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August 30, 2015


TiVo rolls out software update, adds YouTube support

by Brad Linder, posted Jul 17th 2008 9:03AM

TiVo has started sending out new system software to Series3 users who signed up for priority updates. The general TiVo using population should get the TiVo 9.4 software soon. And thet means support for:
  • YouTube video playback
  • The ability to play or delete an entire folder (in other words, you can watch programs in order without hitting a button on your remote)
  • Jump forward by 24 hours in the program guide
  • Pull up the program guide from any screen, whether you're watching live, recorded, or downloaded video
  • Easier toggling of closed captioning
  • Review your thumbs up and down ratings
Blogger Dave Zatz (who recorded the video you see above), has confirmed that the TiVo content uses the H.264 codec. That means there's pretty much no chance that TiVo Series2 users will ever see support for TiVo, since older TiVo models can only support MPEG-2 video.

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DirecTiVo owners receive long-awaited software update

by Brad Linder, posted May 27th 2008 9:28AM


Almost a year after announcing plans to release a software update for DirecTV TiVo customers, TiVo is finally rolling out an update that provides:

  • A recently deleted folder
  • Overlap protection that makes it easier to record two concurrent shows on separate channels
  • Remote booking (online scheduling)

All of these features have been available to TiVo Series2 customers for years. But since DirecTV no longer offers TiVo service to new customers, any updates at all are kind of impressive.

[via Gizmo Lovers]

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Sign up for TiVo 9.2 priority update

by Brad Linder, posted Oct 19th 2007 12:00PM
TiVo 9.2
Can't wait to get your hands on the TiVo 9.2 software update? TiVo has set up a priority request page. Sign up and you'll be guaranteed (well, not really) to get the update slightly faster than your friends.

The TiVo 9.2 software update for Series3 and TiVo HD boxes enables the new Rhapsody music service and support for external hard drives. If you've got a Series2 box, the latest software version is still 9.1, but that'll be good enough to get you the Rhapsody service.

Honestly, I'm not really sure why TiVo doesn't just push out the new software all at once. Sure, a phased rollout makes sense if you want to use your customers as a huge pool of beta testers. The early adopters can report problems which can be corrected before the wider public gets the software update. But there are no warnings on the priority update page, which would indicate that you're really just letting TiVo know that you're aware the new software is available and that you'll be grumpy if you don't get it soon.

[via TiVo Blog]

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