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October 8, 2015


People Who Have Only Seen One Episode of 'Lost' Will Never Understand It

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 5th 2010 3:06PM
LostEaster is one of those in-between holidays, at least in my house. Definitely more important than Arbor Day but not nearly as important as Thanksgiving. So several family members didn't come to Easter dinner yesterday, which means I got to talk to a couple of people a lot instead of several people just a little. Since I work for The Most Awesome TV Blog in the Universe (TM), the conversation turned to television, specifically to 'Lost.'

I don't remember exactly how the conversation went (I wish I had a tape recorder running), but it was very close to this:

Sister: Oh, you watch 'Lost?'
Me: Yeah, it's great!

Sister: So what's going on on it?
Me: _______?

I mean, the last time I saw it they were on an island. That guy who was on 'The Practice' was there.
Me: Michael Emerson. He's a great actor.

So what has happened since then?

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Stargate Atlantis: McKay & Mrs. Miller

by Will O'Brien, posted Sep 9th 2006 10:21AM
The brains in action
(S03E06) Ok... Meredith? Rodney's first name is Meredith? What did he do to anger the writers and how can we make it happen again? McKay is so energetic and blatantly emotional that he's become one of my favorites to watch on screen. The combination of plot devices - two Rodneys Meredith's and an estranged sister made for an entertaining Atlantis.

Watch out for the intro - whatever you do don't take a sip of wine. You'll end up snorting it up your nose. It burns, trust me.

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Todd Bridges on Diff'rent Strokes movie, his sister, and reality shows

by Joel Keller, posted Sep 1st 2006 1:03PM
Gary Coleman and Todd BridgesA network conference call is an interesting beast. It's not like a conference call at work, where everyone talks over each other and the meeting moves with a glacial pace. No, network conference calls are orderly, polite affairs, where you get in line to ask a question of the star and/or producer by pressing *1 and giving your name and affiliation, and the questions are nicely asked and at times, border on the obsequios. I guess the theory is that the network's PR people were nice enough to invite you to this, so it's best that you not piss off the people who were gracious enough to make themselves available to you.

I was thinking all this when I was on a call last week promoting the upcoming movie Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Diff'rent Strokes, which airs Monday, 9/4, at 8 PM ET on NBC. The call was attended by Todd Bridges, who was interviewed for the film (as was Gary Coleman, who is pictured with Todd above), and by producer Stan Brooks. Not that the questions being asked were awful; in fact, they yielded a lot of information. But I was surprised that they didn't touch on a couple of topics.

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Wonder Showzen: Mathematics

by Adam Finley, posted May 13th 2006 9:20AM

wonder showzen(S02E07) You know, it's like sitting down for chocolate ice cream and getting strawberry ice cream instead. Sure, you like strawberry ice cream just fine, and heck, it's better than no ice cream at all, but you were still expecting chocolate.

Last night Wonder Showzen did what I could only describe as "pulling a Terrance and Phillip" and dedicated an entire episode to a show within a show. None of our usual puppet pals were around for this episode, instead we got to watch a half hour of Horse Apples, the Hee-Haw spoof which we first saw in the episode titled Knowledge. Now, if you go to the official MTV2 site for the show, they have the episode listed as "Mathematics," which as far as I can tell is actually the season finale, set to air next week. I have no idea what the title of this "not really an episode" episode is supposed to be, but if anyone knows for sure, inform me in the comments.

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She-Ra coming to DVD

by Adam Finley, posted May 1st 2006 2:03PM

she-raWhile closing the book on the successful half-hour animated toy commercial that was He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the creators realized something: 'Holy cow, we need to find a way to make money off of little girls, too.' Enter She-Ra, Princess of Power, the long lost sister of He-Man. She-Ra was first introduced in the 1985 film "The Secret of the Sword" which then led into the TV series. All 93 episodes of the series will be released on DVD eventually, but not in any specific order. The first release will contain episodes voted on by fans, as well as the feature film, and will be available on July 18, with three more volumes covering the rest of the series to be released over the next year. I watched He-Man religiously as a child, but never really got into She-Ra. I assume, other than the protagonist being a woman, that it didn't venture too far from the "fight evil and learn an important lesson" template of He-Man. Did anyone out there watch it?

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