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October 9, 2015


Jordana Instigates an Impromptu Pool Party on 'Baseball Wives' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 1st 2011 6:30AM
'Baseball Wives'Why should basketball wives have all the fun? These women proved that 'Baseball Wives' (Wed., 9PM ET on VH1) can be just as crazy and have just as much out-of-control fun. In fact, at a backyard party, Jordana proved that she's that girl.

You all know the one. Get a few drinks in her and get her near a pool, and she's out of her dress and in the water faster than you can say, "She's gonna do it."

Jordana convinced Brooke to join her in the underwear festivities, saying, "What's hotter than two gorgeous girls jumping into a f****** pool half-naked?"

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First Date Ends in Tears on Premiere of 'The Exes' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 1st 2011 5:00AM
'The Exes' - 'Pilot'TV Land has found a comfortable niche with their new line of sitcoms. Bring in familiar faces from sitcoms past and build shows around them that hearken back to those bygones days when the world was simpler, and so was television.

It's worked pretty well for them so far -- and they've smartly paired each of their new entries with established hit 'Hot in Cleveland' -- so they're at it again with 'The Exes' (Wed., 10:30PM ET on TV Land).

This one features Kristen Johnston as a divorce attorney who has filled the apartment across from her with three divorced men. The newest arrival moves in just in time for the premiere, and he proves to be the emotional tie that brings all these broken people together.

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The Struggle to Discipline on 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter' Premiere (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 1st 2011 1:00AM
'I Hate My Teenage Daughter' - 'Pilot''I Hate My Teenage Daughter' (Wed., 9:30PM ET on FOX) has been one of the worst-reviewed shows of the season, and yet FOX gave it easily their best time slot for its first several episodes. Coming out of 'The X Factor,' it's certain that plenty of people will at least sample the sitcom. But will they agree with the critics?

Our own Maureen Ryan called out the show for its incessant meanness to the two leads, which is entirely deserved, but I wasn't so quick to say there isn't hope for the show in the future. Yes, it needs to make some serious changes if people are going to want to watch, and that is the key phrase.

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Lifetime Introduces Us to 'America's Supernanny' Deborah Tillman (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 30th 2011 3:30AM
'America's Supernanny'When Jo Frost's 'Supernanny' ended, you might have thought there'd be no more parenting advice on television. Even though Frost isn't happy about it, Lifetime nevertheless introduced us to Deborah Tillman, dubbing her 'America's Supernanny' (Tue., 9PM ET on Lifetime), and she's got techniques that have been proven to work for her and the people she's helped.

One of those is the Calm Down Corner, which we saw implemented first-hand with a young child. It's a matter of consistency and patience, which this father learned first-hand. By the time Tate exhausted himself trying to leave the Calm Down Corner -- after 106 escape attempts -- Dad was literally drenched with sweat.

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Gillian Does a Photo Shoot, Hoping to Get Signed on 'Scouted' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 29th 2011 3:00AM
'Scouted' series premiereSome people just have that magical "it." Unlike many other professions, it can be even more difficult to see that potential in someone when it comes to the world of professional modeling. But that's the job of the teams featured on 'Scouted' (Mon., 10PM ET on E!).

In this premiere, one immediate success story was Gillian, who has that classic model look. When the scouts put together a photo shoot for her, it was immediate that their insight had gotten this one exactly right.

When she was presented to the team at One Management, she was told, "When you've been doing this long enough, and you see a picture like this, it's like okay, this is obvious. Welcome to the family."

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A School Teacher Plays 'You Deserve It' For a Widowed Friend (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 22nd 2011 4:15AM
'You Deserve It'ABC is back in the game show business, but their latest entry has a philanthropic twist. In 'You Deserve It' (Mon., 9PM ET on ABC), contestants participate in the quiz show with all of their winnings going toward someone else. Someone in their life who they think deserves it.

It creates a whole different kind of anticipation and tension, especially because they're not letting the recipient of the winnings know how things are going until it's all over. But for the player, they get that sense of doing something wonderful for someone they care about.

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'Big Shrimpin' Premiere: An Infected Foot Sends Jonathan to Hospital (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Nov 18th 2011 6:30AM
'Big Shrimpin' S01/E01Frankly, any show that includes the line "Oooh, look at that pus stream!" followed by graphic scenes from the ER, isn't really our cup of tea first thing in the morning, which is why this clip comes with a !!!GORE ALERT!!! advisory. Watch with caution and a strong stomach.

However, for the guys on 'Big Shrimpin' (Thurs., 10PM ET on History) hideous, oozing pustules on your feet are apparently just something you get used to.

'Miss Ashleigh' deckhand Jonathan has a real problem. He's got massive, seriously infected blisters on his foot. His crew mate wisely suggests he puts a bandage on his foot "In case that shrimp juice gets down in your boot or something." To make sure Jonathan understands just how serious the situation is, he adds, "You get that poison in that foot you'd be losing your foot."

Thankfully, common sense prevails and Jonathan goes to the hospital where -- in a true case of TMI! -- he gets his infected foot treated.

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The Danger of Jousting Sends One to the Hospital on 'Knights of Mayhem' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 16th 2011 2:30AM
'Knights of Mayhem' premiere'Knights of Mayhem' (Tue., 9PM ET on National Geographic) is a new reality series shining a spotlight torchlight on a group of people who want to see full-contact professional jousting recognized as a professional sport. It used to be one of the biggest shows in town, and these guys think it still could be.

Certainly it's still one of the most dangerous, as evidenced by this incredibly hard hit taken by Brian Stephenson. At 6'2" and 250 pounds, Stephenson is no light weight, but when you combine a charging horse and a lance, it's enough to knock someone silly.

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Shadia's Traditional Marriage to a Converting Catholic on 'All-American Muslim' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 14th 2011 5:30AM
'All-American Muslim' series premiereFor Americans used to the outlandish Western marriage ceremony, it may have been a little odd seeing Jeff and Shadia sitting in chairs while a pretty simple one was performed on the series premiere of 'All-American Muslim' (Sun., 10PM ET on TLC).

This is because, as a country, Americans still no so very little about Eastern religions and cultures. In that regard, 'All-American Muslim' is a fascinating series, and perhaps an important one in spreading the message that we're all still people under our differing garbs and differing faiths.

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More Questions for Bohannon on the 'Hell on Wheels' Series Premiere (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Nov 7th 2011 6:50AM
'Hell on Wheels' S01/E01AMC's new take on the Western genre, 'Hell on Wheels' (Sun., 10PM ET on AMC), premiered last night. Set in the 1860s it follows Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount), a former Confederate soldier, as he attempts to exact revenge on the Union soldiers who murdered his wife.

In the series premiere, Bohannon confronts the man he thinks is his wife's killer only to find out that he may have useful information implicating another man in the crime. However, just as Johnson seems about to reveal all, an unexpected and violent turn leaves Bohannon with even more unanswered questions.

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'Allen Gregory' Falls Madly In Love With ... His Principal? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 31st 2011 4:45AM
'Allen Gregory' - 'Pilot'It's pretty rare for an animated series to be so clear in its vision with the very first episode, but 'Allen Gregory' (Sun., 8:30PM ET on FOX) seems to know exactly what it's going to be about. It has a crisp look, well-defined characters and a lead who's completely unlikable but utterly fascinating.

Voiced by Jonah Hill, Allen Gregory is more than just another genius grade schooler. He's arrogant, socially clueless and way more confident than he should be. And he's apparently into much, much, much older women.

When he first lays eyes on his principal -- and the first thing he sees is her behind -- he's immediately whisked off into a rather disturbing fantasy, to say the least, of the two of them jet-setting together on a romantic getaway.

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Nick Is Thrown Into the World of the Supernatural in 'Grimm' Premiere (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 31st 2011 2:45AM
'Grimm' - 'Pilot'Making it even more awkward that it's airing opposite The CW's 'Supernatural,' NBC's new genre premiere 'Grimm' (Fri., 9PM ET on NBC) seems to share a lot of traits with it. Both shows feature people who track down and hunt creatures of myth that nobody believes are real.

On 'Supernatural' they're called hunters and they're tackling what we consider urban legends. On 'Grimm,' they're called Grimms and they take out creatures from fairy tales and nursery rhymes. In 'Grimm,' though, Nick has no idea what he is or what is happening to him when he starts to see the creatures for what they truly are.

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Fox Bumps 'Fringe' for Baseball, Will NBC Bump 'Grimm' and 'Chuck'?

by Catherine Lawson, posted Oct 28th 2011 7:08AM
'Grimm'Last night's thrilling Game 6 was just fantastic for baseball fans, but has produced headaches of epic proportions for the schedulers at the TV networks.

Having wreaked havoc on the schedules at Fox for a couple of weeks already, the imminent championship-deciding Game 7 tonight may also prompt some gnashing of teeth elsewhere.

Game 7 means that Fox will have to reschedule 'Fringe' and 'Kitchen Nightmares,' but they've had a few days in which to consider their options. And 'Fringe' fans are already used to setting their DVRs to catch new episodes as the series is regularly bounced around the Fox schedule anyway. But what about 'Grimm?'

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Woodie Introduces Mondo to California Beach Life on 'Good Vibes' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 28th 2011 2:45AM
'Good Vibes' - 'Pilot'Paired up with the return of 'Beavis and Butt-Head' is the new animated series 'Good Vibes' (Thu., 10:30PM ET on MTV). It's the story of Mondo, an overweight teen from New Jersey who goes to the one place a teenage boy will never get tired of ... the beach!

There, he makes friends with Woodie, a local who clearly has never been outside of California. While he teaches Mondo some of the tricks of the trade as a local, he also seems to think that the businesses along the beach front are representative of any town in America.

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'Beavis and Butt-Head' Lampoon JWoww of 'Jersey Shore' Making Pizza (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 28th 2011 1:45AM
'Beavis & Butt'-head' - 'Werewolves of Highland; Crying'There is nobody more suited to poke fun at some of the programming on MTV than 'Beavis and Butt-Head' (Thu., 10PM ET on MTV). Thank goodness the show returned after far too many years off the air.

While they still seemed to be able to find music videos to skewer -- we laughed, and agreed, with their assessment of MGMT's 'Kids' video -- they also found themselves having to comment on reality fare like 'Jersey Shore.'

Unfortunately for them, they picked an episode without fighting or sex, as they noted, but rather featuring the cast learning how to make pizza.

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