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October 8, 2015

south beach

'Jersey Shore' Sets Up Shop in Miami

by Audrey Fine, posted Mar 10th 2010 12:07PM
Jersey ShoreMuch to the chagrin of many South Beach denizens, it seems as though Snooki and her pack of 'Jersey Shore' poseurs are flying south for the summer.

Although yet to be confirmed by MTV, reports reveal that the second season of the fan fave will find the cast mates living large in a South Beach house that, natch, is being renovated to the nines before shooting starts later this month.

The show was renewed back in January under a 12-episode order, following lengthy negotiations between MTV and its stars. Season 2 is tentatively scheduled to air at the end of the summer, according to the Live Feed.

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Second Season of 'Jersey Shore' Might Be Shot in South Beach

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 10th 2010 10:05AM
Jersey ShoreIsn't it funny how fast 'Jersey Shore' became a hit show and part of pop culture? When it first started it didn't seem like it would be much, just another reality show with young people with abs of various definitions living in a house together, dating, going out, arguing, and all that. But now you can talk to an 18 year-old or a 40 year-old and they'll probably both know who Snooki and The Situation are.

Now Movieline is reporting that the second season is probably going to be filmed in South Beach. There have been a lot of rumors swirling that the next season will be set somewhere else, perhaps The Hamptons or some place warm. Now it looks like a done deal that the show will film in Miami (though sorry, I don't see a crossover with 'Burn Notice' coming anytime soon - at least I hope not).

Is this a good idea, or is the Jersey Shore an important part of the show? MTV is probably going for "Jersey people try to fit in with South Beach people" controversy.

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Here's a sneak peek of tonight's Miami Social premiere

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 14th 2009 10:36AM
Since Bravo doesn't think there are enough people to dislike on television, here comes Miami Social. Vapid women? Check. Guys with their shirts off? Check. Dumb conversations? Check. Too much drinking and partying? Check?

I just realized that all of the negative things I just mentioned will probably make you want to tune in. Here's a preview. The only way I'll watch this is if they do a crossover with Burn Notice.

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ShamWow guy arrested

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 28th 2009 3:01PM
ShamWowYou'll never look at infomercials the same way again.

The ShamWow pitchman, whose real name is Vince Shlomi, was arrested in South Beach in Florida for getting into an altercation at a hotel. Seems that he paid $1000 for the services of a prostitute for an evening, and when he started to kiss her, she bit his tongue and wouldn't let go! So he started to punch her several times until she let go of his tongue. He ran to the lobby and had hotel workers call the cops.

It's not the first time the prostitute was arrested, but she's thinking about suing Shlomi for the incident. I guess she didn't love his nuts. Charges against both of them have been dropped.

This actually happened last month, according to The Smoking Gun, which has all of the details (of course), including Shlomi's mug shot. They even have an interview with the woman involved.

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Burn Notice: A day on the set

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 24th 2008 10:57AM
burn notice with bruce campbell
Miami in June is hot. Very hot. On the set of Burn Notice, however, everything is cool. In fact, when I arrive at the Coconut Grove studios where the USA spy drama is shot, I find myself smack dab in the middle of a full-fledged film studio.

The old convention center, where I remember going to an indoor flea market in the late 1970s, has been completely transformed. There are trailers, production offices, standing sets, all geared up and working to bring Burn Notice back for season two.

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J. Lo is getting sued

by Anna Johns, posted Apr 26th 2006 11:28AM
jennifer lopez; south beachA television writer is suing Jennifer Lopez and UPN, claiming they stole his idea for a television show. Jack Bunick claims that South Beach was his idea and it was based on his real-life move from Brooklyn to Miami and his involvement in the modeling scene. Bunick says the season premiere on January 11th was a copy of the script he wrote for a show he called South Beach Miami. Bunick says his show idea was about two men who move from Brooklyn, get involved in modeling and clubs, but struggle fit in to Miami. That's pretty much the current show. UPN reportedly received a copy of that script from his agent, but the network never contacted him about the program. Jennifer Lopez is entangled in this mess because she is an executive producer of South Beach.

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Mid-season television preview

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 1st 2006 8:02PM
Now that 2005 is behind us, we can look forward to new and returning favorite shows all this month on television. What will you be watching?

South Beach (Wednesdays, UPN) Two hot, New York City working-class bachelors leave the big city behind to follow one of their girlfriends to South Beach, FL, only to discover that she has a new boyfriend. They get mixed up with the rich and famous in the club scene. After viewing a sneak preview on UPN's website, it looks like a guilty pleasure like The O.C., except with more sex and no high school. Jennifer Lopez is the executive producer and it co-stars Vanessa Williams as a club owner and mother to one of the main characters. South Beach premieres on Wednesday, Jan. 11 at 8 pm.

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