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October 8, 2015


Final two seasons of Dinosaurs coming to DVD

by Adam Finley, posted Feb 2nd 2007 7:02PM

DinosaursWe rejoiced when the first two seasons of the Jim Henson Company's Dinosaurs came out on DVD, and now it's time to rejoice again, because seasons three and four will be out on DVD in a single box set sometime this May. There's no official release date yet, and there are no details on extra features just yet, either. What we do know is that all thirty-six episodes from seasons three and four will be included, and that's awesome.

On a more personal note, an incidental character in the episode "If I Were A Tree" is actually named after a friend of mine (actually the younger brother of a friend, but a friend nonetheless) who passed away at a very young age. This is not a lie, the writers changed the name of the character after I wrote a letter to them asking them to dedicate a show to my friend, who liked the show. I consider the name change the next best thing to a dedication. In fact, I still have the episode on tape, and the script they sent me.

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Bush plans to keep doing government propaganda as news

by Glenn Hauman, posted Mar 16th 2005 4:53PM
Let the viewer beware: President Bush said today that his administration's practice of sending packaged news stories to local television stations was legal and he had no plans to stop doing it. The Government Accountability Office, an arm of Congress, has deemed the packages a form of covert propaganda, and said this ran counter to appropriation laws and was a misuse of federal funds.

Bush cited a Justice Department opinion that disagreed with the GAO: "There is a Justice Department opinion that says these -- these pieces -- are within the law, so long as they're based upon facts, not advocacy," the president told a news conference.

Of course, this is the same Justice Department that says torture is okay, and if you've been watching 24 this season, you see how well that's been working.

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