carried over from the the UK version's first episode, but with new actors taking on the lead roles. But that won't be the case for future outings; word is that 'Bieng Human' U.S. will start to stray from the events of the original series later this season.

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'V' Season 2, Episode 2 Recap

by Brad Trechak, posted Jan 12th 2011 3:00AM
V['V' - 'Serpent's Tooth']

This one is for those of you who missed Jane Badler on television. It seems pretty obvious that the character of Diana was created to highlight her return to the series and create a tangible link between the current version and the original mini-series, because her role doesn't make sense.

What did we learn from her? We learned that V's have visited the Earth since the first atom bomb (old news) and their purpose on the planet seems to be colonization and interbreeding. It's still unclear, given their firepower, as to why they don' just use force to accomplish this. It also seems that prolonged exposure to humans for them is a bad thing. They catch emotion cooties.

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Exclusive 'Being Human' Clip, Plus T-Shirt and Syfy iPod Giveaway

by Mike Moody, posted Jan 10th 2011 10:15AM
being human syfy castSally is the kind of girl who would die to get noticed -- if she wasn't already dead. In 'Being Human,' Syfy's new spin on the hit BBC series, the gorgeous ghost (Meaghan Roth) shares a Boston home with two unlikely bedfellows, a vampire (Sam Witwer) and a werewolf (Sam Huntington).

'Being Human' follows the twentysomething trio as they struggle to curb their dark supernatural desires in order to blend in with the human world around them.

The show premieres Jan. 17 at 9PM ET on Syfy, but you can get a taste now by streaming an exclusive clip, featuring Sally meeting her new roommates for the first time, after the jump.

Plus: TV Squad is giving away a specially-made 'Being Human' T-shirt and a Syfy branded iPod. To enter the giveaway, scroll down to the bottom of the post for details.

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'V' Season 2, Episode 1 Recap (Season Premiere)

by Brad Trechak, posted Jan 5th 2011 1:15AM
V - Red Rain['V' - 'Red Rain']

Welcome to what is likely the final season of this series. This is a shame, because 'V' showed some promise in tonight's premiere. The show has an excellent premise and a kick-ass cast, but given ABC's treatment, unless it gets some major ratings, it's likely a goner.

At least we finally got to see what the aliens look like under their fake skin, literally down to the bone. While it's a fairly radical change to our invading lizards due to improvements in technology (definitely no devil tails in the last batch), it is reminiscent of their original visage from the '80s (which goes along with the retro casting of this season). They just need the whiplash tongue and the rat-eating to make it complete.

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'V' Season 2 Preview: Red Sky at Morning -- Visitors' Warning?

by Laura Prudom, posted Jan 4th 2011 1:00PM
Elizabeth MitchellThe Visitors are back, and they don't come in peace. After seven months away from our screens, ABC's 'V' returns with a vengeance tonight to begin its long-awaited second season, and judging by the first few episodes, it certainly intends to make up for lost time.

TV Squad was among a select group of journalists invited up to the set of the Vancouver-based series last September, and we have plenty of juicy scoop to whet your appetite for the new season before it premieres tonight.

Join us after the jump to get your 'V' fix -- it's far more tasty than eating a rat, we promise.

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'Stargate: Universe' Cancellation Puts Kibosh on 'Atlantis' Film

by Chris Harnick, posted Dec 30th 2010 12:02PM
Stargate UniverseA new casualty of 'Stargate: Universe's' cancellation has emerged: the planned 'Stargate: Atlantis' DVD movie.

Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi took to his blog to answer fan questions and shared the news.

"I'm sorry to say but the cancellation puts the brakes on whatever progress the 'SGA' movie had made in the past month, shelving it indefinitely," Mallozzi wrote.

"The cancellation of 'SGU' is very bad news for those looking forward to an 'Atlantis' movie," he said.

Syfy pulled the plug on 'SGU' in early December. The remaining episodes will air as planned in the spring.

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'Sanctuary' Season 3, Episode 10 Recap

by Alaina O'Connor, posted Dec 20th 2010 3:30AM
['Sanctuary' - 'Hollow Men']

The midseason finale of 'Sanctuary' introduced an entirely new world, a world of "holographic-projecting mushroom farmers" and "telepathic Hare Krishnas with ring guns." And although it ended on a righteous cliffhanger (does anyone really believe that these characters are dead?), this was probably the most exciting episode of the season so far.

'Hollow Men' centered almost entirely around the city, which, as it turns out is called Praxis, and we learned a bunch of nifty details about the place: For instance, don't piss off a basilisk because it'll spit venom and fire at you without a second thought.

If you do encounter such a creature, however, make sure to bring a holographic projection of yourself to throw it off the scent, like the magic mushroom farmers did when they rescued Will and Magnus.

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Virginia Madsen Signs on For Recurring Role in 'The Event'

by Catherine Lawson, posted Dec 14th 2010 10:15AM
Virginia MadsenNBC's sci-fi drama 'The Event' may be on a three-month hiatus from our screens, but that doesn't mean that production has shut down. It's been announced that Virgina Madsen ('Sideways,' 'Scoundrels') has signed on for a recurring role

According to deadline.com, the Oscar nominee will play Catherine Lewis, the widow of a US senator from Alaska who has taken over her late husbands post. "A former powerhouse attorney, the Harvard graduate is determined to carry out her husband's legacy at any cost."

Lewis is described as a "major recurring" character, and the role was reportedly first offered to Connie Britton ('Friday Night Lights,' 'Spin City') back in November.

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'Sanctuary' Season 3, Episode 9 Recap

by Alaina O'Connor, posted Dec 13th 2010 4:45AM
'Sanctuary' S03/E09['Sanctuary' - 'Vigilante']

This week's episode of 'Sanctuary' continued with the momentum that has been building for the past few episodes; all leading up to next week's mid-season finale. Loose ends were tied up, new characters were introduced, and the missing piece of the Hollow Earth puzzle was finally put into place.

Magnus refused to face the fact that she's dying. Everyone around her tried to slow her down, but all she wanted to do was keep going. I think that if she stopped for even a moment, it would really sink in what's happening to her body.

I admire her drive to find the underground city and find a cure for the radiation sickness, but her haste and desperation could lead to carelessness, and if there's one thing that could topple the Sanctuary Network it's Magnus being careless (think, 'Kali').

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'Fringe' Season 3, Episode 9 Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 10th 2010 7:15AM
'Fringe' - 'Marionette'['Fringe' - 'Marionette']

It was an odd choice this week, considering this was the final episode of the series until it returns next year on its new night, Friday, January 21, 2011. While last week saw the grand climax of the "here" vs. "there" struggle that's dominated much of the season, this week was a much gentler aftermath installment.

Set entirely in the original universe, on the surface it looked like a fairly typical "monster-of-the-week" installment. But bubbling beneath that was a wonderfully understated performance by Anna Torv as she struggled with all that had happened in her two-month absence.

Stepping back into your life is hard enough. Try stepping back into your life after someone else has been living it for two months.

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Inside Joke as First Friday Episode of 'Fringe' is Entitled 'Firefly'

by Catherine Lawson, posted Dec 9th 2010 7:40AM
Walter BishopWhen Fox announced last month that it was moving 'Fringe' to Friday nights at 9PM ET -- a.k.a. "The Death Slot" -- fans immediately feared the worst, despite the show's producers saying the move was a positive one.

Now, blastr.com reports that in a cheeky self-referential nod to fans' fears and the fate of other shows in the dreaded slot, the first Friday night episode is called 'Firefly.'

Remember 'Firefly'? Joss Whedon's post-'Buffy' space western launched in 2002 to great acclaim, but after falling (Friday night) ratings Fox canceled it after airing only 11 episodes. Gulp.

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'Sanctuary' Season 3, Episode 8 Recap

by Alaina O'Connor, posted Dec 6th 2010 5:00AM
'Sanctuary' S03/E08['Sanctuary' - 'For King and Country']

This season started off pretty slow post-'Kali', but the last few episodes have really put 'Sanctuary' back on track. Okay, where to begin? This was a definite "kitchen sink" episode. There was a lot going on and it would have been better if the writers had focused on one plot point instead of trying to cram a lot of exposition and mythology into one episode.

First off, I loved the flashback aspect of the episode in which we learned about Adam Worth's relationship with The Five. I have to say that their justification for excluding him from their research didn't make a whole lot of sense, but I suppose you can chalk it up to the fact that they were young and idealistic. It's all very high school lunch room.

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'Fringe' Season 3, Episode 8 Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 3rd 2010 5:30AM
'Fringe' - 'Entrada'['Fringe' - 'Entrada']

This week, we were treated to a blue and red interchanging intro segment. That means we're finally done with this one episode "Over Here," one episode "Over There" nonsense. Plus, as promised, we got the resolution to the great Olivia switch storyline that's been running all season.

As a continuation of the overall story, 'Entrada' was a great chapter. As the culmination of a multi-episode struggle for Olivia to find her way home, while Fauxlivia exacts her mission in "our" world, it was a bit disappointing. Maybe they're saving all the fireworks for the aftermath next week.

It's not that it wasn't a satisfying episode in a lot of ways, because there were some great, genuine character moments. Walter even coined a new word I simply have to figure out how to work into a conversation. But, with all this build-up, I was expecting a nigh-epic explosion of confrontations on both sides of the veil between universes.

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'Stargate Universe' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Dec 1st 2010 12:00PM
stargate universe resurgence['Stargate Universe' – 'Resurgence']

One of the things I love most about 'Stargate Universe' is how the show manages to bring me to the edge of my seat with carefully crafted suspenseful moments -- like the build-up to the space jump in last night's mid-season finale.

The scene probably didn't do much for most viewers, but watching Greer leap from the edge of the shuttle to a hole in the side of a dark alien ship, wearing a space suit that may or may not be broken, was enough to make me squirm in my seat.

It just worked. The cinematography, special affects, set design, music and lighting all came together for an exciting scene that reminded me of some of the best horror/sci-fi films of all time, like 'The Thing,' 'Dark City' or, of course, 'Alien.' 'Resurgence' only got better from that point on ... until the episode ended abruptly with Destiny caught in the middle of a crazy space battle.

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