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October 9, 2015


Three Cast Members Fired From Chelsea Handler's New Sitcom

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jul 4th 2011 6:35AM
Chelsea HandlerIt's not a great start to the Fourth of July for several cast members of Chelsea Handler's new NBC sitcom, 'Are You There, Vodka? It's Me Chelsea' as they've been fired.

According to TVLine.com the comedy is being radically retooled, which has involved pink slips being handed out to nearly half of the ensemble cast, including Natalie Morales ('White Collar'), Angel Laketa Moore ('ER') and Jo Koy ('Chelsea Lately').

A spokesperson for the show confirmed that the three are leaving "for creative reasons," and that their characters are currently being reconceived.

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When Shows Recast: A History of Disappeared and Replacement Sitcom Characters

by Ryan Simmons, posted Mar 9th 2011 4:00PM

Well, it finally happened. On Monday, Warner Brothers decided they'd had enough and sacked Charlie Sheen from 'Two and a Half Men.'

While Sheen is now free to move on and continue "winning" or doing whatever else an unemployed warlock does, the fate of the show itself remains in limbo. How can a popular sitcom survive without such a major character? We figure the show's producers and writers have three options: write him out of the show, bring in another actor to assume Sheen's role, or replace the character altogether.

Luckily, there's a storied precedent for this kind of situation. We've pulled together a list of nine other shows, from 'Bewitched' to 'Roseanne,' that also had to use one of these three tactics. Guess what? They all ended up just fine.

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'The Andy Griffith Show' Cast: Where Are They Now?

by Pat Gallagher, posted Oct 1st 2010 2:30PM
Andy Griffith Show'The Andy Griffith Show' is one of the most beloved TV sitcoms of all time. Originally televised on CBS from Oct. 3, 1960 to Apr. 1, 1968, the show ended its final season at No. 1 and consistently ranked in the top 10. More recently, the show has taken on a new life in TV Land reruns.

Andy Griffith had already made a name for himself in movies like 'A Face in the Crowd' and 'No Time for Sergeants,' when he agreed to star in his own TV show as the widowed Sheriff Andy Taylor, who didn't have to carry a gun in the small country town of Mayberry, N.C.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of 'The Andy Griffith Show,' we thought we'd catch up with the cast members -- arguably the best character actors in the business -- who appeared on the show over the years, and who'll be forever embedded in the minds and memories of millions of Mayberry fans.

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What's the Next Big Hit for the Disney Channel?

by Rich Keller, posted Sep 10th 2010 3:20PM
'Pair of Kings,' which premieres this Friday on Disney Channel, will spend most of its time on male-oriented DisneyXD.Every few years Disney Channel encounters a conundrum with their original, scripted series that puts its executives in a tizzy. It doesn't involve ratings or writing nor the overall quality of the programs. Rather, cast members reach adulthood and leave their series, which throws the executives for a loop.

This year the network higher-ups are being hit with a double-punch. The first swing was from 'Hannah Montana Forever' star Miley Cyrus. Despite being one of the top 2 shows amongst kids and tweens, Cyrus decided to end her run on the program this season and move as far away as possible from the hand that fed her over the last few years.

The follow-up hook came from Selena Gomez, who told folks earlier this summer the next season of 'Wizards of Waverly Place' would be her last.

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Sheen, CBS Close to Making New Deal for 'Two and a Half Men'?

by Mike Moody, posted May 3rd 2010 9:21AM
charlie sheen two and a half men deal It looks like Charlie Sheen's uncle Joe won't be taking over his role on 'Two and a Half Men' after all (like that was ever going to happen). While lawyers hammer out a plea deal to end the troubled actor's legal woes comes news that he and CBS are ready to cut a deal to keep him on the hit sitcom.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Sheen and CBS are both "cautiously optimistic" about a new deal that would keep the star cracking wise in bowling shirts for two more seasons on 'Two and A Half Men.' This comes, of course, after Sheen publicly declared that he was ready to leave the show, leading us to speculate on who could replace him (my vote was for James Franco).

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It's Time for FOX to Find a New Night for Live-Action Comedies

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 13th 2010 5:14PM
'Sons of Tucson'With 'American Dad' restored to FOX's Sunday night lineup this past weekend, all seems right with the world. The network spent years building their "Animation Domination" block, and should be commended for bringing animation back into prime time. The problem is that they seem to have painted themselves into a corner, or at least that's how they're acting.

With the success of these cartoon comedies on Sunday night, FOX programmers seem to think Sunday is their only night for comedy, and they keep trying to establish new live-action hits there. Shows like 'Brothers,' ''Til Death' and the recent 'Sons of Tucson' have all failed to gain traction with the Sunday night FOX audience.

It's time for the network to consider expanding their comedy presence to another night. Leave the successful "Animation Domination" block alone, and let it do what you built it to do. Comedy is on the rise, and ABC proved you can launch a new night of it successfully, if the shows are good enough. But where should FOX go?

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Debra Messing Will Be All 'Wright vs. Wrong'

by Allison Waldman, posted Mar 4th 2010 9:29AM
debra_messing_hand_face_smileGrace is ready to try again. Actress Debra Messing has signed for a new television show called 'Wright vs. Wrong,' a sitcom for ABC, and if you think this is going to be anything like 'Will & Grace,' think again. (Although if they're smart, it better be just as funny!)

The premise of the pilot for 'Wright vs. Wrong' is that Debra plays Evelyn Wright, a strong-minded, ambitious political personality who espouses the conservative, right-wing agenda. However, while she has this tough, conservative personality for the public, behind the scenes she's consumed by her foibles and flaws.

So she's half-Grace Adler, the flawed, foibled part. Grace's politics, at least what she tried to articulate in her goofy way, was of the liberal lefty variety.

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Charlie Sheen's Rehab Causes 'Men' To Shut Down

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 23rd 2010 7:55PM
charlie_sheen_two_and_a_half_menAbout a week ago, we were speculating on the question of whether Charlie Sheen's legal troubles would impact on 'Two and a Half Men's' future. Today, it was Charlie Sheen's personal problems that resulted in the show shutting down temporarily. Charlie Sheen has checked into rehab as a precautionary measure.

It's hard to see this as a precaution because for weeks now, Sheen's life has been spiraling out of control. The Aspen situation with wife Brooke Mueller, the felony charges and a relapse into substance abuse of some kind are all proof that, for now, Sheen is not able to continue with 'Two and a Half Men.'

According to The Wrap, shuttering 'Two and a Half Men' for some time could be a problem for CBS. The Monday night schedule hinges on 'Two and a Half Men,' and prolonged reruns when new episodes are airing all around the nine o'clock time slot could drag down the Nielsen numbers. Although considering how strong CBS remains on Monday, it would take more than some reruns to cripple CBS's comedy juggernaut.

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Bill Pullman Joins Jay Harrington in 'Nathan vs. Nurture'

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 20th 2010 10:16AM
bill_pullman_headshot_2008NBC seems anxious to bounce back in a significant way. The network has a long way to go, but casting Bill Pullman in the sitcom pilot 'Nathan vs. Nurture' was a good step. It's not just that Pullman, who's a terrific actor and extremely funny, will be on the show. It's that he's going to play opposite Jay Harrington, who was announced as the star a few days ago. Those two guys together equals potential hysteria... in a good way.

The premise of 'Nathan vs. Nurture' is promising. Jay's character is a successful heart surgeon who discovers that he was adopted and meets his biological family. And Bill Pullman is his real dad, Arthur. There are also siblings that Nathan's never met before, and between Arthur and the sibs, there's nothing that matches his level of accomplishment. How is it possible if they have the same genes? Well, that's where the comedy kicks in.

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Laurie Metcalf Cast in New Sitcom Pilot

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 17th 2010 9:29AM
Laurie MetcalfDo you get the same feeling that I do when you hear about a new sitcom pilot on FOX? Maybe it's because of years of conditioning, but there's a cringe factor whenever a new sitcom is announced. Is it going to be a crapfest? Is it going to be great but canceled quickly?

More than any other network, FOX's announcements for new shows fill one with dread. 'Strange Brew' sounds good, though. It's from the creators of 'Will & Grace' and 'Roseanne's' Laurie Metcalf has been cast as the mom. She plays an ex-drunk who runs a brewery.

It's funny how part of the plot is that Metcalf's character is trying to stop swearing. Having a sitcom on broadcast television could help with that, unless this show is going to be filled with bleeps.

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Matthew Broderick Takes on TV

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 2nd 2010 2:03PM
matthew_broderick_tuxedoGoodbye Broadway, hello television. Tony-award winning Matthew Broderick has decided to do a television series as the next iteration of his multifaceted career. Considering his success in most every endeavor, there's little reason to doubt that he's going to do pretty well.

Remember, this is the guy who was Ferris Bueller. He played Leo Bloom in 'The Producers' and, hell, he's the voice of Simba, 'The Lion King.'

NBC has lined up Broderick to star in a comedy pilot called 'Beach Lane.' The show has already been greenlighted, in part because of Broderick's attachment and Lorne Michaels' producing.

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Review: 'Two and a Half Men' - 'Crude and Uncalled For'

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 2nd 2010 9:01AM
charlie_sheen_fetal_position_cbs(S07E14) Uh oh -- has Charlie made a critical error in his relationship with Chelsea? It depends on how to look at it, but the Humpster misplayed the situation in this episode and that "to be continued" at the end suggests that something wicked may be coming.

On the plus side, it looks like Alan won't be losing his man-cherry in the slammer, and Jake has a future in horror movie sound effects.

Alan has shown more talent on his man-dates with Herb than the Internet dates he's had. He was in rare form with the latest eHarmony hook-up, talking socks and sex. If he still had his ventriloquist's dummy, he would have pulled it out. But Alan did show us something we'd never seen from him before. The monster. Okay, it was just one lucky punch, but still...

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Matthew Broderick Makes News With TV Sitcom

by Harley W. Lond, posted Feb 1st 2010 10:36PM
Stop the presses: Matthew Broderick is finally coming to the small screen.

After being courted for years by the TV networks, the multi-faceted film and Broadway actor will star in NBC's comedy pilot "Beach Lane," which was given the green light Monday, according to a report in Variety. The sitcom revolves around a celebrity author hired by an irresponsible millionaire to run his struggling small-town newspaper in the Hamptons.

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Breaking News: WWE To Develop Its First Sitcom Around Santino Marella

by Ryan McKee, posted Jan 26th 2010 8:19AM
"They call me the next one to cross over, the next Hollywood star," smirked 'WWE Monday Night RAW' superstar Santino Marella while disclosing for the first time plans for the 'Santino Morella Sitcom' at last night's 'Monday Night RAW' event in Columbus, Ohio.

The Canadian-born, Italian-American has already turned himself into the comedic foil of professional wrestling with his over-the-top accent, fake unibrow and proclivity to dress in drag in order to wrestle as Santina Marella, the "sister" of Santino. (The National Italian American Foundation should look into being offended by him after they recover from this season of 'Jersey Shore'.)

Now, apparently, he's getting his own sitcom. In it, Morello said that WWE stars Beth Phoenix and Vladimir Kozlov will portray his girlfriend and best friend, respectively.

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Five keys to saving Better Off Ted

by Allison Waldman, posted Jan 25th 2010 1:03PM
A couple of weeks ago, Kona wrote about the campaign to convince ABC to save Better Off Ted. Despite these grassroots efforts, the rating for Ted continue to be dismal and ABC probably has "cancel Better Off Ted" on the corporate to-do list.

That's a shame, because the more I watch of Better Off Ted, the better I think it is. Smart, funny, observant and surreal, Ted is an office comedy that makes deserves to survive. If more people gave it a shot, I think it would be a success. Maybe not a monster hit, but there aren't many of those in the sitcom field right now. Emmy winner 30 Rock is anything but a ratings hit.

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