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October 8, 2015

social networking

Facebook on the Small Screen: Our Favorite Social Networking Moments on TV

by Jean Bentley, posted Oct 2nd 2010 2:00PM
'30 Rock'Facebook might be getting its due at the movies this weekend with the opening of 'The Social Network,' but the site (and some other fictional social networks) have been celebrated on TV for years. From Jim's oh-so-clever Halloween costume on 'The Office' or the up-and-coming NBC acquisition YouFace on '30 Rock,' we came up with a list of some of the greatest social networking tributes on television.

YouFace, '30 Rock'
Jack reconnected with his high school flame, played by Julianne Moore, via NBC's "up-and-coming social networking site," YouFace. Users post their "PhoLo" -- "a contraction for Photo and Hello" -- and "FingerTag" -- contact -- their friends. In a relationship? Describe your status to the world using convenient terms like "Weirdsies" and "Working On It."

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Top TV Stories of 2009: Celebs who use Twitter

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 14th 2009 9:02AM
TwitterI'll admit that I wasn't swayed by the allure of Twitter at first. As someone who tried Facebook for three weeks a couple of years ago and then quickly canceled the account, I didn't want to get on a social networking site that was like Facebook but only had status updates. Why would I want to do that? But then I started using Twitter and then I got it. I got why it's so great (note: I'm on Facebook again, but only because Facebook is the new phone book - even if you don't use it that much, it's good to be listed).

Twitter haters always say the same thing when they explain why they're not on it: "Why would I care when someone's eating a sandwich?" It's so much more than that. I even think it has evolved into something the creators of Twitter could never have imagined. Sure, it's social networking, but not social networking in the sense that Facebook is. It's a whole different thing. It's like getting a stream of e-mails or IMs or breaking news posts throughout the day from people you're actually interested in hearing from.

And that list of people just might include TV personalities.

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WWE offers social networking

by Brad Trechak, posted Nov 19th 2008 11:12AM
WWE UniverseUsually known for their violent soap opera on television and pay-per-view, World Wrestling Entertainment has quietly launched their own social networking site called WWE Universe.

The article mentions that they already have 200,000 members without spending any money on advertising. Well, they have two shows weekly which have among the biggest audiences on cable television. One casual mention on those shows and they get advertising without spending any additional budget. Ditto for mentioning it on their website, which is one of the most popular destinations on the Internet.

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YouTube meets MySpace on new MTV website, channel

by Anna Johns, posted Jul 24th 2006 9:34PM
mtv logoMTV is reaching out to the... uh... MTV generation with a new social networking website with accompanying television channel. The highlight of the website will be user-generated video clips and messages. On it, people can request music videos to be played (they still do that?), send on-screen messages via cell phone, and chat with each other through avatars. Basically, it's a user-generated television channel.

This is definitely for the video game generation. I already can't keep up with MTV when it scrolls messages across the screen over the rare music video. The new channel and website are called Flux. The website launches Tuesday, August 1st while the channel launches in September.

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Martha Stewart to launch online social network

by Adam Finley, posted May 25th 2006 12:58PM

martha stewartInspired by the success of social networking sites like MySpace, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is planning to launch a similar site aimed at women ages 25 to 45. The new network is set to launch in the latter half of 2007, though that could change.  Rather than exist as a separate site, the new network, which will allow women to share recipes, pictures, and household tips with one another and various experts, will be integrated into Stewart's main Web site. Now that Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. owns MySpace I'm hoping the competition might eventually lead to some kind of apocalyptic battle between these two media giants, a la King Kong vs Godzilla.

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