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September 1, 2015


Joe Dirt the series is coming to TBS. Yes, really.

by Brad Trechak, posted Jan 28th 2010 2:06PM
Joe DirtDo we really need multiple nights of David Spade (he's currently appearing on Rules of Engagement on CBS)? TBS believes the answer is "yes" and is preparing to launch an animated series of Joe Dirt which is a continuation of the movie of the same name. Spade will be providing the voice of the title character, which makes sense since he starred in and co-wrote the original movie.

TBS is trying to create a Family Guy-like animated comedy. Expect a lot of toilet humor from the series, which is a staple of the movies from Happy Madison Productions. It's likely that this series will not disappoint the legion of fans of "The Adam Sandler Bunch".

The question I must ask is: does the movie really warrant a spin-off television series? While we're at it, did the original Deuce Bigalow movie really warrant a sequel? If this works out for TBS, we might be seeing Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo the animated series in a few years. You know it would happen.

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Guitar Hero, the Series?

by Brad Trechak, posted May 8th 2009 7:08PM
Guitar HeroActivision Blizzard is looking at the possibility of creating a concert tour and reality television show based on their popular video game Guitar Hero. Admittedly, I'm not a video game fanatic and have never played the game, but I don't get how such a program would work.

Would it be a competition to see which gamer could pretend to play the guitar the best, or would it simply be following a bunch of Guitar Hero enthusiasts in their day-to-day lives? My guess is the former. I know a few people that actually play guitar that don't like the game, mostly because it doesn't really teach you how to play the guitar. The controls involve pressing buttons rather than strumming the strings. Even the creators of South Park had a go at the franchise.

However, all this is speculation at this stage. If there were a television show based on Guitar Hero, would you watch it?

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ABC's V series remake -- will it really happen?

by Debra McDuffee, posted Jan 28th 2009 9:01AM
Diana the alien from V seriesThis summer, I wrote about my love for all things V -- including lizard babies and future Freddie Kreuger aliens -- when the buzz was that there was a V movie script out and about, one that would lead to a sequel series.

Not sure if that script has become a future movie, but Jason tells us there is some more fun news on the front for V fans, and if ABC doesn't let down its fans yet again, then we could be seeing a remake of the original V series on ABC sometime soon.

Me? I say ... yay! But that's a yay with caution. Just because ABC has ordered the pilot doesn't mean it will get any farther than that. And there are pilots made every day that no one ever gets to see. Furthermore, the support that ABC has shown its quirky shows this year -- and V could be seriously quirky -- has not been stellar (Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money, anyone?).

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Moonlight fans can celebrate on Friday

by Debra McDuffee, posted Jan 20th 2009 5:05PM
Alex O'Laughlin as Mick St. John in MoonlightI didn't jump immediately on the Moonlight bandwagon. The pilot just didn't grab me, and there was still a bitter taste in my mouth from Buffy and Angel being canceled. We Whedon fans don't forgive easily.

Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore and I caught up on all the episodes and fell for Moonlight. I loved the unique lore, the back story with Coraline and her family was riveting and yeah, Jason Dohring in love as a vampire? Much more appealing than when he's in love with a little blonde super sleuth.

Well, you can now relive the tragically short Moonlight experience, courtesy of the Sci Fi Channel. Beginning this Friday night, they'll be showing an episode of Moonlight every Friday at 9:00, through the entire series.

As if that's not enough, the entire series of Moonlight has been released on DVD today. I'm just not sure Moonlight fans could ask for better news than being able to see the series run again. Well, they could ask, but they won't get it.

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Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone fans to get closure; Daisies viewers won't

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Dec 5th 2008 1:17PM
Pushing DaisiesOne of the worst words to hear for a devoted TV fan is the word "cancellation." Just having to type it makes me cringe. Hearing this word a year in advance allows fans, cast and crew to prepare and usually means that we will get a satisfying ending (I say usually because, let's face it, not everyone was satisfied with the Seinfeld gang ending up in prison or with the black screen at the end of The Sopranos... then again, can we satisfy all fans?).

What makes the "word that shall not be typed again in this post" so scary is when it is said after a series wrapped up its current episode order or when it is said almost a mere minute before said episode order is completed. When this happens, it usually means that the shows will not have the money/time/leisure to go back to the drawing board and rework what will now be known as their series finale.

When ABC announced that Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies were canc... not renewed, a lot of fans frantically searched the web to know if production had wrapped up in order to find out if there was hope for some closure. Well, my fellow TV fans, I come with answers: DSM and Eli finales will offer some closure while Daisies will end with a few cliffhangers!

Slight spoilers coming up!

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Tom Selleck returns as Jesse Stone

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 5th 2008 2:23PM
T SelleckThe other day, Les Moonves said that CBS is a network where the good guys win. That's part of the reason for the Tiffany net's success, even if their programming is sometimes deemed too traditional. Well, a great CBS star is coming back to the fold to play a good guy in a movie series that fans embrace. Tom Selleck will returns as Jesse Stone in his sixth TV movie based on the Robert B. Parker character.

The new TV movie is called Jesse Stone: No Remorse. Stone, a small-town cop with a checkered past and a troubled personal life, hits a major roadblock in his career when the town council suspends him. He takes a job for an old friend, going to Boston to investigate a series of murders in Boston.

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The Simpsons Movie rakes in $71.9 million

by Joel Keller, posted Jul 30th 2007 11:19AM
SimpsonsIf you noticed, we haven't done a lot of posts about The Simpsons leading up to the release of The Simpsons Movie. There are a few reasons for that: 1) it's a movie, and our friends at Cinematical have that beat pretty well covered, 2) we did some Simpsons stuff before its 400th episode, and 3) everyone else was doing it.

But there's no denying that all the promotional tie-ins, Simpsonizing web sites, and just the general popularity of the show paid off, now that the weekend's box office totals are in: the movie came in at #1 for the week, bringing in an impressive $71.9 million. Even Adam Sandler's latest epic, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, couldn't withstand the power of Yellow: it came in second with just over $19 million in sales.

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Lost creators promise answers, not Sopranos-style ending

by Anna Johns, posted Jun 14th 2007 1:29PM
lostLost creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse recently made an appearance at a Promax/BDA conference where they made some promises about the series ending and provided some insight on extras they have planned for next season.

First of all, the two promising fans that they will not give the series a "murky" ending, like what happened with this week's series finale of The Sopranos. They said they will answer questions and explain the island's mysteries over the next 48 episodes.

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A&E begins Matchmaking June 16

by Adam Finley, posted May 22nd 2007 12:02PM

matchThat's right, A&E has a new reality series, Confessions of a Matchmaker, set to debut on June 16 at 10:00 p.m. that is all about the art of making matches. Starting with the lumberjacks who chop down the trees for the matches and ending with the factory workers who create the match heads out of phosphorus sesquisulfide and potassium chlorate.

Hang on, someone just told me that's not what this series is about at all. It's actually about Patti Novak, a professional matchmaker who helps her clients find that special someone by using her own brand of "tough love." I'm guessing Novak's approach doesn't involve a lot of potassium chlorate, but maybe it should. I'm just saying.

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Shark: Porn Free

by Michael Canfield, posted Apr 13th 2007 7:01AM
Shark(S01E19) It's the saint versus the pornographer, as someone in the episode says. An internet pornographer is murdered, ostensibly by a single man who also runs his very own shelter for wayward young women. That's handy. Apparently this particular shelter is the place in the Valley to find women with low self-esteem to lure into porn. By the way doesn't "internet pornographer" sound ever so much sleazier that just plain ol' pornographer? Evidently the Shark writers think so.

It's no surprise when "the saint" is eventually revealed to have done business with the porn king, then got out of business with him, then fell in love with one of the women he was "rehabilitating" in his shelter, who then became a porn actress, who then ... oh, who cares?

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Shark: Trial By Fire

by Michael Canfield, posted Apr 6th 2007 7:41AM
Shark(S01E18) All in all, I enjoyed this hostage-crisis episode better than the previous hostage-crisis episode, "The Wrath of Khan", the one in which attorney Alexis Cruz got axed.

Evan Handler gives an enjoyable performance as the poor loser who claims he's innocent and is looking at his third strike. Handler played Hurley's probably imaginary friend Dave, the title character in a Lost episode last season and, more recently, one of the two hacky comedy writers on Studio 60, that Matthew Perry's character liked to bust on.

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Shark: Backfire

by Michael Canfield, posted Mar 30th 2007 11:57AM
Shhhhaaaaarrrrrrrkkkkkkk!!!!! (S01E17) Just under the wire, Shark sneaks a new episode into the vast desolation of repeats that is March. This time, the plot concerns the racially-charged shooting of a drug dealer and his honor-student cousin by two cops. As usual, the true culprit is not the person who Stark initially charges with a crime, but rather the person who years and years of TV-watching has told us to expect it will be: the allegedly least-likely (and therefore, most likely) candidate. The actual mystery here is why Isaac backed off his opportunity with Raina in San Diego some episodes ago. Isaac's ready to explain that now, but Raina's not in the mood, initially, to listen. She's reasonably suspicious that Isaac might just amount to a whole sack of drama and what does she need with that noise?

This is one of the better episodes. The plot-reversals, double-reversals, and triple-bogie re-re-re-reversals are not so outrageous as to sink the whole enterprise, and this allows some room for good character interaction.

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Heroes: Parasite

by Michael Canfield, posted Mar 6th 2007 6:41AM
Revised Manhattan Skyline
"Company Man" last week gave us many dimensions of one character. This week's awesomeness gives us many events snowballing throughout the Heroes universe. New characters, new secrets about old characters, and in anticipation of a month-plus hiatus, some tantalizing cliffhangers.

If this episode had been a football game, then I would say it was remarkable for its extraordinary number of turnovers. Time after time, when one character thinks he or she has the drop on another -- surprise! It isn't so.

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Heroes: Company Man

by Michael Canfield, posted Feb 26th 2007 10:36PM
Young Mr. Bennet
Damn, this is good TV. Heroes has raised the bar for itself again. That's my review, thanks for stopping by, I look forward to reading your comments.

Seriously though, I don't know where to start. The show this week focuses on one main story: the life and career of that "company man," Mr. Bennet, the man with a hidden first name, aka HRG. He is, as we knew, mysterious, calculating, and deceptive. He's also intelligent, conflicted, and loving. Jack Coleman, who plays this character teasing out all his layered glory, deserves an Emmy based on this episode alone.

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Shark: Blind Trust

by Michael Canfield, posted Feb 23rd 2007 8:41AM
Shark(S01E16) Incredible. I don't mean that as a compliment. First we are supposed to believe that 16-year-old Julie is able to keep her DWI arrest secret from a parent for an extended period. Even with Isaac covering for her, I don't buy it. Even the media finds out before Stark! And what kind of person is Isaac? He doesn't call Stark that night? Isaac is an adult, and he's keeping secrets with his friend's kid? Well, he is the guy who recommended the world's lamest bodyguard for Julie recently, so maybe I expect too much of him. All I know is Det. Baldwin Jones would never have messed this up

This isn't done because it makes sense however, but merely to set Stark up for a big feeling of betrayal to mirror the one he's going to get from this week's case...

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