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October 13, 2015


Stargate Atlantis canceled, kind of

by Brett Love, posted Aug 21st 2008 9:22AM
David Hewlett, Robert Picardo, Joe Flanigan - Stargate AtlantisWell, this is just all kinds of disappointing, and a little surprising. Season five of Stargate Atlantis will be the end of its run on Sci Fi. That's a surprising bit of news considering that ratings are actually up for season five, compared to season four. Unfortunately, the economics of making the show are catching up with it. As the show goes beyond season five, salaries go up, and the exchange rate bonus of shooting in Canada isn't what it once was.

It might mark the end of the series, but we will hear more from our friends in Atlantis. The network has ordered a two hour movie and says the show will live on as a network franchise. I'm not sure if that means they hope to do more movies, or they are just confirming that they will continue to fill out the schedule with copious SG-1 and Atlantis reruns. The movie will be written by Atlantis showrunners, Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie. As you would expect, there are no details about casting or the story at this point.

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Eureka: Best In Faux

by Brett Love, posted Aug 13th 2008 9:23AM

Salli Richardson and Colin Ferguson - Eureka
(S03E03) We're still too early in the season to get too deep into the bigger picture mystery. In fact, the clues that were given this week where Eva's plans are concerned made the whole thing even more confusing. That's ok though, we've got lots of time for that story to grow. In the meantime, "Best In Faux" was another quirky stand-alone that got a lot of things right. The yearly dog show managed to dovetail with some crazy science, Zoey's homework, and some fantastic guest casting to deliver a very fun hour of television.

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Stargate Atlantis: Broken Ties

by Brett Love, posted Jul 26th 2008 9:26AM

Mark Dacascos - Stargate Atlantis
(S05E03) I have to admit, when I saw in the previews last week that we were getting a Ronon episode, I wasn't exactly excited. I figured it would be another stand alone episode, probably ok, but I don't usually think of Ronon as a character to carry the big load. Having now watched "Broken Ties," I'll say I was pleasantly surprised. Jason Momoa took advantage of being given the A-story and delivered his best performance to date. And along the way we got a little more background on Woolsey, and some answers to Teyla's burning question.

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Stargate: Atlantis and Eureka both get another season

by Brett Love, posted Oct 25th 2007 6:30PM
Joe Fkanigan - AtlantisGood news everyone. Or, good news for those of you that have a penchant for the SciFi original programming at least. The network has announced that they have ordered the fifth season of Stargate: Atlantis (20 episodes), which comes on the heels of the announcement for a third season of Eureka (13 episodes).

The SG-1 spinoff has performed well in its first season out of big brother's shadow. The show is currently averaging 1.8 million viewers, well above SciFi's 1.3 million prime time average. For its part, Eureka continues to be very popular, with the network touting it as bringing "3 million new viewers to the channel." I'm not sure how that number works out, but if it means more Eureka, I'm all for it. Unfortunately, there was no word on the fate of Flash Gordon. Although, the fact that the show at least got a mention in the article gives some hope.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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Stargate SG-1: Dominion

by Richard Keller, posted Jun 16th 2007 4:31PM

Ba'al and Adria in Stargage SG-1

(S10E19) Before I begin this week's review I wanted to talk for a moment about last week's poll. In it I asked who your favorite Stargate SG-1 character was. I wasn't very surprised that the majority of you (37%) selected Colonel/General Jack O'Neil as your favorite and Daniel Jackson as your second favorite (28%). These two have been the most popular and recognizable characters throughout the entire run of the series and you could see that the show took a bit of a hit when both of them left.

How can I tell that? Well, the two least favorite characters in the poll were Cameron Mitchell (4%) and poor Jonas Quinn (1%, tied with General Hammond).

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Stargate SG-1: Company of Thieves

by Will O'Brien, posted Sep 16th 2006 9:03AM
Sam contemplates the ships transponder
(S10E06) The previews really gave away the plot on this one. In my half sane sleep deprived stupor, even I knew that the Odyssey was getting captured by the Lucian Alliance. I was surprised to see Rudolf Martin playing another evil villain (Anateo). I really started to loath his character on NCIS, so I was curious to see what he'd do with his roll.

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Stargate SG-1: Memento Mori

by Will O'Brien, posted Sep 9th 2006 9:39AM
browder... with the munchies
(S10E06) Welcome back SG-1. Oh, how I enjoyed this episode. Initially I thought that the opening was going to bore me to tears, but heated up once Vala kicked the crap out of some small time robbers. SG-1's really getting it on - I wonder if they took the announcement that it's ending as a challenge. If the rest of the season is this good the SciFi channel is really going to get some hate mail.

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Stargate SG-1 Cancelled? [Confirmed]

by Will O'Brien, posted Aug 21st 2006 5:58PM
Anderson in SG-1:200It's not official from SciFi just yet, but it sounds like Stargate SG-1 is getting cancelled. Multichannel news reports that they heard the show was cancelled on the eve of the 200th episode. Gateworld reports that it received confirmation of it from one of their sources. (Oh, and it sounds like Stargate Atlantis was renewed.)

Considering that it's on its tenth season, I'm not surprised about the news. If we take the 200th episode seriously, I'm betting the producers are looking to make a movie. Take everything you see/hear/read/channel with a grain of salt, nothing's official just yet.

[Thanks to Mack Swift for the tip]

Looks like SciFi has confirmed the cancellation (and the renewal of Atlantis). Thanks to Fred for the link]

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Stargate SG-1: Uninvited

by Will O'Brien, posted Aug 12th 2006 1:28AM
The team discusses the source of the monster
For some reason, SG-1 is all about the little bits of 'previously on SG-1'. For tonights episode we saw the cloaked warriors from a previous season. I sort of wish they'd quit it. These little trips down memory lane have a habit of giving too much away.

Mitchell shows up at Jacks cabin driving a schweeet fastback mustang. (I just love late 60's mustangs) Some sort of alien peeping tom appears to have followed Mitchell or the General out to the cabin. The rest of the team is supposed to be at Landry's little retreat, but are checking out reports of some trouble on another planet. Teal'c arrives off-world and is shown some chainsaw massacre style carnage. The rest of SG-1 is more than a bit happy to go off-world and help hunt down the mysterious beast that's eating villagers. The beastie nibbles on one of the SG teams, and takes off in the woods.

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Which Sci Fi crew should you be on?

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 18th 2006 9:12AM
Yet another quiz to keep you occupied for a few minutes this weekend. This time, it determines which sci fi crew you should be part of. Be truthful when you fill it out, because it's easy to answer questions that would get you placed on a certain firefly-looking transport.

I was most compatible with Babylon 5 and Farscape, which I never watched. Probably because I'm comfortable with really weird-looking aliens. I think the reason I didn't get on board Serenity was because I wouldn't just follow a captain because he's the captain. And, I didn't get on the Nebuchadnezzar with Neo because I don't have stellar computer skills.

Here are my results:

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Stargate SG-1: The Fourth Horseman, Part 2

by C.K. Sample, III, posted Jan 7th 2006 4:30PM
The second-half of the season premiere of SG-1 aired last night, and I, for one, am dissatisfied with both this episode and the Stargate Atlantis episode that I will comment on in a post following this one. The Stargate series, to me, has always been a good episodic Sci-Fi series, in that they had a consistent big bad guy and each episode is a nicely contained unit that I can watch at any given point in syndication and not feel left out if I hadn't seen the previous or later episodes. Now, what bothers me about this season, is that they've eliminated all their previous big bads in one fell swoop before this season began, so that we are left with a brand new big bad in the form of the Ori, the evil twin siblings of the Ancients.

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TV Squad Poll: Sci-Fi face off!

by Jen Segrest, posted Aug 2nd 2005 9:15AM
My SG-1 posts get often more comments than anything else, proving again that Sci-Fi fans are rabid and intelligent in discussing their favorite shows' high and weak points, and this last review was no different. There has been much discussion in recent weeks about Ben Browder of Farscape moving to SG-1 as a regular player, and many commenters cry how much they miss his former show.

So let me ask, flat out: Would you bring back Farscape - as it was when it left the air - if you knew the only way to do so was by canceling Stargate SG-1 (as the series is right now)? Which show would you pick to live?

Stargate SG-1 or Farscape?
Stargate SG-1 hands down.
Farscape without a doubt.
I don't do Sci-Fi, you nerds!
Niether, I hate questions.
I can't decide, I want them both!

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