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October 6, 2015


Here's a clip of Dominic Monaghan on FlashForward (I think that's how it should be written)

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 2nd 2009 9:08PM
Dominic Monaghan might be showing up on Lost this season, if you believe the rumors that are going around that old characters will make a return to the show in some way. But he's also going to be a regular on FlashForward, ABC's other mysterious-time show. Here's a short clip that introduces his character.

It's great how he can be so menacing and tough even though he's, um, my height.

[via SciFiWire]

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TV 101: Could a woman get as fat as Jason Segel and eight other intriguing questions

by Jay Black, posted May 27th 2009 3:02PM
Coud this picture be any more perfect for this TV 101? I didn't think so.One of the joys of being a blogger is all the comments we receive. Once you weed out the personal threats, the discussions of your stupidity, the prayers to various gods that you get struck by a particularly painful STD, and the calls for you to be fired, you're actually left some solid contributions to the online discussion.

With that in mind, I've decided to turn this week's column over to you guys, a collection of commenters that I think I can say without hyperbole is the greatest collection of commenters in the history of the known universe. I've put together nine questions about TV that I'd love for you to answer. Don't feel like you have to answer them all: choose which ones are most interesting to you and then have at it.

I'm anxious to hear your opinions, so let's get to it...

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Is Paula Abdul going to adopt a baby?

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Jun 8th 2007 3:39PM
Paula AbdulPaula Abdul, often seen as a nurturing, loving maternal-figure to American Idol's young contestants, is now talking about her desire to experience personal motherhood. Paula says she "loves kids" and she'll consider adoption if she is unable to produce her own mini-Abduls.

Still, the 44-year-old former cheerleader remains optimistic about her chances of giving birth to a biological child. "With medical technology these days, I could have children by myself using a donor. But I would rather be in a relationship so the child has a father to help instill core values," Paula said.

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Is Simon Cowell quitting American Idol?

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted May 23rd 2007 9:41AM
Simon CowellSure, Simon threatened to quit American Idol if Sanjaya won, but that seemed unlikely to ever happen. Look, even if Sanj did win by some miracle, Simon would have had to fulfill his contract with the show for the next three years. So Simon was never going anywhere. But that doesn't mean he won't quit -- eventually.

In fact, Simon recently announced that after his contract is up he will be moving on from the show that helped make him a super-rich celebrity.

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Rickey Minor: In the Limelight

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Apr 26th 2007 3:43PM
Rickey MinorAmerican Idol is a show that takes virtual unknowns and creates stars. Even a couple of judges (Randy and Simon), and a host named Ryan Seacrest became household names thanks to Idol's success.

But there's one guy of vital importance to the show who isn't so well known. Most of the time he stays in the background. But there wouldn't be any Idol music without him. He's Idol's inhouse musical director -- Rickey Minor.

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Simon Cowell addresses eyerolling misunderstanding

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Apr 18th 2007 4:01PM
Simon CowellAs I posted earlier today, Simon caused quite a stir on last night's American Idol when he was caught rolling his eyes in response to Chris Richardson's heartfelt mention of the Virginia Tech tragedy. Many of us have been speculating about both Chris' sincerity, and Simon's seeming insensitivity. But whatever Simon's intention while rolling his eye (and I doubted all along that it was intentionally disrespectful), he knows it didn't look good.

And that's why today Simon is explaining his actions. In his defense, Simon claims he was talking to Paula about Chris and his nasally singing, so he didn't even hear Chris make the V-Tech comments. Simon apparently rolled his eyes in response to what he was saying to Paula, rather than what Chris said.

Unfortunately for Simon, that's not how it looked to those of us watching at home.

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7th Heaven canceled, again (really)

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 3rd 2007 1:21PM

7th HeavenIt looks like The Show That Would Not Die has actually died. For real this time.

As Isabelle mentioned last week, there was a rumor going around that the cast and crew of The CW's long-running drama 7th Heaven were told that the show had been canceled. And now the network confirms it. The show will air its last episode on May 13 at 8pm.

Last season it looked like the show was canceled, but the new CW network decided to give the show another season, suprising not just fans and other networks but I'm sure the cast and crew as well. No one really knows why the show was given another season, and I would have liked to have been in on the meeting where execs said "another year for 7th Heaven? Sure, what the hell."

So, for you fans who are still watching the show, how should it end?

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Simon Cowell has advice for Britney Spears

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Mar 4th 2007 5:16PM
Britney Spears baldCan Britney Spears make a comeback? American Idol's brutally-honest Simon Cowell seems to think so. In a recent appearance on Extra, Simon said, "I know for a fact there are about 20 record producers...who are waiting to get Britney Spears into a recording studio...some of the best in the world, actually." If she can release a decent record, Simon thinks she CAN have a comeback.

He also had some advice for Britney's post-rehab personal life. Simon told her to go home to her mother, "lock the door, eat some normal food" and "don't go out with your stupid friends."

If Britney gets her act together, I'm sure she'll get her second chance. Hollywood, after all, is one of the most-forgiving places on earth where numerous fallen idols have risen again after hitting rock bottom.

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American Idol: Top 10 Ladies

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Feb 28th 2007 11:10PM
Stephanie Edwards(S06E15) Ryan tells us that the guys had an "incredible show" Tuesday night. Hold on a minute, Ryan, back up. Sure the boys were better than the week before, but I certainly wouldn't call their show "incredible." To quote Randy Jackson, "It was just ahright."

Besides, after tonight's Top 10 Ladies show, I'm more convinced than ever that this year's American Idol will be one of our fine ladies. I also think that it's going to be a tight race to the top between our lovely divas -- Lakisha, Melinda, Jordin, Stephanie, and Sabrina.

But tomorrow two unlucky ladies will be going home. Who will it be?

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Did Simon Cowell plant an Idol contestant?

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Feb 12th 2007 2:20PM
Simon CowellControversy and rumors sure like to swirl around you when you're a TV ratings powerhouse. In today's American Idol controversy, Simon Cowell is accused of planting a British pop star in this year's pool of contestants.

Tom Lowe wowed the judges at the Seattle auditions (see video here), earning a coveted golden ticket to Hollywood. Lowe told Simon, "I was at BMG Records in London at the same time that you were there."

As a member of the British boy band 'North and South', Lowe released a couple of singles. He reportedly split with the label in 1998.

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It's (semi) official: 7th Heaven is coming back! - BREAKING NEWS

by Bob Sassone, posted May 14th 2006 9:58PM
7th HeavenThere have been several rumors floating around that 7th Heaven, which had its series finale last week, might come back to the new CW network. Now it looks like it's true. The network made a deal with creator Brenda Hampton this weekend to have the show come back for another year. Supposedly, the network made the deal on the provision that key cast members take pay cuts.

Now all the 7th Heaven can sleep tight tonight, knowing that more Camden adventures are on the way in the fall.

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7th Heaven is more unrealistic than 24

by Bob Sassone, posted May 9th 2006 5:42PM
So let me get this straight: not only did Lucy announce last night that she and her husband were going to have twins, her sister Mary came back and announced she and her husband were going to have twins? And also brother Matt came back and announced his wife was pregnant with twins too? And they're parents had twins?

Oh, come on!

I know that twins run in families, but this was, like, nutso. Have they been going through some weird scientific experiments or something? It was as if the writers said, "you know, a happy ending to the show isn't enough, let's make it a double happy ending!"

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What if 7th Heaven gets another season?

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 24th 2006 6:59PM
7th HeavenSo the news is that The WB's 7th Heaven has been asked to come back for another year when the new CW network launches. But where can they possibly go with the storylines? They've done sex and drugs and religion and school violence and sex and pregnancies and gangs and sex and domestic issues and everything else (sex). So what can they do to get people to come back?

  • Satan takes over the city, and Rev. Camden must battle for the soul of everyone in Glen Oak (cross-over episode with Supernatural?)
  • In a very special episode, the Camden family stages an intervention with Matt, to get him to leave What About Brian? and come back to the show.
  • The family finds out that Ruthie is a robot.

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Live American Idol Chat Location

by Ryan j Budke, posted Mar 9th 2006 7:57PM
ai logoOver the past two days we've watched the top eight guys and the top eight girls do their best to get to the big stage, but as Sean Connery said in The Rock: "Your best? Losers always whine about their best; winners go home and... " let's just say "get it done". So who tried their best, yet still came up short? Join me back here to this very post at 8pm EST and that's when I'll unveil the location for the super secret chatroom for our Live American Idol chat. I'll be in the room under the id TVSRyan, so come enter the room and we'll share our picks. See you at 8!

Come one, come all;  here is the super secret location for our American Idol Chat! Look for me (TVSRyan) in the chat room. See you inside.

Disclaimer: All or parts of the discussion in this chatroom may be posted in a later column on this site.

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American Idol: Group Auditions

by Lacy Hall, posted Feb 15th 2006 1:17PM
aiGroup Auditions. Sounds kinky, huh? It's not. It's a lot of fighting. And of course, it all begins with the Brittenum twins. They were split up this week, but that didn't stop the drama. Terrell was in a group that he wasn't too pleased with. Is he ever pleased? He thought they should be practicing into the wee hours of the morning, while half of the group just wanted to get some sleep. 

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